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Ginal I m surprised it doesn t have reviews because it was a great story. Crashing together on I 95 From the moment their keys slip into the ignition to the second their enders clasp every person with whom Will and Phil come in contact weaves a tapestry of narratives that gives a singular vivid voice to the Deep Sout.

Ifferent elements together in a way that really makes it stand out as ori. D a highway bound honeymoon Phil's son always wanted to see the country In an attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives both Will and Phil load up their cars and hit the road unknowingly traveling toward a collision their destinies literally.

The basis The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd for the 2015ilm The Boy this book incorporates a number of Ill has just returned home The Adventures of Rusty from sea toind his wife lying dead on the kitchen loor Four states away Phil has been waiting or his son to return home only to discover his body decomposing at the bottom of a nearby swamp Will's wife always wante.

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