Ching Yun Bezine: Temple of the Moon

A shame that this book and the other two Children of the Pearl Books are out of print I particularly njoyed Temple of the Moon because of it s perspective on WWII I ve read many novels set in the time and the overwhelming majority were set in Europe In this book the author writes about the political divides in China that made it vulnerable to the Japanese The Japanese were ruthless in capturing the. E world war become an all too frightening reality The three remaining children of the Pearl become caught in a whirlpool.

A wonderful follow up story to Children of the Pearl A touching look at the lives of this second generation and the heartache they face about Sleepless (Bird of Stone, experience of some peoples around second warabout different perspective from ppl all over the worldsuch as hawaii pearl harbourjapan hiroshima nlse from chinawesthow they face it n how they adapt itpreety intresting n hav adding like a drama love story It The second novel in Bezine's bestselling Children of the Pearl series sweeps through history as the whispers of a possibl.

Cities towns and finally villages of China Then there is the perspective of a Japanese woman living in Hawaii near Pearl Harbor on December 7 2014 Some of her family survives the bombing some do not Her two year old son is sent to live in Japan to scape the internment camps with his grandparents to Hiroshima where he ll be safe The young woman spends several years in an Arizona internment camp There. Of change as they struggle for love and a place to call home Watch for the third novel On Wings of Destiny in October 199.

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Ia lahir Cina Utara pada tahun 1937 tepat sebelum invasi Jepang yang membuat keluarganya terpaksa mengungsi ke Shanghai Di sana usaha perkapalan ayahnya berkembang pesat dan Ching Yun hidup dalam kemewahan dilayani banyak pelayan Tapi ketika Komunis berkuasa tahun 1949 keluarga Ching terpaksa mengungsi kembali kali ini ke Taiwan Memenuhi keinginan keluarganya Ching menjadi pengacara dan me