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This has been the weakest entry of the Destroyermen series thus far It very much feels like a unning in place mostly filler addition There was precious little plot or character advancement and the one big surprise of the book is spoiled by the cover illustration Dunno what they were thinking It was okay but towards the end I was sk 25 stars Originally published at Fantasy Literature is the sixth book in Taylor Anderson s DESTROYERMEN series about the WWII navy warship USS Walker that was hurled into an alternate Earth during an electrical storm If you didn t know that you should probably stop here and go back to 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read the first book Into the Storm and the subseuent volumes before continuing onIn Firestorm our heroes are spread out across the world trying to stop evil in its several guises There are the Grik the lizard like horde that eats people who seem like the most natural enemy But then there are the bad Japs who also came through the storm and who were enemies back when everyone was on theeal Earth And there s also the Dominion a society of humans who adhere to a warped version of Christianity and who enslave women The Destroyermen and their Lemurian allies are fighting on all these fronts with Walker and the ships and planes they have salvaged captured or built since arrivingThere are a few new twists in Firestorm The Grik with the help of the bad Japanese are beginning to genetically engineer their soldiers so that they now fight smarter not so much with the hive mind mentality they had before They ve also created a surprise weapon which for any sighted Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reader turns out not to be a surprise because it s clearly displayed in all its glory on the cover of the book There are a couple of other minor twists involving new ships and personnel along with news from theeal world but mostly the plot continues as it did in the previous book Rising TidesIn my previous eviews of the DESTROYERMEN series I ve mentioned that it s a lot like Robert Jordan s WHEEL OF TIME a slow moving plot and a huge cast of characters spread out over an entire world At this point in the series this description seems even appropriate and I thin. Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to prot.

Ting cast Anderson s series is spread between Hawaii as far north as Japan and China and as far south as Indonesia The technology boom in Baalkpon is in full gear and the hairy scary lizards who eally aren t lizards are in etreat Jim Ellis has a chip on his shoulder and the army is growing training and able to kick some seroius booty Rebecca is a wonderful addition to the story firey strong willed young and already been through a lot Sandra Tucker lovely as a Betty Crocker Housewife in a a little black dress and Tabby and the mice have to break up what s with them anyways great characters Lots of action ship to ship combat guns blazing and somebody needs to learn how to duck Oh and Silva s on a mission from God ahem Yeah I thought that was a hoot too Laughed so hard I almost wrecked my car Silva s just one of those characters that borders on ealistic but is just too much fun to not enjoy 4 stars consistantly good the only easons for not giving five is that this book is less combat and transitional to the next phase of Anderson s story It s good fun and necessary just not as fun as the books behind it or the ones coming up Still with all things being elative a mediocre Destroyerman book is as good as a great book from most other series More fun eading What a fun and uniue little series this has been This is the 6th book in the series I think it has helped me to ead them in order Even though the author brings some esolution at the end of each installment I m not getting lost even though things tend to move uickly The sad thing isis that my library doesn t have the est of this series on audio there are 5 What the heck This book felt a little complex as the original characters are being spread kind of thin on the war front and plus many have died But there are always charactersnot necessarily humanbut still there are And they are all well drawn The best part for me is the good vs evil drama that plays out in each one I loved the battleI will say that this one seemed violent and graphic then I emember the others being But this author is such a great storyteller Now I just need to see how to get my hands on the next A warped mixture of human cultures whose lust for power overshadows even the Grik is threatening to destroy them both with a devastating weapon neither can withstand.

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K I can predict that eaders who loved WOT all the way through will probably love DESTROYERMEN and vice versa The plot does not advance very far in Firestorm similar to some of those middle WOT books and I almost feel like it could be skipped Anything significant that happens will probably be ecapped in the next installment since that s been Anderson s habit from the beginning However if you just love spending time with Anderson s amiable characters and they are great characters you ll probably enjoy Firestorm than I didI m eading the DESTROYERMEN series in audio format They e produced by Tantor Audio and ead by William Dufris Dufris is usually a great narrator and he is here too but his voices for the Lemurians can get annoying especially in this book since they do a lot of the talking I wonder if Dufris had ealized that the Lemurians would be talking so much in future installments would he have given them those voices in the beginning Probably not Once again Anderson s skill at crafting battles has outdone itself Where the previous book had the largest naval battle to date Firestorm boasts one of the largest land battles of the series The other world war now in full swing has heated up to a fiery crescendo The Battle of New Ireland island against the blood thirsty psuedo Catholics the Dominion was an intense war of its own spread over four cities harbors mountains and forests The Allies were put to the test in urban combat for the first time as well as finally meeting esistance in the skies above both there and especially on the seasBest of all though was Dennis Silva at his most absolutely elentless finest His becoming the first long ange sniper of the war if even just the one time has cemented him as favorite character for sure This book arely ever let up from the intense struggles of the building two front conflict I could go on about some of the other big things happening but I ll just end up giving away the good stuff Absolutely worth continuing the series This book allowed for depth of character as we get to know Silva better and that s what we call an adventure ight there we get to know about the suppor. Ect For even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik and the tenacious Japanese the Holy Dominion.