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Er brusue but charming honesty In a world full of disingenuous people with their own agendas the men in Lexi s life are attracted to her The fact that she is attractive and doesn t realize it adds to her charm But the thing I most liked about Lexi is the fact that she is a late bloomer At twenty five her poorly developed social skills and lack of experience have made her acutely self conscious She is hyper aware of her appearance her clothing choices and her awkwardness in romantic situations Her discomfiture is so well written and honest that as a reader I could feel her embarassment and I was having flashbacks to my own early twenties Part of Lexi s charm is that her big heart and good intentions result in finding herself in situations that are wacky and laugh out loud funny But through it all the reader is cheering for Lexi to figure things out Her best friend Basia is her polar opposite and attempts to guide Lexi through dating and social minefields with sometimes outrageous results She is determined to teach Lexi to get in touch with her sexuality and this results in some truly funny situations There are three men in Lexi s life and while she s not sure how it happened she is starting to realize that all three are romantically interested in herWhile this is a character driven story the mystery is well written and engaging Trying to locate a missing scientific genius eeps Lexi and her sexy Irish billionaire boss Finn occupied as they sift through layers of sometimes baffling clues As the second story in the Lexi Carmichael series this is also a stand alone book I have not yet read the first one but was able to eep track of characters and plot and never felt like the author was obviously catching me up as a readerLaugh out loud humor a believable and likeable heroine a well drawn mystery and three hot guys what s not to like about No One To Trust Enjoyable fast and fun highly recommended I reuested this book from netGalley not realizing it was book 2 of the Lexi Carmichael series I immediately found book 1 and read through that one very uickly totally loving itBook 2 was great Lexi is a fantastic character smart nerdy uick thinking and also sexy than she nows She s like the ugly duckling turning into the swan over time Everyone around her nows how great a friend she is and how beautifuleveryone but her She views herself as rather plain nerdy and stick like with no curves She s wrong as she s managed in 2 books to attract 3 different men Her mind is as great as her physical appearanceBeing asked to join the private sector and leaving the NSA was a big gamble for her but one of the best decisions she could ve made She is coming into her own and at such a young age only in her mid twenties right now All her friends help her with her investigative troubles in this book too just like in the first one Elvis and Xavier are awesome again and I can t help but wonder if Elvis is holding a torch for Lexi with some of the hints that he really likes her and vice versaSlash returns in this book and does not disappoint He is still just as much an enigma as he was in book 1 but at least we learn a little bit about him He really does like Lexi a lot and seems to think he will eventually get to be her lover I wonder if it will really happen seeing as he is just that confidentI like Finn and the connection that him and Lexi seem to have it could be a really nice relationship between the two of them but then where does that leave Slash and Elvis I can t wait to read in book 3 I am loving this series Thanks to netGalley and Carina Press for allowing me to read and review this book for free Just as good as the first but a bit shorter Love how easy it is to get into this serie. Man who nearly snapped my neck in the parking garage thinks so too Now I’m caught in the middle of a complex and dangerous case I’ll have to use all my geek skills and a little help from my friends to solve the mystery of Darren’s disappearance before Neck Snapping Man makes a return visi.

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Ng myself sleep after just one chapter But it is the characters that hold this book and this series together the most In this book Slash is his badass self Just the right amount of dangerous and reliable Elvis is still stalwart loyal and too chicken to admit his feelings to Lexi But this book shows a lot depth in his twin s character Xavier through interactions withabout Lexi s best friend Basia In the first book although it centered around Basia she was offstage until the end of the book No One to Trust shows Basia in her element as Lexi s best friend And I love her She is spunky confident and willing to do anything to help her friend even if it means urging Lexi outside her comfort zone Finn also gained depth through certain vulnerabilities as the book progressed I loved seeing the gentler side of him the side that shows exactly how much he adores Lexi to the point that it rattles him Although their dates are disastrous in the most hilarious ways I love their interactions together Being the point of view character Lexi gains the most depth in this book I love how she is pushed outside her comfort zone which as an aside happens to be the same as my comfort zone and although she isn t as confident as I m sure she will one day become she does it She muddles through She collects new wacky experiences Reading about it is incredible fun As you can probably tell from the glowing review I highly recommend this book and this series Are you wanting a fun and light hearted mystery to read Are you a fan of all those Spy TV Shows like The Mentalist Covert Affairs Fancy yourself a female version of Frost from Rizzolli and IslesGet ready for Lexi Carmichael mayhem in Book 2 No One to Trust Lexi is now working as a Private Investigator and her hacking skills are the best though in this up and coming case we see that it s Lexi s skill at Cryptology a subject I ve always wanted to try that will be of importance in solving the case The team have been hired to find and locate Darren Green all that he has left behind is a note written in Navajo the note reads SOS Find Lexi Carmichael Help GU This startles Lexi as she has no idea who Darren Green is the note part reminded me of a scene on Veronica Mars when a dead guy turned up with her name written on his hand As the novel goes along we see Lexi trying to figure out who Darren is and the she discovers the weirder it gets as he seems to now all about her We also read as Lexi tries to balance her working life with her personal life as she sets on a date with the hot Finn though will the date be a success or will she find herself humiliated Fans of James Bond will also enjoy this novel as it includes references to the film GoldFinger and Pussy GaloreAnother wonderful installment in the Lexi Carmichael Series and I look forward to seeing where Julie moves next with her character Lexi The second of this series I didn t like as well At times the reading was too technical there are funny scenes and a lot of romance and sex Lexi Carmichael has left NSA and is employed in a new firm Their first client is missing and has to name Lexi in a note he left behind She has no idea who is as she be is Slash and the twins make an appearance Will Lexi find the missing client to save the lives I recommend the book No One To Trust is a great mystery combined with a little romance and a whole lot of smart chick empowerment with a generous dollop of laugh out loud humor Lexi Carmichael is a breath of fresh air she is smart funny self deprecating and insecure As a former computer hacker and a supersmart woman with a photographic memory Lexi is also socially awkward Adept at reading computer code she has difficulty reading social cues which results in Y It may not be osher to have the hots for your boss but he seems to have the hots for me too If only things didn’t get so complicated Darren Greening a genius researcher from Flow Technologies our first client is missing and his bosses think I’m involved And they aren’t the only ones the.

