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R worlds When Ender s powers finally fully emerge it s all uite impressive especially so because he s kept it a secret all his life even from his teammates Of course there s plenty left open with the secondary characters for future books and after reading this story I m really looking forward to in this seriesSee my complete review at I just finished Seduce Me in Dreams where I was introduced to the Three Worlds series and the Interplanetary Militia and Rush Ender Blakely s teamAmbrea Vas Allay is a aughter of the Emperor of Allay but has spent most of her life in prison She has a younger immature brother who is placed on the throne via political intrigue of an uncle and she is summoned to be banished from Allay and renounce her claim on the throne She refuses and returns to prisonThe Interplanetary Militia sends a crack team to rescue Ambrea from being assassinated and Rush allows himself to be imprisoned near her With incendiary The Light Beyond the Forest devices he opens both his cell and Ambrea s to escape through the underground tunnels Rush also has powers to emit fire even his team isoes not know A friendship turns to romance after the escape The conspiracy for the throne evolves into the The First Mistake death of her brother and the ascension to the throne of the evil uncleThis was a fast entertaining read with a lot of scheming and plotting amongst the secondary charactersI wasevastated to find that the Seduce Me in Shadows book on GR is not going to be published It would have been fun to see Chosen and power wielding characters Jewelry Making For Beginners developed Sadly Jacui Frank s writing has goneecidedly ownhill over the past few years and Seduce Me in Flames is a clear example of thisThis is a book that simply oesn t know what it s trying to say It s part Fantasy part Science Fiction with a little The Penguin Book of English Verse dash of Space Opera thrown in It has a mythical middle eastern flavour with harems and would be pashas and yet the society is supposed to be technologically advanced However the most annoying parts are the larger than life alpha hero and the beautiful compassionate yet strong heroine whoespite being seuestered for most of her life emerges from captivity ready to take on a lover as well leadership of her country With love and compassion of course I read this book to the end largely to see if it improved or if it was possible that it could get worse Perhaps I should explain something I was once one of Jacuelyn Frank s most ardent fans I lov. Erally too hot to handle He must be crazy to carry a torch for this strong beautiful princess when any intimacy between them is bound to be explosive BLAZING INSURRECTIONAs Ambrea steels herself to take back the throne Seven Secrets of Happiness does sheare entrust this scorching stranger with the fate of an empire and even so with her heart From the Paperback editi.

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I love the paranormal works of Jacuelyn Frank The story of the empires and the Interplanetary Militia keeps the listener s attention to the very end The story is great and the narrator The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, does an excellent job with the characters and the story This was a great book There were too many twists and turns The only thing that I wish the author hadone in her book is tell her readers what happened to the uncle the mistress and the witch There are so many unanswered uestions that The Force of Destiny doesn t really help Maybe the third book helps toraw the uestions to a close I liked Rush and Ambrea s story better This was The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) definitely a funnier book or at least the interaction between the main characters had better moments I recommend this story I know have to huntown the third book in the series though I have to follow up on some of the characters in the first book Why is Lasher not the hero of this one In fact what even happened to Lasher Bronse s second in command and best friend Man this was way longer then it needed to be meaning Frank used so many words Her editor should have been tougher This wasn t boring by any means It was just slow and I think that she should have used finesse in how she showed emotions and motivations Everything felt spelled out Nevertheless this was a good read Is it July yet This book was even better than the first Jacuelyn Frank is an extremely talented author This novel was full of suspense and an intricate story based around love ambition forbidden How I Became a Nun desires and secrets while in the midst of a political upheaval Brilliant Absolutely brilliant OMG that book was HOTT no pun intended As a return to a strange world where anything can happen this wasefinitely another great book by Jackie Frank I have read all her series and i can already see myself hooked on this one for years Only The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays downside is the time between stories that leaves youying for Definitly worth every second of time to read I The Undoing Project d been thinking after reading and reviewing the first book in this series that while I like it all so far I m not going to enjoy it as much as Io the Shadowdwellers series But this newest book is changing my mind about that It s the world of the Shadowdwellers the use of First Flight (Dragon School dreams along with the characters that make that series so fascinating to me In this series it s the characters and their abilities that keep me reading till the early hours of the morningEnder is an Interplanetary Military of. ICY RECEPTIONAmbrea Vas Allay is the rightful heir to the throne of Allay But when she is summoned home from exile sheiscovers that her father who had executed her mother has ied Her young half brother controlled by their uncle has taken power Ambrea is torn by an impossible choice renounce the crown or waste away in prison The last thing.

Ficer one who likes to play with incendiary evices and blow things up He s part of an elite team who are first responders to any and all major events throughout the Three Worlds His current mission is to rescue the heir to the Allyan throne a princess who has been incarcerated one way or another her entire life His way of getting into the prison where Ambrea is being held is priceless Between fighting guards and getting purposely laser stunned he winks at his intended target and feigns injury Ambrea is nearly just as stunned at the whole enactment all without being literally shotWhen she learns her emperor father has ied Ambrea has a momentary hope that her life may improve Her brother has ascended the throne even though Ambrea herself as the oldest living offspring should be empress That moment passes instantly when her sibling and uncle end up imprisoning her just as her father had always one That s when her life makes a sudden and very unexpected turn as she puts her fate into the hands of a stranger That The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl decision is the best of her life and she is now on her way to the future her birth intended for herThough we learn about Ender s extraordinary ability in the prologue we truly get to know him and all about his fiery curse along with Ambrea as sheiscovers about the man who rescued her His fear is that he will injure Ambrea once they begin to acknowledge their feelings for each other But she puts all her faith in this man and knows he would never harm her and she begins to chip away at his fear giving him options on how to harness his power giving him the control over it he s never had And all of this is occurring as Ambrea begins the precarious balance of ruling her people while keeping her uncle under her thumbWe also get to catch up with the rest of the IM team including the Chosen Ones who were introduced in the first book In fact I like that they re now included in missions so that we find out about their abilities and how they work I like the teamwork and the relationships Ms Frank has Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy developed with these characters They are easy with one another teasing and laughing but when Bronse their leader calls them together for a mission they re all work their synchronicity seamless and flawlessI also like that Ender and Ambrea talk to one another There s not a big misunderstanding going on and their trust in each other is solid evenespite their ifferences in station let alone thei. She expects is to be liberated by a huge tattooed Tarian or to feel a searing passion for her mysterious rescuer SMOLDERING DECEPTIONRush “Ender” Blakely loves being part of the elite force of the Interplanetary Militia and the mission to save the princess Allay But the tough Tarian hides a fiery secret a blazing power that makes him lit.

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