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Different writing style Like most of the characters some were interesting some of them were a little one dimensional Could have been better with some backstories I could rate this 4 stars based on some of the implausibility yes I know world with demons is implausible in and of itself but implausibility within the rules of the setting of things working Another entertaining Pathfinder novel This one falls somewhere between a caper story and one of those team of commandos sent behind enemy lines stories a la The Guns of Navarone Gad is a scoundrel and a con man at the beginning of the book a carefully crafted swindle goes awry due to a bloody assault on the town by demons from the nearby Worldwound a lace where the Abyss itself is erupting from the world s surface giving demons easy access naturally the region is surrounded by many orders of militant demon fighters naturally some of those orders also don t take kindly to non demonic con men and swindlers So after a chance encounter with cultists of Yath during which it s learned that Yath s The Sand-Reckoner presence will make things Much Much Worse there s nothing to do but recruit former compatriots the Halfling locksmith the insane fire wizard the half orc muscle the trained killer to head into the. Thieves and MadmenIn the foreboding north the demonic hordes of the magic twisted hellscape known as the Worldwound encroach upon the southern kingdoms of Golarion Their latest escalation embroils areternaturally handsome and coolly charismatic swindler named Gad who

Worldwound to Yath s stronghold to stop himTight Aztlan plotting interesting characters and the trek across the Worldwound honestly just into its margins is suitably nightmarish and horrific And does Gad have a cunninglan Well Mostly a straightforward fantasy heist Wasn t entirely fond of use of resent tense throughout the story Really enjoyed the gathering the crew section of the book but felt it lost momentum a bit after that spending time wallowing in the awfulness of demons and cultists than in exploring the until then interesting dynamics within the group Also I am not a fan of the articular heist job trope the whole endgame hinges onSome readers may also be annoyed that it is all in Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, present te In this Pathfinder Tales novel Robin D Laws has accomplished an interesting twist on RPG based fiction Not only is it inresent tense something that takes a little getting used to but works nicely once you acclimate but the Boyfriends from Hell prot I didn t like this one as much as I did the other Pathfinder Tales book by Robin D Laws Part of this is that Gad simply isn t that sympathetic as arotagonist He s a con man and his companions come across as tools of his trade than friends or compatriots A bigger Battered Not Broken part though is that the central story of hacking Ecides to assemble a team of thieves cutthroats and con men to take the fight into the demon lands and strike directly at the fiendish leader responsible for the latest raids the demon Yath the Shimmering Putrescence Can Gad hold his team together long enough toull off.

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Nest of demons to save his favorite hunting grounds er country is simply not as engaging for me Demons are dark and gruesome and an entire story set in environs overrun by the things is going to be gross and What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) perverted There s just no way around that reallySo not a favorite though at least the story was well told and interesting enough I never thought to just stop reading Not uite an ocean s eleven for golarion but that was how I thought of it The obvious thing I think would have been to do a story aboutaladins being strong and noble and brave at the Worldwound so I enjoyed that it was the rogue s who got to shine there instead The The Contemporaries plot wasretty interesting and had some surprising twists but the book gets downgraded for being written completely in UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] present tense It may not be fair but that s one of my biget Steampunk Erotica peeves 35 stars for me rounded up to 4 Probably my 2nd favorite Pathfinder Tale so far and definitely not your average RPG tie in novel Based in Mendev our location for this trip to Golarion is the Worldwound the massive chasm in the world that opened when the god Aroden died Demons have been crawling out of the Worldwound ever since battled by the crusaders in Mendev Usually held back by wardstones the demons have become fa. The ultimate con or will trouble from within his own organization lead to an untimely end for them allFrom gaming legend andopular author Robin D Laws comes a fantastic new adventure of swords and sorcery set in the award winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Ga.

Writer and game designer Robin D Laws brought you such roleplaying games as Ashen Stars The Esoterrorists The Dying Earth Herouest and Feng Shui He is the author of seven novels most recently The Worldwound Gambit from Paizo For Robin's much praised works of gaming history and analysis see Hamlet's Hit Points Robin's Laws of Game Mastering and 40 Years of Gen Con