Irene Roberts: Song of the Nile

Gain the heart of her soldier husband Amosis but she can feel the vil presence of Ese Ese the ‘She Devil’ governess of her childhood days a woman who is determined to seek her revenge and will not rest until she has sacrificed Nefer to the great god Amun.

‘I grow fond of you Nefer You are desirable and I am very conscious of being a man’ The words of Nefer’s husband the Mighty Warrior Amosis choed through her troubled mind But what of love she wondered Was there to be no than respect between them in thi.

S marriage that he had been decreed by Mighty Pharaoh Thutmose himself All too soon Nefer had been plucked from her happy and carefree xistence and from her childhood sweetheart Prince Khaleb Now her life takes on a new dimension not only has she to try and.

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