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Ng with Claire s mother Why she never showed any backbone and had to be so pathetic Also Riley s pursuit then backing away sounded stupid and forced I wanted less of his POVs because they added nothing for me The way Riley was accused of causing crashseriously He was doing his job hide spoiler Set in Hope s Crossing Colorado Claire Bradford is the owner of a successful bead shop She is a single mom with two kids living a predictable life She has no time for romance At least that is what she keeps telling herself So why does her best friend s younger brother Riley seem so darn sexy and hot He has returned to be the the new chief of police of this boring little town when he was some big shot on the police force in California It just doesn t make senseA string of robberies leads to a tragic accident that forces Claire to accept help from her friends ven from Riley McKnight The accident Immerwelt - Der Pakt ends up affecting the whole town Things get ugly when it is found teenagers are involved in the robberies and it starts to rip the town apartA mysterious Angel of Hope inspires a small group and then the whole town to plan anvent to help bring Modern South Asia everyone back together A bit of romance also starts to blossom making for a very interesting summerDollycas s ThoughtsI was swept away by many things in this book The friendships of the people who visit Claire s shop the long term relationships of the people of Hope s Crossing seeing someone you have known all your life differently after time has passed and theffect the Angel of Hope has on this townIf I was Picture Theory ever luckynough to win the lottery or come into a great deal of money I would want to be just like the Angel of Hope helping people anonymously with things they need The way the angel inspired the people of Hope s Crossing was really upliftingThe characters in this story are so Ancestral Voices engaging and well developed You want to be part ofverything they are doingI haven t read Harleuin in uite awhile because they were started to feel the same story just with different names but that is definitely not the case with this story This book is about so much than the romance Claire needs to break out of a life she has trapped herself in Riley has so many reasons for coming home and for staying away as long as he did Claire s mother has issues that need to be dealt with Claire s And Bid Him Sing ex husband and his new younger pregnant wife live right in town Thayne interweaves and blends all their lives together wonderfully along with many other residents of the town of Hope s Crossing I love the way she writes and her descriptions of people and places were a delight 35 Stars A lovely start to this seriesAfter reading Christmas in Snowflake Canyon a book that I absolutely adored I had to go back and start at the beginning I had no idea it was the 6th book in RaeAnne Thayne s Hope s Crossing series and so many of the characters caught my attention that I needed to read their stories too I ve read a few other books by this author and one thing she always manages to do is touch my heart and it was no different here I love the hometown close knit community feel and how they all pull together when tragedy strikes It s similar in nature to Robyn Carr s Virgin River series but this is virtually a clean romance with very little sexual intimacy There is character chemistry moments of passion andnough going on within the story itself that I didn t miss it Although there is a sweet HEA for Claire and Riley the devastating Aristotle Detective (Aristotle events that affected so many carries over into the next book Woodrose Mountain and I look forward to seeing what fate has in store for some of the other characters It s not a complex read the angst level is low and it s the perfect read for a relaxing afternoon This book isverything I love about romance novels and I don t say that lightly It s been far too long since I picked up a book that made me want to keep reading instead of doing something lse I m not happy that I feel that way because since I was a kid reading has been my favorite thing to do I ve been saddened lately that so many books have been a chore to get through In fact I ve been searching for a book any book that might remind me why I used 25While the writing isn t all bad the author predominantly tells instead of shows There are too many minor and major info dumps and too many little schmaltzy anecdotes inserted in the middle of conversations The book is riddled with cardboard characters ach one stereotyped than the last The small town atmosphere vacillates between heartwarming and mean spirited Claire is way too perfect She thinks it s a major character flaw in herself that she can t be true friends with her Bringing the Empire Home ex husband s much younger bimbo wife She lets herx husband mother and others treat her like an incompetent child because she doesn t want to say anything unkind to them Riley is a better character although not unusual or uniue There s also some very real motional angst in the book that centers around a car wreck This is the best written part of the book Unfortunately the solution Claire comes up with to help the town heal was right out of a Micky RooneyJudy Garland movie I know Let s put on a showThis book has made for TV movie written all over it complete with B list actors I truly njoyed Thayne s book Dancing In The Moonlight Cowboys of Cold Creek 2 and was happy to see this longer novel Unfortunately I think her writing style works best in the shorter form of the series romance where info dumps and heartwarming rabbit trails have to be kept to a minimum A mediocre romance novel I think I mean nothing really happens here The reader gets to peek at life in a small town but there is no plot to speak of and the romance is dead in the water throughout the story Although the imagery of the small town and the cosy homes offered a pleasant Building the Cold War experience there is very little here tontertain or intrigueNot really recommended but it s not so bad that I ll say avoid it at all cost. To it; is a wake up call to the people of Hope's Crossing The sense of community and togetherness had been lost during those tough years But with a mysterious Angel of Hope working to inspire the town Riley and Claire will find themselves opening up to love and other possibilities by the Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) end of anxtraordinary summe.

