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Ch as Christianity Islam Judaism Hinduism Native American religions and others The traditions styles of worship sacred texts and various sects of each religion are covered in full detail with pictures and drawings The book has great pictures and lots of color but I found it lacking in actual information I felt that is wasn t well organized use terms pages before defining them circular definitions etc Also the information it does give is so general that you could have guessed it or it isn t very different then saying nothing at all Informative thorough and visual This book is a plethora of information on many religions It is well written and easy to understand I bought this book and have let many borrow it with the same results You can get much nowlegde from this read I will read it againNamasteDani Nice summary of the major religions and belief. Hs are explored in World Religions by studying the main principles and thinking of each religion The book's superb reproduction allows the symbolism and meaning in religious imagery and iconography to be revealed in great detailAccessible and far reaching World Religions will engage the whole family as much as the serious studen.

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Too much on the Abrahamic religions and not enough on the others Plus nothing or almost nothing on pagan religions Also too many pictures instead of real information A very broad view of the most nown world religions It does not go into much detail A 25 Stars just because it is a good compilation of the most influential world s organized beliefs systems Great book A thorough history of religions from ancient Egyptian Greek Norse Buddhism and on down the line of Abrahamic Very informative and especially liked the illustrations of symbols and their meanings I was really not impressed by this book It throws out a bunch of facts without mentioning their relative importances and in fact puts in things that are not important at all and leaves out important parts of religions This is mainly true of Eastern religions the western ones are not so poorly. A refreshing approach to understanding different faiths Detailed annotations to stunning illustrations provide intriguing insights into the world's most important religions offering a deeper appreciation of the beliefs central to each World Religions looks at the beliefs and practices of many different religions from the ancient.

Described But I m going to describe Christianity the way the book describes Hinduism Christianity has a holy trinity of gods the Holy Spirit God and Jesus Jesus was believed to have walked on water and revive the dead Mary his mother was a virgin Many christians eat bread and drink wine to symbolize eating JesusAs you can see that description tells you some facts while telling you nothing about what Christianity really is Additionally the book is made up mostly of the Christian and Jewish religions With those taking up about 60% and then all other religions taking up the rest I now nothing about ester religions and was reading the book to learn about them Oversized book made even cumbersome by having many of the pages the long way spread across both pages okay explanation of the major religions This book covers the major religions of the world su. Egyptians through to Zoroastrianism the oldest living religion and the great faiths practiced today Each of the major faiths Christianity Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Jainism Sikhism and Islam is examined in detail through its sacred texts epic imagery ey beliefs and religious artifactsThe distinctive identities of different fait.