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Discover all sorts of new and dangerous things in the outside world away from their mom There are no words in this book so the thoughts of the character are left for the reader to interpret I think that wordless icture books are a great resource to use for younger students or students who are just learning how to read It gives teachers a great opportunity to spark conversation Student opinion and voice can be collected with these books by asking students what they think is happening or what they Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, predict I think these books can also be used to help older students infer as well as other critical skills used in reading This causes students to look into the illustrations of the book and try to understand what the author wanted to conve. He High Wire Emily Arnold McCully haserfectly captured the Alfie Outdoors playful antics of kittens everywhere And her unspoken message ofarental love and The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition protection brings added richness to a book that children willore over again and aga.

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It is a Her Mothers Daughter picture book with absolutely NO words I am not sure what story it was even trying to tell It showed various scenes and only one had to do with the kittens trying to get milk I tend to remember a nursery rhyme that was bases off the four hungry kittens theme and that is what I thought this was As a crazy cat lady who is beginning to delve into the world of wordlessicture books this title really leapt out at me I loved the watery art style used in the illustrations but the story left something a little lacking without the title giving it away I wouldn t have really been able to tell what the kittens were looking for It was a cute enough book but did not convey a story as well as some others Text to self the kittens were sc. Without words Emily Arnold McCully tells the rambunctious tale of four kittens whose mama has gone off hunting for food When she accidentally gets shut up in the feed barn the kittens are free to go exploring But their mischief

Ared of the dog at first but then the dog helped the kittens out it shows being Howard Stern Comes Again protected Text to Text theictures show the kittens being scared and the dog being much bigger so I could remember how much smaller the kittens looked than the dog but the dog ended up being very nice to the much smaller kittens Text to World This would be good to relate to a younger child who might be scared of a male teacher or something that may look scarier or bigger to them but is ends up being helpful A dog Spellbound plans nursemaid to 4 hungry kittens in the barn while their mother stalks a mouserat Four Hungry Kittens was a wordlessicture book that tells the tale of four troublesome kittens who stray away from their mom on the hunt for food The kittens. Aking leads to a run in with a hungry hawk Luckily help comes their way from the most unexpected of laces And four weary kittens are finally reunited with their ever so grateful mamaWinner of the Caldecott Medal for Mirette on

Emily Arnold McCully received the Caldecott Medal for Mirette on the High Wire The illustrator of than 40 books for young readers she divides her time between Chatham New York and New York City