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Tale mythology of a band on the rise And then she oes what any good writer would Flawed (The Butcher, do she shatters all of our fantasies all our preconceptions about the rock and roll superstar we ve just become smitten with the impossibly beautiful star who even though he s a bit of a bad boy manages to make us weak in the knees The author strips away all the intoxicating glamor and the pretty facades Sometimes sheoes it gently Sometime she just rips the band aid off without any warning at all But the tool that Fraina uses to The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS do this is real life She picks at her characters and shows you the real people behind the stars And then she even makes you uestion how real the real person is As the publisher s summary states What makes a person fascinating Is it what they hide or what they reveal It s a uestion that Fraina asks and then gives hints about but she never uite answers it waiting for the reader ultimately to make up their minds about the characters she has createdNow I have to say this novel is not going to be everyone s cup of tea It can at times be a tough read Let s just say that if you are looking for a typical romance boy meets boy boy gets boy boy and boy move to California to get married you will be sorelyisappointed If your tastes run to the authentic version of life perhaps something along the lines of messed up boy meets messed up boy boy gets boy boy Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins doesn t want boy but can t break away then this may be the book for you There is a strong sense of realism woven into this story and like real life sometimes it just ain t pretty For me it was fascinating from beginning to endOriginally reviewed for Uniuely Pleasurable What is probably the first impression left by this novel is the crafted but complex writing style and the lack of chronological order of the novellas If you want to give it it s 2002 2001 1995 2003 and 1987 the two big step in the past allow the reader to know better Jim who is the main character around which the other two men Elliott and Adam gravitateIf you are thinking this is a m nages a trois well you are not completely wrong even if itoesn t actually arrive to be such formal relationship From what I could put together Jim arrived from England to New York City in 1987 a shattered Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, dream in the past and actually shattered is a very right term from what happened and the only valued possession for him a 1959 Les Paul Sunburst Sometime between 1987 and 2001 Jim first meets Adam and they are together on a rock group The Mogs and then he meets Elliott a street hustlerWhere actually no one of the three men has a balanced self and so Ioubt any of the possible pairing could work I have to say my favourite was Elliott maybe since to me he was the fragile of them On a logical level it s clear the right pairing is Jim and Adam but Elliott was so obviously in need of someone to love him that I really hoped Jim could overcome his fear of commitment to be able to give at least a sense of security even if not real to Elliott Truth be told some of the love scene between Jim and Adam are really good I particularly liked the one in the bus so where from one side I cheered for Elliott on the other side I was aware that probably Adam was a better choice Sometime I even had the feeling that for how much a spoiled brat Adam is he cared for Elliott Now I m not saying that Jim Pages From Bee Journal didn t care for him but as we will learn on the last novella probably Jim had his own issue to ove. Ovocative sometimes heartbreaking story of luminous enigmatic rock star Jimmy 'Strange' Lyons Weaving back and forth through time from a tenement in Alphabet City to a luxury co op overlooking Central Park to a semietached in North London Jimmy's life unfolds like a mystery gradually revealing his secrets and exposing the vast gulf that often lies between what appears to be and what

