Stuart Slatter: Leading Corporate Turnaround

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Amples rom the irst half of the 2000 s uite enlightening Having been in one of these companies it is great to know what happened behind the curtains. A proposed Foreword by the Society's Patron Sir John Harvey Jones Considers the different drivers of turnaround the alternatives to it and the restructuring processes reuired to move beyond crisis stabilization to sustainable change Features international case studies rom leading companies including BT Virgin Express Arthur Andersen Parmalat GE Lee Cooper New Look and

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E authors have A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 founded a professional organization to group the specialist turn around executives That said the insights are great and the real life ex. Ompany doctors and advisers as well as on the authors' own experience Leading Corporate Turnarounds explores seven key leadership and management skills reuiredor successful turnaround and shows why uickly gaining the buy in and trust of all stakeholders is the key to ultimate success Written by the ounding directors of the Society of Turnaround Professionals STP with.

This is uite a specific book on a specific subject and part of the message is that corporate turnaround should be left to specialists of the matter th. Leadership is never crucial than when corporate survival is at stake But the days of the tough guys are over The leaders who are driving today's sustainable turnarounds understand that the answers to a distressed company's problems lie almost always within the irm itself usually at middle manager level and below The secret is cooperation Drawing on interviews with top