Book 2 in the Lexi Carmichael series I was a bit disappointed with the length of the book at only 199 pages That s not really a Book its a short story to me But it seems the first book of the series is the only somewhat full length book Oh well I cant change it so moving on The series is very much a Fuzzy chick litCozy mystery where bad things only happen to the bad guys and the good guys always trump and are good for uick fun reads It started off pretty slow and boring but it picked up the last 13 of the bookThe whole cast is great and I enjoy reading everyone s part and there is no one I dislike or find boring Slash Lexi The Twins Finn Everyone I leave Basia out since even though she is back she doesn t really play much of a part Lexi is slowly growing into the woman she should be and is therefor a little fun to read since you re in her head 100% of the time I LOVED No One to Trust My friends have been recommending this series for a while and I really intended to get to it sooner Why do we wait when people whose taste we trust recommend a book I love the people I met in the book a Very rarely do I enjoy a seuel than its original counterpart but in this case I did I really liked No One Lives Twice but I loved this oneLexi is back and working for a different company now Her new boss happens to be the hot Irish guy she worked with and handcuffed in the first one Also back in the game is Slash and Elvis both men with possible interests in Lexi But Lexi doesn t have self confidence Enter slutty red dresses a stripper and a bikini wax All I can say about that is LMAOI think in this case the humor totally outdid the mystery The mystery A computer whiz that can save the future of the world too technical for me to explain as I don t really understand it myself goes missing after his friend and partner is illed In a cryptic note he names Lexi as a source for help Thus Lexi is hired to find this guy and she has no idea her connection to himBut like I said the humor stole the show I had thr A wee bit of eye rolling shenanigansWhile I enjoyed No One to Trust I have to admit that it wasn t as good as the first instalment I really like the characters the storyline ept me entertained and there were some funny momentsLexi is her usual geeky self but it skips to the next level in cringeworthiness when her best friend hires a stripper to teach her to get in touch with her Pussy Galore We still have an undisclosed hero and the romance that is present in this instalment is still at the sweet stage There are three blokes who could be classed as hero category but I m still uncertain who I want to be the main sueeze The murder and mystery part of this story was interesting but seems so outdated now Biotechnology that s considered new and unheard of energy efficient fuels that are considered new and cutting edge and robotics that s considered new and can fix everything It s sometimes hard to even think that these things were new 10 years ago They feel like they ve been around forever Here a man is missing because of his new and exciting concepts and it s not clear if he s been taken or running for his life Only Lexi Carmichael with her nerdy and not so nerdy mates can find the answers I enjoyed No One to Trust and my introduction to the Lexi Carmichael Mystery series and I may come back for in the future I read this book after reading No One Lives Twice If you re thinking about reading No One to Trust first this probably isn t the review for you That being said one of the things I loved best about this book was the growth of the characters Yes the comedy had me grinning from ear to ear from the moment I read the first line The page turning action ept me up late at night promisi. SWFG Single White Female GeekThat’s me Lexi Carmichael a reformed hacker who was gainfully employed by the National Security Agency But a series of extraordinary events led me to leave government life behind for a fresh start with a brand new company and an incredibly sexy boss Finn Shaughness.

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