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The Progress f Freedom This program was expanded in the early 1970s and has been issued in a developed context as a yearbook since 1978Since 1989 the Survey project has been a year long effort produced by regional experts consultants and human rights specialists It derives its information from a wide range f sources Most valued f these are the many human rights activists journalists editors and political figures who keep the world informed Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings of the human rights situation in theirwn countries This edition f the Survey contains a special end f the century feature a study f democracy's progress during the twentieth cent.

The Freedom House Survey is the most systematic most comprehensive and most reliable survey f the individual's status in the world's political systems Freedom in the World provides an invaluable baseline in assessing the significance f the world events Robert L Bartley editor Wall Street JournalFreedom in the World is an institutional effort by Freedom House to monitor the progress and decline f political rights and civil liberties in 192 nations and 60 related and disputed territories These year end reviews f freedom began in 1955 when they were called the Balance Sheet f Freedom and still later the Annual Survey f.

Ury entitled Democracy's CenturyThroughout the year Freedom House personnel regularly conduct fact finding missions to gain in depth knowledge f the vast political transformations affecting ur world These investigations make every effort to meet a cross section f political parties and associations human rights monitors religious figures representatives f both the private sector and trade union movement academics and journalistsThis year's survey team includes Adrian Karatnycky Martin Edwin Anderson Kristen Guida Aili Piano Arch Puddington Leonard R Sussman Sabirzyan Badertinov Edward R McMahon Cindy Shiner and Amy Wong.

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