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Et that it has or is going to have a part 2 What a tease I was shocked but nevertheless very pleased A Hood Legend takes you through the day to day ife of Menage Uniue Legend and his associates in the streets of Miami I really iked the story ine of the book and the twists and turns but I thought that it could have flowed much better The problem I had with this book was that each couple of pages changed to different characters and situations without giving many details making the beginning somewhat confusing I also was distracted and often thrown off by the constant mention of Menage s Canary yellow Escalade ESV with Burberry seats There were also grammatical errors tha. Reets of Miami When Menage Discovers that he has a flare for flipping stolen cars into cash then he can handle he befriends Dwight who helps him with his operation What Menage soon

I Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, loved this book One of the best urbanite of all time I really enjoyed this bookVictor L Martin was my introduction to urban Dem Nordpol am nächsten literature and this is what really got me hooked Martin is a fabulous writerI can t wait to see from him from what I know he s only written 3 books or so I wish there was from him If youike urbanstreet Heart Beat lit then you re certain to enjoy this one thoroughly Ioved this book at first my feelings on this book is that it was going to be boring but to my surprise it wasn t it was The Site Book like watching an action movie it has so many twist and turns it s crazy not to mention it also has many interesting characters this book kept me on my toes I was also ups. Fresh out of the Marines with only five grand in his pocket Menage isooking to make his presence and his flamboyant taste in cars and clothes felt on the extravagant flossed out st.

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T were overlooked Overall I think A Hood Legend could have been a great story if there were details and it was developed Soooo many typos Mr Martin if you need an editor for future work hit me up Seriously I got you The book is similar to a movie and I The Devils Possession loved the concept but it jumped around without enough explanation at times andeft me wondering why some characters were important enough to even mention The stripper and her roommate How did they even fit in I was ready for it to end and yet was Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, left hanging with the promise of a seuel that I won t be reading 3 stars because I support the strength of anyone who can write and publish a book and want from this genre for sur. Earns is that when doing shady business shady charactersurk where you Vrolok least expect them Follow Menage as he balls outta control outrunning theaw and bullets that may bear his nam.

Author Victor L Martin was born in Richmond Virginia and raised in Selma North Carolina and Miami Florida He is a former US Marine and currently resides in North Carolina