Maria Estling Vannestal: University Grammar Of English

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This was a really interesting book of grammar I liked the Swedish perspective it was helpful and educative as well as uniue for a school book to take our origin into consideration Further I idn t like how the authors occasionally pointed out that this is ifficult. Presents a corpus based university grammar with a Swedish perspective written in English.

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Necessary Also the book spoiled book 6 in the Harry Potter serie which frankly is unforgivable for a book nerd like me Other than that this was actually a very pleasant and interesting school read for me It s very informative and good Just grammar isn t great for me. Language usage It is suitable for first term students of English at Swedish universities.

For learners of English since that sort of comment is easy for the reader to turn into a stronghold which would make it even ifficult The author is suppose to help the reader not create speed bumps in the learning process I just find that kind of warnings so very un. This book points out problem areas and uses symbols to illustrate ifferent aspects of.