Nancy Klein Maguire: An Infinity of Little Hours Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the Western World's Most Austere Monastic Order

BOOK READ An Infinity of Little Hours Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the Western World's Most Austere Monastic Order AUTHOR Nancy Klein Maguire – chernov–

Ellent visual companion to this book is the DVD Into Great Silence which is a documentary of the Carthusian monks of the Grande Chartreuse in the French Alps To see what is written about in the book is a delight Reading this book is like making a retreat into the most ascetic and devout religious order in the Christian world Based on comprehensive research and extensive interviews with the men of the title and others Maguire actually gets inside the day to day hour by hour life of the Carthusian monastery of Parkminster in England Delving deeper she gets inside the heads of the young men who entered the monastery in 1960 as they struggle to adapt to this austere life Driven by a profound devotion to God over the five year course of their novitiate and simple vows they shed their former lives all knowledge of the ouside world physical comfort and companionship They immerse themselves in the silence solitude and stillness of this life of prayer Yet despite the surface simplicity the internal world of these men is often seething with estions joys doubts triumphs despair and the full range of human emotion Overriding all of this is the singular devotion to living a life for God As the time for solemn vows approaches each of them struggle with making this final commitment for the rest of his life They each deal with the decision in a different way yet whether they stay or leave they are all deeply changed by this experience By extension the reader is deeply moved and changed by the reading experienceFor the record I am not a religious person However I find the human capacity for this level of privation in the service of devotion to be challenging and inspiring A fascinating glimpse into the Pre Vatican II life of the English Carthusian at Parkminster Charterhouse The author follows 5 postulents as they make their way toward Solemn profession Although only one man makes it the insights into this most solitary roman Catholic religious order offers insights into all stages of Carthusian development The ps Though this book is occasionally flawed and really what book isn t I found. Stoms and practices of a monastic order almost entirely The Ascent of Man unknownntil now It is also a drama of the men's struggle as they avoid the 1960s the decade of hedonism music fashion and amorality and enter an entirely different era and a spiritual world of their own making After five years each must face a choice to make solemn profession and never leave Parkminster; or to turn his.

I would actually round this p to 4 12 stars This is a fascinating book on a way of life that is fading It was interesting to read and really makes you think about what is important and what is noty Thorough fascinating look at the inner lives and daily activities of 5 men who chose to become monks The author took the trouble to gain the men s confidence all of whom were reticent I suppose being a monk would predispose one to reticenceLots of details about the arcane and labyrinthine traditions dating to the Middle AgesAnyone interested in the life of the religious religious ritual or just curious minds will find this a good read I was a Benedictine monk for four years back in the 1970s Nearly fifty years later I would still rate my monastic life as critical to my formation as an adult I enjoyed the book although parts of it were extremely frustrating Maguire never can get a handle on why her subjects pursued the Carthusian vocation Nor save in one case does she come to grips with why four of them left the Order or why one stayed in The endings seem to come out of nowhere and when she pi A fascinating view into the Roman Catholic religious order of enclosed monastics the Carthusians Founded by Saint Bruno in 1084 when he left Rome disgusted with the corruption and evil he found there in the Roman Catholic Church The order ses the Grenoble rite from the 12th century and in almost all things has been Winners Dream unchanged from 1084 to just after Vatican II in 1965 The author is married to an ex Carthusian monk and it is his story and the story of 4 other young men who were in the last generation of monks to enter the ancient world of the Carthusians prior to the 1965 changes The story reads in many ways like a mystery You are introduced to each of the young men and you know that in the end only one of them will remain a monk Which young man will it be I found myself writing down the names of each of the men as they were introduced then writing their monk names next to that to keep track of what happened to each brother and if I could figure out which one would be the next to go An exc. In 1960 five young men arrived at the imposing gates of Parkminster the largest center of the most rigorous and ascetic monastic order in the Western world the Carthusians This is the story of their five year journey into a society virtuallynchanged in its behavior and lifestyle since its foundation in 1084 An Infinity of Little Hours is a niuely intimate portrait of the cu.

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It fascinating and compelling You wouldn t think a book about guys joining an extremely strict contemplative monastery would be but it is The journey of each man is clearly compassionately told and the cultural changes that took place during the 60s which were completely nknown to the Carthusian monks who eschew exposure to all forms of media end Harveys Revised English Grammar up impacting them each in their own ways even if they chose to stay enclosed This is nonfiction that reads like a novel and the details and narrative drive are both excellent It s a tad repetitive but when you re talking about an order that has lived each day in the same way for nearly a thousand years that shouldn t be surprising Love this book and its hard knock glimpse of the Carthusian life Sometimes the level of detail ie minute explanations of the Christmas Eve liturgy got me bogged down I just skimmed those parts But liturgy geeks might love that stuff I liked the descriptions of what the Carthusians might get in their lunch boxes what they re growing in their gardens theirks of their life and the physical and spiritual struggles of five young men who tried to join the order in the 60s Well written and fascinating Thrilling read about joining the Carthusian order This account starts off with 5 men who enter 1960 seeking a deeper relationship with God It closely covers the 5 formative years as novices and juniors As well as the fall out from this years It offers Como agua para chocolate universal lessons about seeking determining calling commitment and the dark night of the soul Joining the Carthusian order is a tough business and even so in the pre Vatican II world where the story is From July 1960 to October 1965 with an epilogue in 2005 we follow five young men as the come to the Parkminster monastery of West Sussex England struggle with their calling and finally decide or someone decides for them should they stay or go It can be said already that all of them don t givep on easily but sometimes things become too much And only view spoilerone Paddy Dom Leo first one clothed one of the two who reach the solemn profession manages to hide spoile. Back on his life's ambition to find God in solitude A remarkable investigative work the book combines first hand testimony with niue source material to describe the Carthusian life And in the final chapter which recounts a reunion forty years after the events described elsewhere in the book Nancy Klein Maguire reveals which of the five succeeded in their est and which did no.