Sexy, Fit & Fab Sirens: A Sexy Collaboration of Fabulous Women Sharing Their Secrets to Success

I don t write reviews very often but after reading through this book I felt compelled When life ets rough and you need a pick me up this is my new Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, go to book for courage and inspiration It s a collection of stories from REAL women who haveone though life and came out of the tough times better women The world needs stories to be told like these The women in Sexy Fit Fab Sirens are my heroines and they are with me in my heart everyday as I Life Changing Smiles go through my own life Don t miss out on thisem of a book It s uplifting and encouraging and we can all use that in today s world love it really Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, good stories You don t want too to a dentist who has crooked teeth right And you don t want to ask for beauty advice from someone who cannot take care of herself right Susie Augustin set a perfect example of what a sexy fit and fabulous woman is like In her book Sexy Fit Susie pulls back the curtain and shares her behind the scene secret to Only a Whisper give the readers auidance of how to be as sexy fit and fabulous as her Alongside with Susie are the inspiring individuals who exudes their reatness by showing their takes on the 6 categories that Susie believes in Inspire Achieve. Sexy Fit Special Introduction by Alexis Carra Have you ever wondered what the secrets to feeling sexy and self confident are after you’ve experienced obstacles or hardships in life Feeling blah like you’ve lost your looks and your passion for life Discover ways in which in you can learn how to make the most of your assets and discover your beauty from the inside out fall in love with yourself and

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And triumphs and not just what happened but how they overcame their battles Women of varying ages and different backgrounds created a unified message of empowerment I am a HUGE fan of Susie Augustin s I was ifted the first book by a friend who clearly knew I love anything leopard and sexy The book covers alone are calling my name Susie has done it again with SIRENS This book is Chicken Soup for the SEXY PEOPLE I don t mean physically sexy but sexy as a way of being Sexy is created thru confidence and experience Susie found many inspiring SIRENS to tell their stories and share their experiences What an amazing read and a Brooklyn's Song great reminder of how special we all are Susie as an author really comes across to her readers and writes in a way that is fun and relatable to everyone Be you and be fabulous no matter what life throws at you I love reading books about women who have overcome adversity and embraced authenticity to create their best lives Susie Augustin s book Sexy Fit and Fab Sirens shares the stories of women who pursued their dreams no matter what I feel inspired and empowered by their experiences and look forward toiving this book to many friends. How to live a balanced life increase your confidence follow your passions and feel SEXY In Sexy Fit & Fab Sirens you’ll explore six different categories with all types of women who you are sure to resonate with Which category do you most fit INSPIRE Leadership is Sexy ACHIEVE Success is Sexy INNOVATIVE Empowerment is Sexy CONFIDENT Determination is Sexy STRENGTH Growth is Sexy AGELESS Sexy over Sixt.

Innovative Confident strength and ageless Anyone who follows the wisdom in this book will find that they are on the road to claim to be sexy fit and fabulous as Susie It s rare when a book comes along that has all the ingredients reuired to support women in creating and living a sexy fit and fabulous life without the old adage that sexy is only about the external shell This wonderful book has all the ingredients the reader reuires to be encouraged inspired and motivated to access first the beauty within to wholly and fully shine the beauty without This book will help you identify where your sexy power lies and how to allow it to emerge from within you so you can have a rocking life at any age and any stage Sexy Fit Fab Sirens is one of my new favorites as I embrace the collaboration of 25 women who share their stories with a deep level of truth honesty and self love Susie Augustin has created a book for all women to enjoy and know you ll be as inspired as I was It was a joyful experience to read her book Susie Augustin brought a Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide group of dynamic women together to create a book that empowers women andives hope to all The women share personal struggles. Ransform your life Susie Augustin shared her stories and challenges in Sexy Fit & Fab at Any Age to inspire women to develop their essences exude confidence embrace their true selves and feel extraordinary In Sexy Fit & Fab Sirens she invited 24 Sexy Fit & Fab women of all ages 20’s through 70’s to contribute their own stories of overcoming obstacles to obtain success as well as reveal Sexy Tips on. á 2 Review