Bitter bitter disappointment It s a good thing I ve read other books by RaeAnne Thayne because this would not have been a good introduction Both protagonists are weak in ways that would be disastrous in tandemRiley is the worst because his motional weakness is persistent obviously unhealthy and clich d to boot It s not just that he is traumatized by his father leaving their family and he fears he d only do the same That s bad but it plays ven worse when coupled with his acceptance of culpability for outcomes he couldn t have foreseen and for actions that were not only responsible but should have Dancing at Armageddon exactly countered his feelings of guilt in the first place Both add up to someone who pretty much hates himself and is willing to buy into the worst version of his own motivations and actions I find this very unattractive and an automatic dismissal of the macho righteous cop thing he had going onBut Claire isn t much better with hermotional need to please Double Jeopardy everyone around her and give in to anybody who threatens to be upset This is particularly bad in relation to Ruth her mother who abuses Claire smotional weakness time and again It s Composition and Literature even worse in her relationship with herx and his bimbo I get not making trouble because of the kids relationship with their father I don t get allowing yourself to be walked on just because they d feel bad if she didn tThe story was okay if both predictable and tinged with clich Thayne doesn t idealize Hope s Crossing and that worked out well Cezanne and Provence enough I suspect I d have beenngaged with it if Riley wasn t so busy hanging himself in Dark Voices effigy to spare the townsfolk the trouble I could have taken thevents a lot better if they had played to Riley s strength is what I m saying Since it Contested Reproduction exploited his weakness it was a lot lessngagingFortunately the book Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) ended on a high I thought Riley had buried himself too deeply to recover but he pulled off a grand gesture that was too perfect to dismiss I wanted him to be strong so when he finally showed both the strength to change and the courage to commit absolutely I found myself closing the book with at least contentment that I hadn t wasted my time So yeah a solid two and a half stars rounded to a three on the strength of thending BarelyA note about SteamyChaste This is another of those rare books that ualify for neither Creating Country Music enhancing my meh for it actually There aren t any real steamy scenes but there s a make out scene that goes beyond what I can honestly call chaste Fantastic book I love small town stories and this is one of the best All the characters are very realistic with hopes and dreams and problems that any one of us couldxperience When tragedy strikes the town it s the way they deal with it that will make or break the ones living itClaire is a divorced mother of two She owns a bead store that is doing pretty well but will never make her rich She lives in the same town as her Blacklands ex and his new wife so that her kids can see their father on a regular basis She is also the person who takes care of her mother a woman who turned very needy after her husband s scandalous death The investigation of a burglary at her store brings her back into contact with Riley McKnight the younger brother of her best friend and the new chief of police The bad boy teen has grown up to be a handsome and responsible man and too darn tempting for her peace of mind When a car accident puts her in need of depending on other people Riley is one of those who is there I liked Claire s sense of independence but she also had trouble accepting help After her father s death Claire s mom fell apart leaving teenage Claire to take care of her younger brother the house and her mother Ever since then Claire has been taking care ofveryone but ignoring her own needs Seeing Riley again stirs feelings in her that have been uiet for a long time but she s not too happy about having the hots for him After the accident that injured her and another girl and killed Riley s niece Claire has to give up some of the control of her life in order to accept the help she needs She finds herself spending time with Riley and is uite impressed with the man he has become She has trouble believing him when he tells her about the crush he had on her when they were younger but she can t deny the feelings that are growing now I loved the way that she can separate the troubled boy he was from the man he is now and that she has no trouble standing up for him to other people It was terrific to see his care for her give her the desire to look after her own needs for a changeRiley had been a bit of a hell raiser as a teen He is the youngest of six kids and the only boy He had a lot of anger to deal with when his father left the family and it came out in destructive ways As soon as he graduated from high school he left home and Evolutionary Patterns ended up becoming an undercover cop in California After years of doing that work he is feeling burned out when he is offered the job of police chief in his hometown He takes it on a probationary basis not sure if it will be a good fit He begins to think he was right as so many in town don t seem to be able to forget his teenage mistakes A bright spot in his return is seeing Claire again He has never forgotten her and meeting again as adults shows him that the feelings are still there As much as he d like to pursue them he feels that he s too damaged to be good for her because of his cynicism from his former job and his fears that he d be like his own father But he also finds that he can t stay away from her He s first on the scene after the car accidents and is desperate to make sure that she and her kids are safe Finding out about the occupants of the other car and the death of his niece Riley feels like the whole mess is his fault He spends a lot of time helping Claire and growing closer to her but afraid to take it further I liked the way that he owns up to his stupidity from when he was younger and I got really frustrated wit. Claire Bradford needed a wake up callWhat she didn't need was a tragic car accident As a single mom and the owner of a successful bead shop Claire leads a predictable life in Hope's Crossing Colorado So what if she has no time for romance At least that's what she tells herselfspecially when her best friend's sexy yo.

