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A powerful storyFascinating cast of characters great character development Another superb book by Roger Zelazny At risk of making some persons exceptionally angry I can say that what makes me interested in Roger Zelazny is just about everything that is not is well known Amber series Lord Demon The Nazi Revolution has some similarities to the Amber books but draws on the same information in a complete manner Kai Wren the Lord Demon is a fully developed character throughout the book some may argue co writer Jane Lindsgold played a part in that In any case Zelazny s inspirations East Asian myths etc are obvious in Lord Demon and seem to actually serve a purpose And there are dogsWhat I get out of Demon that I failed to get out of the Amber series is the personality I found Demon a much touching story even in the midst of some epic battles I am not talking of th Love this one Demons and gods a kite flying sorcerer magic bottles and a littleomage to Corwin of AmberZelazny is excellent but Lindskold adds something to this I can t put finger on just what it is and I can t say who wrote what during the collaboration but this book is than the sum of two excellent authors Maybe it s an added warmth and depth to the characters a deeper dimension than either author alone Whatever it is it s goodKai Wren also known as Lord Demon Godslayer is an artist He creates bottles magical ones with whole universes inside The one Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy he lives in is a peaceful place guarded by a pair of Fu dogs fairies and a dragon His companion Ollie ande are uite content with their lives until Ollie goes out into the world to order pizza and is killed This act starts Kai Wren on a journey that leads to unsuspected conseuences as well as some unusual places He discovers that much of what e eld true about the world others and Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, himself is uite far from true I m saying this all badly I just don tave the words but if you like Zelazny Lindskold Brust or so many others try this one It s really good The main character Kai Wren is a glassblower who creates entire worlds inside the bottles Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet he makes worlds in which many ofis demon friends live each inside their own bottleLord Demon appeals to me because of its contemporary nature and adult like subject matter The personal inter. Войните между боговете и демоните избухнали преди пет хиляди години завършили с разгрома на демоните и прогонван?.

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E character Perhaps the blame isn t all Zelazny s the novel was completed posthumously by Lindskold and I like to think the master would Arise have given it a bit polish but it showcases enough ofis weaknesses and few enough of Archies Americana, Vol. 1 his strengths that a dedicated fan such as myself might prefer to pretend that Lindskold was the sole author Freed from the burden of expectations that the name Zelazny carries Lord Demon might stand on its own as a passableigh fantasy political drama the flashes of Amber and Lord of Light only make its shortcomings glaring in comparison Ultimately despite its few moments of charm this is a book that fails to fulfill its promises at every turn There are three writers whose books occupy a special place on my shelves whose books I tend to collect and keep and whose books I re read over and over Those three are JRR Tolkien Neil Gaiman andRoger Zelazny Lord Demon was one of the novels Zelazny was writing at the time of The Book Thief his unfortunate death and later finished byis friend and protege Jane Lindskold Lindskold does an amazing job of keeping the feeling of the novel going for the most part but the farther one reads in it the one can feel the absence of Zelazny the last chapter especially seems very different from the rest of the novel For that reason alone I d probably Talk to Me have to lower the rating to 4 12 stars However the plot and charactersere as well as most of the writing is vintage Zelazny the casual but regulated use of magic the movement between dimensions the thorough plotting and discussions of motivation plans and events the very odd and interesting characters presented matter of factly Lots of things ere reminded me of Zelazny s classic Amber series and in a good way I probably wouldn t recommend this to someone unfamiliar with Zelazny but it s a great addition and finale to the works of a true master I really enjoyed reading this and I really wished Zelazny ad survived to see it through publication I think it would Educating for the New World Order have been better ife d lived long enough to properly finish it As it stands Lord Demon is imaginative and epic and full of fascinating characters and cultures and just choppy enough and full of uneven loose ends to keep me from falling in love with it utterly It s ighly wor. да обитават но за щастие те се натъкнали на проход към едно съседно пространство с обитаема планета наречена ЗЕМЯ.

Actions and learning experiences of Zelazny s characters are much like those of uman beings instead of what we d expect from a typically crafted supernatural demon In this way The Character Of An Upright Man he creates characters to which we can relate and from which we can learn lessons in friendship trust and the balance between those values and self protection Coming from a person who s not really a fan of fantasy and sci fi this is a very good read In a word depressingThis book was started by Roger Zelazny and finished by Jane Lindskold afteris death I ve given the book 3 stars but it started out as a solid 5 The premise was great The character of Kai Wren Lord Demon was greatThen Zelazny Mr. Malcolms List had to go and die and Lindskold took overThe wo One of the best The most enjoyable experience Highly recommend One of Zelazny s trademarks is the ability to write aboutis superhuman characters and fantastic worlds so matter of factly that we can believe in their existence no matter GURPS Conspiracy X how distant they might seem in theands of a lesser author from ordinary life When this is done well as it is in most of Amber Lord of Light and especially in Just One Golden Kiss his short stories we never notice the tension between the wild imagination of the scenario and the realism of the writing In Lord Demon this tension is apparent from the first dialogue in which the immortal demon protagonist discusses pizza toppings withis 300 year old servant The combination of the igh mythic and the mundane is freuently amusing and a novel can certainly do worse than amuse but rarely believable The story itself is classic Zelazny with a powerful but slightly naive ero navigating the politics and intrigues of Phantom Encounters his fellow immortals In fact it reads a bit like a pastiche ofis earlier works particularly Lord of Light and at times even explicitly references them If one is inclined to put up with the protagonist who ranges from oblivious to obtuse in matters of intrigue the twists and turns of the plot are decently executed and the world fairly imaginative for all its blatant Orientalism The dialogue is stilted though even in the rare cases in which the speaker is a native speaker of modern English and the flow is not elped by the protagonist s insistence on becoming infatuated with every major femal. ?то им от тяхната родна земя Расата на демоните навярно щяла да изчезне във враждебната страна която били обречени.

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