Margaret Wertheim: Physics on the Fringe

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Ts Wertheim hardly touches on the theories themselves rather she spends the majority of the book sympathizing with nder appreciated backyard physicistsStill an interesting book I guess No I had a large number of problems with this book many of which are covered in the reviews of others but my main problem is the author s drawing of an euivalence between physics and pseudo physics Even granting the myriad problems with string theory mainstream theoretical physics is not merely a form of storytelling The demarcation problem is a real problem but this book is incapable of throwing any real light A Full House upon it Instead in its small way the book reinforces the destructive but increasingly popular idea that science is mer. His backyard with garbage cans and a disco fog machine he makes smoke rings to test his ideas about atoms Captivated by the imaginative power of his theories and his resolutely DIY attitude Wertheim has been following Carter's progress for the past decadeCenturies ago natural philosophers puzzled out the laws of naturesing the tools of observation and experimentation Today th.

GreatI m excited by the book as it s one I ve wanted to write almost As a personal plus for me I have zero faith in modern theoretical physics so it resonates in many waysIt s also a different topic than so many physics worship books Things are improving though as writers estion our emperors clothing This is a really interesting look at physics from a human perspective The suggestion that physics has some special place in human inuiry is challenged and the adoration we too often give people who suggest that they have some exclusive insight into reality is pointed out for the nonsense it is Not at all as describedThis book posed as an exploration in fringe theories is like a day in the life of fringe theoris. For the past fifteen years acclaimed science writer Margaret Wertheim has been collecting the works of outsider physicists many without formal training and all convinced that they have found true alternative theories of the niverse Jim Carter the Einstein of outsiders has developed his own complete theory of matter and energy and gravity that he demonstrates with experiments in.

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Ely a discourse which is no truth conducive than any other discourse No I read what I thought was a glowing review of Margaret Wertheim s Physics on the Fringe in The New York review of Books and I was hooked We honor them because science is only a small part of human capability We gain knowledge of our place in the A Stormy Greek Marriage universe not only from science but also from history art and literature Science is a creative interaction of observation with imagination Physics at the Fringe is what happens when imagination loses touch with observationThe review had hooked me and I was sure that reading Wertheim s book would reel me into a world of dissident scientists whose what the see and know to explain the world around th. Eoretical physics has become mathematically inscrutable accessible only to an elite few In rejecting this abstraction outsider theorists insist that nature speaks a language we can all nderstand Through a profoundly human profile of Jim Carter Wertheim's exploration of the bizarre world of fringe physics challenges our conception of what science is how it works and who it is fo.