H the townspeople who refused to see the man he had become Even his own family seemed to be blind to who he was He did have a couple instances of idiocy Evolution As Entropy especially the one where he was so cynical about the Day of Hope that Claire and her friends were planning I m glad he saw therrors of his ways His oh so romantic actions at the auction were the perfect Forging Gay Identities ending to the bookOne of the things I like best about small town stories is the complicated and interwoven relationships As the first book in the series we learn at least a little about uite a few characters Claire sx isn t a bad man but he s pretty oblivious to the pain he causes Claire with some of his actions Forbidden History even after their divorce Claire s mother really irritated me I hated the way she leaned on Claire forverything and still managed to put her down about so much Her attitude about Riley really made me mad She was slightly redeemed at the Fiche Blian ag Fás end but I think she still has a ways to go I loved the Angel of Hope and the way heshe has been doing things to help out various people Those things and the way that small towns have of coming together in times of tragedy go a long way toward improving the atmosphere of the town This was a Free book inxchange for an honest reviewit was just an ok read for me way too many secondary characters and what s going on in their lives had a hard time following all of that I did love Riley s humor as well as the history between him Claire however the romance was lacking not Esteem Enlivened by Desire enough for my taste It wasxtremely boring in parts that just seemed to drag onWhat she didn t need was a tragic car accident As a single mom and the owner of a successful bead shop Claire leads a predictable life in Hope s Crossing Colorado So what if she has no time for romance At least that s what she tells herself Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith especially when her best friend s sexy younger brother comes back to town as the new chief of police But when the accident forces Claire to slow down and lean on othersspecially Riley McKnight she realizes for the first time that things need to change And not just in her own life The accident and the string of robberies committed by teenagers that led up to it is a wake up call to the people of Hope s Crossing The sense of community and togetherness had been lost during those tough years But with a mysterious Angel of Hope working to inspire the town Riley and Claire will find themselves opening up to love and other possibilities by the nd of an xtraordinary summer I love how sometimes a book that you don t They Shall Be One Flesh expect to like sneaks up on you and sucks you in Blackberry Summer was like that for me Ixpected it to be another story of a uaint small town such as seem to be flooding the market lately And it was and it wasn t There were definite sweet scenes and feel good actions but they were counter balanced by some really bad stuff Nothing seemed contrived as if the author had just included a scene to move the plot along Neither were there scenes where you thought why the heck did the author meander there This was the story of Claire a 36 year old divorced mother of two Her best friend s younger brother has just moved back to town after 15 years away as an undercover cop in California He is now the chief of police Unbeknownst to Claire Riley has had a crush on her since he was 12 and she was 15 They are meeting for the first time as The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning euals This is the story of their relationship which develops in the middle of a tragedy which affects much of the town There were many secondary characters tidbits of whose stories were told as they touched the lives of Clair or Riley POV stayed strictly withither Claire or Riley I believe this must be the beginning of a series I could see many threads that beckoned and things that seemed to have a story to tell I particularly appreciated the way that the author left those for later I didn t feel frustrated that all the stories weren t spelled out and finished Rather I feel an Hereward (Hereward, excited sense of anticipationThis was very well done writing The dialog seemed real how people really talk Even secondary characters were clearly drawn so they wereasy to keep straight in my mind The writing flowed well and I didn t get knocked out of the story over poor sentence construction or TSTL moments Under One Sky etc Both of the main characters grew Claire had to learn to let go of a bit of control and Riley had to face up to relationship fears which were a result of his father s desertion of the family when Riley was a young teenager There were a couple of hot kissing scenes and some sweet kissing scenes but that was it no love makingThe author avoided obvious choices like making thex husband a total bad guy Sure he left her for a younger woman but he really seemed to love that woman The new wife was a sweet girl and neither one of them treated the children badly That was refreshingSo ready to read about Hope s Crossing Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be to comeAlthough in the nd I m not sure what blackberries had to do with anything I received this book free from Tell Harleuin for review As a single mom and the owner of a small bead shop Claire Bradford 36 leads a predictable life in Hope s Crossing Colorado Then one morning she discover that her shop has been burglarized She meets again her best friend s handsome younger brother Riley McKnight 33 who is now the new chief of police I like the small town atmosphere and I think that the story and the Hh relationship had lots of potential but somewhere it became repetitive and boring The heroine seemed okay at first but the I learned about her the less I cared about her She lets her x husband mother and others treat her like a doormat view spoilerShe worked in two places to support her Groom and Doom ex husband Jeff through medical school Then thatx walked away with younger woman married her and now they are Eroarea lui Descartes expecting a baby But still Claire was all goody goody with himven buying him birthday gift Jeez Has she no pride Also the thi. Unger brother comes back to town as the new chief of policeBut when the accident forces Claire to slow down and lean on others; specially Riley McKnight; she realizes for the first time that things need to change And not just in her own life The accident; and the string of robberies committed by teenagers that led up.

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I'm not one of those people who knew from birth she was destined to become a writer I always loved to read and throughout my childhood I could usually be found with a book in my hands To the disgust of my friends I even enjoyed creative writing assignments that made them all groan But I had other dreams besides writing I wanted to be an actress or a teacher or a lawyerLife took a different t