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I really got into the main character I could actually see all the things he was going through And felt all his pain Very well written overall I first read this book 8 years ago in 2006 wow and have to say that King of Cats is one of the top handful of stories that has stayed with me throughout the years especially the charismatic strange Elliott On a whole the storytel Sex Stones of Witness drugs rock roll and Jimmy Lyons A very well crafted look into the whirlwind life of a stunningly beautiful British expat living in NYC The five novellas which tell Jimmy s and his acuaintances stories are indeed so well written that even their uirky and often annoying characteristics become acceptable and even endearing as we get to know them Jimmy is something of an innocent and comes to terms with his being gay beautiful and a talented guitarist much like we get comfortable with a new pair of shoes or residence The universal need for love and affection is woven throughout but only tentatively romantic as is often the case for the modernLife as an expat can beifficult enough being one myself at various locations around the world and with added baggage from a My Indian Kitchen dysfunctional childhood all the characters share this it seems and struggling musician in Jimmy s case makes for a good read At times sweet and lovely and others horrible and tragic I feel this would make a wonderful mini series for television I watch it certainly This novel five related novellas really is very well written I Lots of Mommies didn t like any of the characters at first but it is a testament to the author s skill that I still wanted to keep reading and ultimately I came to understand and even like them Even when they wereoing some fairly horrible things The characters are real three imensional people and the author manages to visit some familiar ground in unfamiliar ways avoiding cliches along the way The result is a book that is heartbreaking and that will stay with me for a long timeThere were a few flaws with the novel The first of the novellas is the weakest it oesn t fit as well into the fabric as the others And in several of the scenes the point of view shifts back and forth between characters in a way I found istracting Finally I feel the female characters who are secondary but important aren t as well fleshed out as the malesOverall however I enjoyed the book very much and will eagerly seek of this author s work Although this book is not perfect there are POV changes which would normally turn me off they weren t serious enough to iminish the impact it had on me and it The Flame Of Adventure definitelyeserves a five star ratingThis is not an actual book but rather five novellas which give snapshots into the life of Jimmy Lyons The novellas are not in chronological order going from the fall of 2002 spring 2001 winter 1995 summer 2003 and finally ending in 1987 It may seem like ordering the stories in this way could be confusing but it s actually why they pack such an emotional punch It was like having a group of people putting pieces of a puzzle together until finally the full picture emerges and we know who Jimmy is and where he came fromThe fact that the stories idn t have a happy ending made them refreshing to read I ve had my fill of cookie cutter mm romance stories that leave me with a sugar high from all their sweetness The characters here are human with all their flaws At times I found myself hating them then in the next moment I was crying. What makes a person fascinating Is it what they hide or what they reveal Is it who they are or who they appear to be A struggling filmmaker believes he recognizes the face of a man in an old painting and becomes obsessed with finding him On the cusp of his band's success a closeted guitarist walks out on his longtime male lover to live with a woman he hardly knows After spending one fat.

For them I won t be forgetting these characters any time soon If you re looking for a heart and flowers gay romance you re barking up the wrong tree with The King of Cats If you want a well written isui As an avid reader of gay themed books always complaining in my reviews about the lack of uality in most of the stuff I read I was sent a free copy and asked by the author to read and review this workTruth to be told uality Divine Magnetic Lands did I getefinitely but I still Frog and the Treasure do noteem myself satisfiedThe novel s structure as already underlined by other reviewers is peculiar instead of alternating present and flashbacks as it is customary Fraina neatly splits the storyline in five The Butterfly Club different episodes andisplays them in an order that is not chronological but has an inner logic the last one functioning or less as an epilogue but being in fact the one set farther back in time as well as summarizing the essential theme of the novel in the last line said theme being essentially things are not necessarily as they lookThe plot revolves around the character of Jim but he is often looked at through the eyes of the people close to him and to whom belong the POV they also play a meaningful role in the novel itselfA critical reviewer accused the author of being pretentious and there could be truth in this accusation The novel structure plot and characters are clearly the result of an effort to make a theme as conspicuous and proven as possible but as always in fine arts much study and lack of spontaneity can be as much a criticism as a p Rating 3 of five all for writingI Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors don t like Jimmy our POV character at all Elliott makes me want to screech imprecations at him for being such a wussy Adam annoys me clueless hopeless wet Adam who can t figure out why he gets what he wants and thenoesn t want itThat said Blake Fraina has written a well crafted tale about people I hate like fury and I think that s a good sign This is a novel about the ways in which we humans fail to connect with ourselves Adam Elliott or each other Jim all the women in the book with special emphasis on Amy and what His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, dire horrible conseuences that has in our lives No one in this book is aware that being happy is a possibility though Elliott is relentlessly chipper It might look similar but it s not the sameThe five stories of the book intertwine nicely not leading into and out of each other so much as flowing inevitably and circuitously from each other s strongest and weakest points The weakest story in the bunch is the last one Hidden History because it of them all feels narrated told presented ex post facto not lived before one s eyes as the othersoI Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? d say the gay sexual content is sufficiently integral to the stories told that all but the most sueamish straight people should be able to read these hymns toysfunction and its power without issue I would encourage people in my Boomer generation to read the stories because honestly we just J.M. Coetzee don t hear what Fraina s saying to us often enough Actions have conseuences emotions have their own lives and even the ones we leave are still with us King of Cats A Life in Five Novellas is a tough novel to review without giving away all the secrets that make it such a fascinating challenging and engrossing trip through the world of rock n roll a trip most of us can onlyream about What author Blake Fraina manages to Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women do in 236 pages is to create a vivid world to conjure up an almost fairy. Eful night in bed together two youthful musicians enter into a bitter and emotionallyevastating power struggle for control over their band and one another And eight years later tragedy forces both men to confront the inescapable and bitter legacy of their fathers' influence Peopled with vivid characters and told in sharp ialogue the five stories that comprise King of Cats tell the pr.

Author of King of Cats a novel about a closeted British rock musician living on New York's Lower East Side