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Story of the Coen sisters of Balti Maryland Their art collection was donated to the Balti Museum of Art Very interesting I love art and to read about the women who devoted their lives to supporting and collecting art is retty darn amazing The connection to Balti is interesting as well though in truth the women spent time in Europe than here The information about Gertrude Stein is rather il. For four and a half decades Etta and Claribel Cone roamed artists' studios and art galleries in Europe building one of the largest most important art collections in the world At one time these two independently wealthy Jewish women from Balti received offers from virtually every rominent art museum in the world all anxious to house their hitherto rivate assemblage of modern art In 1949 they awarded all their holdings to the Balti Museum of Art In 2002 that collection was valued at nearly 1 billion making them two of the most hilanthropic art collectors of our ageYet for complex reasons the story of the Cone sisters has never been fully or accurately told Gertrude Stein suggested in her writings that the mousy Etta and the regal Claribel had little artistic sense of their own buying only what she and Leo Stein advised them to buy For most of those 45 years though the savvy Cone sisters knew exactly what they were doing and why But they thought it undignified in life or death to call much attention to themselves always emphasizing that the art not.

Luminating since I never knew much about her I would recommend this book to anyone who is vaguely interested in modern art An entertaining history if you love Art History Paris Before the War Matisse Family Dramas or Balti Very interesting book We happened upon a special exhibit of art of the Cone collection in Vancouver last summer We have been to Balti many times and were generally famil. Its collecting mattered mostMary Gabriel an art minded journalist and women's historian has at long last brought the little known sisters to life and shone the spotlight on their remarkable achievements That these two upright Victorian women led the way in Spring Snow purchasing the scandalous erotic art of Matisse Picasso and others is itself one of the most fascinating yet incongruous aspects of their story Etta and Claribel Cone supported the 20th century's revolutionary artists from their impoverished beginnings when Henri Matisse for example was reviled by critics as a wild beast and Pablo Picasso scratched out a living in a hovel By contributing to the livelihood of avant garde artists in whom they deeply believed the sisters helped coax out thenreserved some of the greatest art of the modern era Though it intimately The Greatest Victory portrays twoowerful influential ahead of their time women The Art of Acuiring is than a tale of two sisters than an important addition to art history and than a major contribution to the study of women's history Because it reproduces some.

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Iar with Cone Mills from living in North Carolina We had no idea that the Cone sisters had built this fabulous art collection It is a story worth reading I loved this book I can t believe I have never come across the Cone sisters before in my random art history readings Those with an interest in fin de siecle and early 20th century art especially the Fauves and Cubists need to read this book. Of the famous and important art of Matisse Picasso Cézanne Dégas and others The Art of Acuiring enables readers to Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, practically step through the canvas and live in the shockingaintings these two unsung sisters urchased then gave to the world at large Finally a lovely absorbing biography of the neglected Cone sisters About the Author Mary Gabriel currently based in London works as a reporter and editor for the world desk of Reuters News Service Previously she was executive editor of Museum Arts Washington magazine which won a national MagazineWeek award for excellence in Art and Literature during her tenure Prior to that she served as editor and reporter for United Press International and as a reporter for the Balti News American newspaper Her first book Notorious Victoria The Life of Victoria Woodhull Uncensored was a New York Times Notable Book in 1998 She holds a Diplome from the University of Paris at the Sorbonne a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Master's Degree in Journalism from American University.

Mary Gabriel was educated in the United States and France and worked in Washington and London as a Reuters editor for nearly two decades She is the author of two previous biographies Notorious Victoria The Life of Victoria Woodhull Uncensored and The Art of Acuiring A Portrait of Etta and Claribel Cone She lives in Italy