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The afterword is what the book is worth for where the author atempts to explaintrace a mosaic of esoteric hilosophy Great Craft Notes for Animators poems but the Ramanujan s afterword is what you read this book for This is an incredible selection ofoems from the writings of Nammalvar one of the iconic 12 Alwar Saints in the Sri Vaishnava Tradition of Tamil Nadu It is so so difficult to translate the literary nuances of Tamil but Ramanujan manages to do it with such inimitable flair It is clear that he has a great respect for the language as well as the sheer emotion of Bhakti Nammalvar is one of the greatest Perception and the External World poets of this country and I am so glad to have read at least aart of the beauty of his work Beautiful Popular Representations of Development poetry I loved it It s crazy how they can reference these huge stories in just a few lines Loveoetry was very touching as well syair Nammalvar memuja Vishnu sangat berpengaruh di selatan India Although the book has a few great Sister for Sale poems it feels uite dry to read Many metaphors and similes must have been lost in translation For example the metaphor dark as the sea has been used multiple times in the translation but I am not uite sure if the original meant dark as the bottom of the sea Nammalvar was one of the twelve Alvars well known for his many hymns on devotion to Vishnu Tradition gives him the date 3102 BC ie the beginning of the kali yuga He was born in the asterism Visakham in what is now Alwarthirunagiri also known as Tirukkurugur Tamil Nadu His name means our own alvar alvar means one immersed in God He was also known as Maran and SatakopanHe must have been born fully enlightened because as a baby he never cried or suckled and never opened his eyes According to tradition as a child he responded to no external stimuli and hisarents left him at the feet of the deity of Lord Vishnu The The The Blue Door (Threshold poems in this book are some of the earliest about Visnu one of the Hindu Trinity also known as Tirumal the Dark OneTradition recognizes twelve alvars saintoets devoted to Visnu who lived between the sixth and ninth century in the Tamil speaking region of south India These devotees of Visnu and

Hild then got up and climbed into a hole in a tamarind sat in the lotus Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity position and began to meditate It appears he was in this state for as long as sixteen years when a Tamiloet and scholar in North India named Madhurakavi Alvar saw a bright light shining to the south and followed it until he reached Nammalvar s tree Unable to elicit any reaction from the child he asked him a riddle If the small is born in a dead s bodyor stomach what will it eat and where will it stay meaning if the subtle soul is embodied in the gross body what are its actions and thoughts Nammalvar broke his lifelong silence and responded That it will eat and there it will rest meaning that if the soul identifies with the body it will be the body but if it serves the divine it will stay in vaikunta and eatthink of God Madhura kavi realized the divinity of this childMadhura kavi was himself a great devotee when he asked Nammalvar the right uestion and made him speak Immediately he took him for his Acharya Teacher Guru Nammalvar consented to being his guru instructed him in the doctrines of Vaishnavism and thereafter glorified Lord Vishnu He composed on the spot a thousand hymns The Art of Standing Still praising Vishnu each one starting with the last word of therevious A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, poem We owe it to Madhurakavi for setting them to music Madhurakavi became the Alvar s student and went on to composeoems about his Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience prodigal masterHis contribution of four works numbering 1296 hymns to the four thousand of the Divya Prabhandham includes the entire fourth thousand andart of the third thousand these works are TiruvAymozhi 1102 verses Tiruviruttam 100 verses TiruvAsiriam 7 verses and Periya Tiruvanthadi 87 versesThe subject matter of the four works was certainly the five rinciples namely the Lord the soul the means the end and the obstacles to spiri. Heir counterparts the devotees of Siva nayanmar changed and revitalized Hinduism and their devotional hymns addressed to Visnu are among the earliest bhakti devotional texts in any Indian languageIn this selection from Nammalvar’s works the translations like the originals reflect the alternations of.

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Tuality Through all this ran a thread of the acme of devotion to Lord Krishna Whatever Krishna ate whatever He drank whatever betel He chewed was the dearest to the saint The supreme object of life was to be at the Lord s lotus feet and to serve him eternally in blissful love Therefore seek Him all your life raise Him surrender to Him speak of His glories and exploits revel in His majesty and continue the recitation of His names This was his message to the world at large Like the Buddha who appeared in the northernmost Death Comes for the Archbishop part of India and finally engulfed not only India but Asia and the whole world by his teachings Nammalvar was the star of the southernmostart of India whose work engulfed the whole world of Vaishnavism A great book on one of the foremost alwars nammalwar and his verses This is the kind of book you can read in an hour but the endnotesappendix section will keep you occupied for much longer if you care about all those details And they are Mostly Mama pretty necessary to understand some of whats going onoetically if you dont understand Tamil Bhakti The Naked Man poetry is that sublime set ofoems that those who are really divinely inspired can write and enjoy And this selection of Bhakti Damias Children poems are absolute gems taken as samples from that vast treasure trove There are uite a lot of verses that have touched my heart left me dewy eyed I just loved this anthology It s ever too hard to translateoems and especially those Cutremur de timp poems that contain in them oceans of emotions and devotion It takes courage to even attempt such a translation For the courage he had and the skill he exhibited theioneer A K Ramanujan must be Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes praisedIf it sounds a bit odd inlaces it s not the Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie poet s fault nor the translator s The reason is just the difference in the languages and the gulf of differences in the cultures. Philosophic hymns and loveoems through recurring voices roles and Patagonia Express places They also enact arogression from wonder at the Lord’s works to the experience of loving him and watching others love him to moods of uestioning and despair and finally to the experience of being devoured and ossessed by