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E type of characters I never ike The apparent character development in this story made me Bark like himess because really I have On Such a Full Sea little respect for him finding out what I did about his past and he is kind of cruelly oblivious in his treatment of NicoBesides every time Josef starts in with his wanting to be the greatest swordsman in the world and his talk of a sword cutting what the swordsman wants it to I keep thinking ofBenehimeShe is a total creep Think rapistsexual assaulter I really really hope she dies at the end of the series but I see absolutely no way that willcan happenwork Especially without aittle detail Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! like destroying the world in the process And I won t even go into my special hatred of Sara morality is relative Didn t Iike anything about the book Actually I did Eli I absolutely adore his character and want to go back to when he was uneuivocally the main character in the story Also I do admit I rather Cannibal like the interesting turns that Nico s character is takingThat being said this story is mostly about Josef Miranda and a new character the Empress Wow I really dislike Miranda Intentions are all well and good but her obsession over capturing Eli is really over the top She reminds me of religious fanatics who will mow down anybody who stands against her ideals I just really dislike her treatment of Eli She demands thi This series started out as a funight uirky fantasy with a cast of witty and Mastered (The Enforcers, lovable characters but has subseuently grown with each book into one of my favourite series All the ingredients for a good book are there great writing characters you can t help butove Man, Son of Man lots ofaugh out Alter Ego loud moments clever and believable scenario resolution uick pace and a detailed back story that cracks open at unpredictable moments to surprise the reader But the thing Iove most is that Rachel Aaron seems to have thrown the guidebook to writing out of the window Some of the traditional scenarios don t play out as expected Details of what I m referring to are in the spoiler view spoiler Typically when two of the main characters are of the opposite sex and dislike each other but are forced by fate and circumstance to work together for a greater good they hook up While I m all for a romance angle in novels I ve found it really refreshing that Eli and Miranda have not fallen in ove Even if that changes in subseuent books the absence of the obvious hate turns to ove relationship has been wonderful hide spoiler A new favourite The Spirit War is a fantastic penultimate volume of the Eli Monpress series one which just keeps getting betterIt continues to expand on the worldbuilding and develop the main characters this time with focus on Josef Back in the earlier books there was a mention of the Immortal Empress who appears to have dominion over a significant part of the world Here we Uncommon Wisdom learn that her spectacular rise to power came from the very same omnipotent source that would have availed Eli with even given his current status as the favorite if he had not d Soooo I seriouslyove this series I just Unseen City love it to death and this book doesn t disappoint Weearn a TON about Josef and get a Art lot of world building context as the author builds towards the fifth and final book released this Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at wwwnikihawkescomI want to start out by sharing the overview for the first book Eli Monpress is talented He s charming And he s a thiefBut not just any thief He s the Rince of a rather feisty country and his mother a formidable ueen who's every bit as driven and stubborn as he is wants him to come home and do his duty which means throwing over personal ambitionsike proving he's the greatest swordsman who ever ived Family drama aside Eli and Jos.

Reatest thief of the age and he s also a wizard And with the help of his partners a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world but no magical ability of his own and a demonseed who can step through shadows and punch through walls he s going to put his plan into effectThe first step is to increase the size of the bounty on his head so he l need to steal some big things But he Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ll start small for now Hel just steal something that no one will miss at The Matriarchs (The Family least for a whileLike a king I don t know about you but that short teaser convinced me right away that I wanted to give the series a try and it was even better than I could have imagined The first three books have to be by far one of the most memorable trilogies I ve ever read There was a highevel of originality and it was spectacularly funny without ever crossing over to stupid or overdoneI have to give major kudos to Aaron for pulling off two things you rarely see done well in fantasy creating a feel of wonder and doing so using almost poetic imagery A Notes for the Everlost lot of authors try to introduce wonder into their stories but it usually comes off ridiculous rather than awe inspiring Aaron pulls it off in a cheeky fun manner withoutosing any serious and thought provoking overtones She did this through exceptional character development and dialogue and introducing epic world building and magic systems I can t say enough good things about this series I am hooked and will definitely read anything Aaron publishes in the futureSurprisingly compared to the first three novels I thought the Spririt War started out a bit slow Luckily it was still rich uality writing so the pace didn t bother me When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) like it might have in other books Regardless the slower pace can be attributed to Aaron s choice to expand on some minor characters and introduce some new ones which means that she couldn t possibly take it any faster if she wanted to develop them properly I have criticized authors in the past for telling their stories from multiple viewpoints I believe the key to doing this well is making sure all of your characters add directly to the overall arc with each perspectives taking nothing away from the story s momentum All of Aaron s viewpoint characters help maintain this momentum adding a complexity to the story that still blows my mindAspiring writers out there including myself couldearn a No Biggy! lot by studying the way this author weaves the story creates and maintains characters and describes her world She brings things toife and does so in a beautifully effortless manner I will definitely be rereading this series for tips because there were moments of pure brilliance in every aspect of her writingRecommendations As I said before this series is whimsical without being ridiculous I find myself recommending it to many types of readers because it s one of those stories that has appeal for all ages but for the sake of a few scary moments I keep the recommends to 10 It is probably best for fantasy Crush It! lovers who are in the mood for something different Its also my number one choice when someone says they want something fun to read This surprised me with its ups and downs how dark this story has become as compared to thatight first book Every character had a great growth so far whereas at first they seem invincible but over the course of four books we have been told their strengths past and weaknesses The way things ended here finale will be on the edge story. Ef have their hands full The Spirit Court has been usurped by the Council of Thrones and someone calling herself the Immortal Empress is staging a massive invasion But it's not just politics the Immortal Empress has a specific target in mind Eli Monpress the greatest thief in the wor.

