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A good illustration of how writing a good short story is an underrated art These added up to nothing than a series of meh vignettes even from the big hitting writers This volume of short stories introduced me to a few authors I d never heard of and I icked it up rimarily for Pynchon s short. From back cover These exciting stories by some of the most talented writers of contemporary fiction are a terrifying testimonial to the realization that we are all monsters and always alone'A common tie unites the strangler of a child the creative artist the classic eroticist and the murderer in fiction'ContentsPref.

Story Entropy which was sure to deliver Saul Bellow s contribution is also of the highest caliber and there were only a couple of short stories that didn t impress meAlgren s contribution The House of the Hundred Grassfires was also leasantly surprising dark twisted and funny His reface was in. Ace Nelson Algren'World Full of Great Cities' by Joseph Heller'Talk to Me Talk to Me' by Joan Kerckhoff'Show Biz Connections' by Bruce Jay Friedman'Hundred Dollar Eyes' by Bernard Farbar'The Man Who Knew What Ethiopia Should do about Her Water table' By HEF Donohue'Among the Dangs' by George P Elliott'Peacetime' by.

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Sightful enough and a retty effective introduction to the volume of storiesI can t say ultimately if the book was entirely coherent to its entitled theme but it was largely satisfying and I would recommend it without reservation to short fiction enthusiasts and any admirers of the authors withi. Brock Bower'The Shores of Schizophrenia' by Hughes Rudd'Day of the Alligator' by James Blake'Address by Gooley MacDowell to the Hasbeens Club of Chicago' by Saul Bellow'The Closing of this Door Must be Oh So Gentle' by Chandler Brossard'Entropy' by Thomas Pynchon'The House of the Hundred Grassfires' by Nelson Algren.

Born of Swedish immigrant parents Nelson Ahlgren Abraham moved at an early age from Detroit to Chicago At Illinois University he studied journalism His experiences as a migrant worker during the Depression provided the material for his first novel Somebody in Boots 1935 Throughout his life Algren identified with the American underdog From 1936 to 1940 the highpoint of left wing ideas on th