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Despite the clever and sometimes funny observations about aging I couldn t shake the feeling that this book of essays wastrivial Except for the final chapter Considering the Alternative Ephron spends a lot of time writing about superficial aspects of growing older the skin on her neck her disorganized purse her worsening eyesight that make her seem shallow and self absorbed In the essay focused on all the hours she devotes to maintaining her appearance On Maintenance she describes her eaction to passing a homeless woman on the street I am only about eight hours away from looking exactly like that woman on the street with frizzled flyaway gray hair I would probably have if I stopped dyeing mine with a potbelly I would definitely develop if I ate just half of what I think about eating every day with dirty nails and chapped lips and mustache and bushy eyebrows that would be my destiny if I ever spent two weeks on a desert island While all that may be true Ephron s eaction to the conseuences of homelessness on this woman s appearance was surprising I think I expected her to be embarrassed by the time and money she spends on maintenance I listened to the audio book on CD which is ead by the author That was not the way to go with this one She has odd inflections and an unnatural eading cadence For example she might ead like thisWe lived pausein a white house pauseand I didn t pauselike itPartly because of her The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reading style and partly because of the content I had trouble getting into it It s supposed to be funny but isn t especially She describes all the maintenance older women do to keep up their appearances at great length and talks about these things as if they are mandatory when in fact they are not She is not a person that a poor blue collar woman like me who shops at Target can wellelate to At least not at first For instan. 3 hours 50 minutesWith her disarming intimate completely accessible voice and dry sense of humor Nora Ephron shares with us her ups and downs in I Feel Bad About My Neck a candid hilarious look at women who are getting older and dealing with the tribulations of maintenance menopause empty nests and life itselfThe woman who broug.

Ce she talks about the agony of sitting at the beauty parlor all day to get I was so sad for this book to come to an end I listened to the audiobook narrated by Nora Ephron herself which I so enjoyed because it was in such an amusing tone that no other narrator could have captured There were numerous wise and funny lines throughout that had me constantly ewindingjust so I could hear them again I hadn t heard of her books until she passed away and although I was drawn to this catchy title I don t think I could have fully appreciated it at that time since I wasn t uite feeling bad about my neck yet But I could still elate to a lot just being a woman and a mother Not all of her essays were on aging nor could I elate to them all but I loved every single one of them because her candid telling and dry sense of humor made them enjoyable Learning about her career marriages mothering life in New York City favorite foods and the wit with which she dealt with such things was fascinating to me I laughed hysterically when she described the state of her disheveled purse how she managed to describe my own purse had me in tears I loved her essay on Rapture describing how the books she loved transported her to another world I could so elate even to some of the books and authors she loved I felt a sense of melancholy many times especialy the way she talked about her life and her age and it made me sad that she died It was deeply affecting to me when she danced around the D word talking about the loss of her friends later in life and how there was nothing to be done about it Definitely makes one think about life 5 stars and I ll be listening to this again possibly with a scarf around my neck I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron is an audiobook The Sky Weaver (Iskari, read by the author This is my secondeading and it seems that I have enjoyed it than I did the fi. Ht us When Harry Met Sally discusses everything–from how much she hates her purse to how much time she spends attempting to stop the clock the hair dye the treadmill the lotions and creams that promise to slow the aging process but never do Oh and she can’t stand the way her neck looks But her dermatologist tells her there?.

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Rst time Could it be that I am now at an age closer to the author s Ephron s humor is as sharp as ever and listening to her had me nodding my head in agreement with many of her ways of looking at life in the midlife lane The same wit that we enjoyed in her movies is present in this book Because this is an audiobook I had the pleasure of listening to a voice like no other her tone makes her views so serious and yet so comical Nora Ephron you are missed especially in these so unfunny times Highly ecommended The thing is this Nora and I are not sisters In On Maintenance When and how did it happen that you absolutely had to have a manicure er never I also don t care that much about make up or matching handbags or wrinkles I JUST REALLY DON T CARE What I care about is women being aped beaten up paid lessnot let in talked down to and generally fucked over because they are womenI Feel Bad About My Neck adopts a universal voice but talks only about a sliver of privileged society It is feminism lite faux solidarity Don t mistake it for anything seriousHowever I did Niko read it so it beats Hemingway and gets 2 stars shootin atstarsrevisedating another starI think I must have been in an exceedingly bad mood when I ead this first time I ead it again yesterday and found much in it I still don t have time for the handbags or makeup crap but I found a lot to like about women s friendships in particular the notion of one away ead the book the section on parents and adolescents is very funny but this on heartbreak was my stand out I fly to NY to see my shrink I walk into her office and burst into tears I tell her what my husband has done to me I tell her my heart is broken I tell her I m a total mess and I will never be the same I can t stop crying She looks at me and says You have to understand something You were going to leave him eventually. ?s no uick fix for thatEphron chronicles her life but mostly she speaks frankly and uproariously about life as a woman of a certain ageUtterly courageous wickedly funny and unexpectedly moving in its truth telling I Feel Bad About My Neck is an audiobook of wisdom advice and laugh out loud moments a scrumptious irresistible trea.

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