Full Review Over At Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEWANALYSIS It s always harder to review series books the further you get into the series For one most of the plot points become spoilers for previous books secondly it becomes a bit harder to keep repeating why you Attracting Birds to Your Backyard like this world or the over all series andastly the highs of the previous volumes keep raising the bar of expectation to its zenith So in spite of all the afore mentioned reasons the Spirit War book four in the Legend Of Eli Monpress series completely enthralled me and has Deep Listening lead me to believe Rachel Aaron is an author destined for dollops of fame and success Once again to The Spirit War is the fourth in The Legend of Eli Monpress by Rachel Aaron The stakes are continuing to raise for our group of unlikely heroes and the world Once you get this far into a series it becomes hard to summarize without spoilers That saidview spoilerThe Immortal Empress has decided it s time to continue her conuests to rule the world and has her sights set on Osera an island in the Council Kingdoms The ueen of Osera needs her wayward son to return and take his rightful place toead their people to battle To that end she sets a bounty to get his attention A bounty higher than Eli s The only thing crazier is that this prince is none other than Eli s companion Josef Liechten hide spoiler It occurs to me that I committed a grave injustice in my review of The Legend of Eli Monpress the omnibus collection of the first three Eli Monpress novels I mentioned Eli himself and his companions Josef and Nico but I completely neglected to name Spiritualist Miranda Lyonette his would be nemesis and sometimes reluctant ally And all of the spirits she has helping her not Bird-by-Bird Gardening least of whom is the spirit hound GinAnyhoo so after the relatively world shaking events at the end of the previous book we now embark upon events that are even world shaking during the course of which weearn Josef s back story Which I won t tell because that would be spoiling But anyway on the other side of the ocean is the empire of the Immortal Empress whose probing attack was barely beaten back at great cost a generation ago and who now for Reasons most of which revolve around Eli himself has decided to come back and finish the job beginning with the island nation of Osera where our heroes find themselves drawn And in the meantime on the mainland there s all kinds of infighting going on between the Spiritualists and the wizards who serve the Council because what better time for infighting than in the face of overwhelming invasion and really nobody can ever catch a break can theyNot much in the way of actual thievery this time and events are considerably The Works of Saint Augustine lessight hearted but no Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone less engaging Well that was disappointing And unexpected And depressing Oh don t forget depressingI usuallyike it when series start out kind of My Teacher Is a Robot lighthearted and get serious as the story progresses However the reason this didn t work for me this time around can be easily summed upJosef MirandaI ve never really been a fan of Miranda I thought she was kind of fun when she was always chasing andoosing Eli and then when they had to team up together But I ve never really Supper Club liked her And now right now I hate her All high and mighty know what s best shoving someone back to their abuser I really hate her Josef I flat out don tike Right from the start he was one of those stoic swordsmen characters and those are exactly th. Eli Monpress is vain He's cocky And he's a thief But he's a thief who has just seen his bounty topped and he's not happy about it The bounty topper as it turns out is his best friend bodyguard and master swordsman Josef Who has been keeping secrets from Eli Apparently he's the only

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