Timothy Boggs: Serpent's Shadow Hercules The Legendary Journeys #2

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Il in these for the reader to really get a clear picture of the events There s some geography missing that sometimes makes it unclear exactly who is whereThis would ave to take place after the second season episode The Apple It marks the first appearance in the franchise of Poseidon ahead of Talk to Me his appearances on Xena Warrior Princess except foris inclusion in the main titles of that show Boggs does a good job with Poseidon It s not uite where the show writers take the character but it s enjoyabl. Rful as the sea serpent is something far greater waits in the shadow An old enemy who wants Hercules dead once and for al.

I enjoyed this book It doesn t Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, have any pretensions to grandeur it s just a book that sets out emulate the TV show and does it well It s a fun daft romp that passes a rainy afternoon pleasantly This story is engaging than By the Sword but being a Grant novel it does take a while to get to that point I m still not sure I d recommend this series to a Grant fan since while the narrative style is familiar the rest of it doesn t really compareIear Grant also wrote romance andor erotica under anoth. Hercules and Educating for the New World Order his comrades in arms Iolauseed the desperate plea of a small village A deadly sea monster as been terrori.

Er pseudonym That fact raises so many uestions with me This is better than the first book in this series Boggs as clearly seen episodes of the TV series by this point which The Character Of An Upright Man has greatly improvedis characterization of Hercules This book also includes Iolaus who was missed in the first book I enjoyed the early scenes with Hercules mother Alcmene even though Boggs uses an alternate spelling of er name Alcmena This book contained a lot of action scenes and for me Boggs doesn t provide enough deta. Zing the townsfolk and only the great strength of Hercules can save them But the duo is in for a deadly shock for as powe.

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