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For my irst ever Doctor Who graphic novel journey Enjoyable and easy to read Interesting take on Jack the Ripper plus you can never go wrong with doctor who D Let s see here The Doctor Rory and Amy chasing spam email on a planet of holographic people and then chasing an alien shapeshifter that is really Jack the ripper What could be better True to Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition form as Doctor Who graphic novels go you get two rather decent stories and some good art None of them could work on television but oddly enough they great in the graphic novelormat The Doctor Rory and Amy travel to Victorian England and get involved in the Jack the ripper murders Spoilers it was a alienNice mix of mystery and sci Breakfast with Anglo fi and Tony Lee does a nice job of giving all three characters something to do This would have made a good TV episode Oh Rory Never change though I am uite pissed about how I got spoiled re hisuture on the show but don t mind me The idea of Rory checking his email and letting in all of his spam as holograms had me in stitches We honestly need an episode like that since the ones in season six so One Big Damn Puzzler far haven t been the happiest of episodes as of yet Regardless I love these two semi new companions and theact that they re technically the Landscapes of Communism first husband and wife to be companions on the TARDIS This story since I was only sent theirst issue out of the. Lograms and the distant past where they become embroiled in the Jack the Ripper murders in Victorian Londo.

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Self was basically ridiculous A giant NORJAK fish type monster diguising itself as a human and preying on womenor their adrenale glands What And they all just happened to be prostitues I didn t realize ladies of the night had the best adrenaline in town but whatever I would have much prefered to see a human angle taken instead of going down the lazy a typical Who writing point of Oh it was an alien the whole time I mean I know this is a science iction story about a time traveling alien but it doesn t always have to BE about aliens It was lazy plot development in my opinion At one point near the end of the novel the Doctor and Rory jump orward in time to ask a Jack the Ripper tour guide how many women in total were murdered in the event that Amy of course gets abducted and her name gets re written into history as being one of the Ripper s original victims So they jump back in time How the TARDIS actually got these time points correct is beyond me to save Amy Whichok really Isn t that just lazy time traveling You have to jump The Outside forward toind out the end and then go back to re write it And isn t that kind of against everything the Doctor stands Loving James (Surviving Elite High, for asar as spoilers and events that are supposed to occur and all that other time traveling Rule Book mojo It just was not well thought out At all Basically a disappointment all around. Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams as they travel to the ar reaches of space a planet populated by ho.

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So I thought this would be good and ended up being mostly disappointed I m not sure why it starts out with a completely different story then the Ripper arc something about landing on a planet where people are just projected holographic images of what is essentially email spam I have no idea it made very little sense even or a DW plot I was also not excited that the angle the authorauthor s seriously like 23 people worked on this graphic novel which explains why the plot made little to no sense and the art style changed about 10 times decided to take by making Jack the Ripper a giant reptile monster thing throwing in the same idea of image masking used in Vampires in Venice with the I See Rude People fish people I don t think the monsters were meant to be related I think it was just super lazy writing in this case I also don t understand why the art style changes midway through the story I liked theirst style much better then the style used on the Ripper angle which just looked like a painting gone runny half the time I don t know how you can make Karen Gillan unnatractive but that artist did it Also her shirt changes HVAC Design Sourcebook from red to blue in theirst two pages which no explanation and it bothered me through the entire story C mon one of the half a million artistswriters working on this couldn t catch that That s just bad editing The story it. The Eleventh Doctor era begins here Join the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor and his latest companions.

A New York Times Best selling Graphic Novelist Tony Lee was born in West London UK in 1970 Informed by a teacher that he had a comic book style of writing a comment meant as an insult Tony decided that one day he would write for comicsTony has written for a variety of mediums including Radio 4 The BBC commerical television in both the UK and US magazines and both local and national