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Nd began his career in the service of the Electors of Saxony at Dresden In 1722 Zinzendorf offered asylum to a number of persecuted wanderers from Moravia and Bohemia and permitted them to build the village of Herrnhut on a corner of his estate of Berthelsdorf Many of them were part of the Unitas Fratrum remnant founded by Jan Hus As Zinzendorf began to study the history of the Moravians he was astonished to find powerful similarities between the early Unitas Fratrum and the newly established order of Herrnhut In 1732 the community began sending out missionaries In 1736 Zinzendorf was exiled from his home in Saxony He and a number of his followers moved to Ronneburg Castle near Marienborn in Wetteravia owned by Count Casimir of Budingen and founded another community known as Herrnhaag Zinzendorf was consecrated a bishop of the Moravian Church on May 20 1737 He himself began making missionary trips in 1739 to St Thomas in the West Indies in 1741 to the colony of Pennsylvania and in 1749 to England where he lived until 1755 Eventually Zinzendorf was allowed to return to Saxony where he died rather suddenly This is one of the wonderful Christian Heroes Then and Now series by Janet and Geoff Benge There were a number of Zinzendorf s beliefs and practices mentioned in the book with which many would not agree communion on days other than the first day of the week some degree of emotionalism church love feasts having women as elders the belief that God speaks to people directly and the church s involvement in secular business but we don t always have to agree with every aspect of a people s theology to accept whatever truth they do teach to appreciate their courage and to admire their zeal Zinzendorf also wrote several hymns of which the best known are Jesus Thy blood and righteousness and Jesus still lead on Unfortunately very few if any of them have ever appeared in songbooks used by churches of Christ Other books in the Christian Heroes Then and Now series which we have are about Gladys Aylward Eric Liddell George Muller Nate Saint Rachel Saint Ida Scudder Mary Slessor Corrie ten Boom and Florence Young The Benges are also writing another series Heroes of History of which we have ones about Thomas Edison Meriwether Lewis William Penn Theodore Roosevelt Alan Shepard and Orville Wright For both series YWAM publishes study guides which can be used in homeschools or classrooms They are among the best series of biographies that I have read. A and Russia the bold believers of the Moravian Church planted seeds that continue to bear fruit even today.

This book was both challenging and inspiring GoodNot my favorite book but definitely a good one to read for anyone ten ears or older You should definitely read it Very interesting read Children s book about a great man of the faith and some of the things he experienced I thought it was a good review of his life succinct easy to read reasonably factual I assume and well written Naturally it was interesting too An easy read loaded with action and missionary adventure Really an inspiring read Would recommend it to home schoolers Count Zinzendorf s legacy lives on in the recent upserge 247 prayer movements 35 stars BiographyW 275 P 3 T 45 Exact rating 342 8 in genre out of 28Stunning truth in a fast read about a German nobleman using his whole life for Christ and working towards Christian Unity in the world His Moravians prayed non stop for 100 A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia years worked alongside slaves in the Caribbean and Native Americans i Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf a pietist nobleman in Saxony followed God s call to become a preacher hymn writer and patron to the persecuted Moravians He was also a missionary who had the vision and inspired many to take the gospel around the world Speaking to missionaries Ludwig said The missionary must seek nothing for himselfeach ofou must wear blinkers that blind Besser Php Programmieren you to every danger and to every snare and conceit You must be content to suffer to die and be forgotten Many did die but the church and its mission live on Nice account of a man of God who bridged many social divides and dismissed many conventions to reach the list and unite divided believers Easy to read Concerning the repeated focus and goal of dismissing all differences and becoming one unified church pg 41 119pg 83 IN places they visited they were forbidden from preaching directly to the congregation Instead they gathered together small groups of like minded Christians and told them about Herrnhut and all God was doing among them They then encouraged the people to put aside their differences and act as one united churchpg 113 We worship the same God and we understand each other What stops us from being friends Seizing the opportunity Ludwig began to share the gospel with Rabbi AbrahamUmmmmAnother concern is his neglect of his marriage Rarely around as a husband and father of note The testimony of 9 of their 12 children dying pg 40 This I have done forou What have ou done for mepg 102 Ludwig spoke from his heart instructing the missionaries Re. Count Zinzendorf opened his estate to persecuted Moravian Christians and under his leadership this vibrant.

Memberyou must never use our position to lord it over the heathen Instead Things for the Surgeon you must humbleourself and earn their respect through The Carpenters your own uiet faith and the power of the Holy Spirit The missionary must seek nothing for himself no seat of honor or hope of fame Like the cabhorse in London each ofou must wear blinkers that blind Los Hijos del Orden you to every danger and to every snare and conceit You must be content to suffer to die and to be forgottenpg 108 The love of Christ shall constrain me and His cross refresh me I will cheerfully be subject to the higher powers and a sincere friend to my enemies pg 142 For than twentyears now I have enjoyed a trusting relationship with the Savior So when i find myself in difficulty or dangerous situations the first thing i do is ask myself whether I am to blame If I find something that the Savior is displeased with I get down on my knees and ask His forgiveness When we lived in northeast Ohio many Why Place Matters years ago we had several occasions to visit the area around New Philadelphia Uhrichsville Dover Schoenbrunn Tuscarawas and Gnadenhutten where there was a lot of Moravian Church history and the Moravian Church is still fairly strong As a minister I have always been interested in religious history Though descended from the followers of early reformer Jan Hus and based upon the principles which he taught the modern Moravian Church is primarily the result of the work of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf 1700 1760 both of whose parents were from noble German families His grandfather Maximillian von Zinzendorf chose to sell his Austrian possessions and emigrate to Franconia rather than accept forced conversion to Catholicism Nicolaus s father was in the service of the Saxon Elector at Dresden at the time of hisoungest son s birth He died six weeks later and the child was sent to live with his maternal grandmother and an aunt His mother married again when he was four ears old and he was educated under the charge of his pietistic Lutheran grandmother Henriette Catharina von Gersdorff who did much to shape his character Educated at the Paedagogium in Halle where Pietism was strong and at the University of Wittenberg the seat of Lutheran traditionalism Zinzendorf studied law After graduation he traveled in the Netherlands France and various parts of Germany then married Erdmuthe Dorothea Reuss sister of his childhood friend Count Henry Reuss bought Berthelsdorf from his maternal grandmother Baroness von Gersdorf Community launched the modern missions movement Beginning at Herrnhut and traveling as far as Africa Americ.

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Geoff Benge are a husband and wife writing team with twenty years of writing experience They are best known for the books in the two series Christian Heroes Then Now series and Heroes of History Janet is a former elementary school teacher Geoff holds a degree in history Together they have a passion to make history come alive for a new generation Originally from New Zealand the Benges make their home in the Orlando Florida area