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Very honest seller recommended It must be said the cover price for this and the others in the range is ridiculously high I do have a solution however try the marketplace used book sellers like I did The books arrived promptly and in virtually perfect condition for a fraction of that original price The book itself is a geek fest Wonderful insights into almost all eras of Spider Man production It is a warts and all tome too not afraid to admit where the comics lost their way occasionally As with all this type of thing your favourite era WILL be detailed but propbably not in the detail you d likeAn overview of 40 odd years of comics and comics creators makes for an involving read and I d highly recommend thembut at a sensible price I ve never been a big Spider Man fan but I so enjoyed Comics Creators on the Fantastic Four that I thought I d give this book a tryThis is a splendid book of interviews with writers and artists that co. Comic industry luminaries discuss the impact and importanc.

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He reader Some uestions seem to be very similar to each other but if you want background info on spidey then this book is highly recommended I m a big web spinning Spider Man fanboy no doubt about it And to that geek this book rocks hard It s a 200 page series of interviews with some of the biggest creators of Spider Man comic books over the past 40 years from Stan Lee to Todd McFarlane to Brian Bendis And it s ust packed full of trivia insight and critiues I really get into these behind the scenes comic tomes and this one s a winner There s great comments by Lee on the creation of Spidey as well as really thorough interviews with the writers I grew up on Len Wein Marv Wolfman and the underrated Roger Stern This book is great I always love diving deeper and finding out why writers and artists did what they did with the characters This book is great especially all the stuff about Venom and the marriage of Peter and MJ Good stuf. Es involved in bringing the web slinger to life on the pag.

Vers the development of Spider man from the early Sixties to about 2002I was impressed with the high level of seriousness and commitment all the interviewees displayed All concerned here clearly had an attachment to Spider Man and valued their opportunity to work on Marvel s flagship characterThe biggest surprise was that a lot of these men had worked on Batman for DC and the comparison between Batman and Spider Man freuently came up I was most struck by Paul Jenkins comment that the two are a metaphor for divorce for that time when a child is told that he can never see a parent again The difference according to Jenkins is that Batman can never get over that moment and is always reliving it while Spider Man or Peter Parker as the interviewees refer to him most of the time has the resilience to get beyond that trauma and grow as a personHighly recommended to anyone interested in comics Great book and a lot of facts are given to E of Spider Man and give insight into the creative process.

Tom DeFalco born June 26 1950 is an American comics writer and editor well known for his association with Marvel Comics and in particular for his work with Spider Man Bio from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Photo by Luigi Novi CC BY 30 or CC BY 30 via Wikimedia Commons