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Read this about five thousand times when I was a kid Paul Jennings is a great children s author no doubt about that I think this is the book that my teacher read to my class in grade 3 and she cried Another great book funny and keeps you reading I loved it and my children all have also it was uit a while ago i read it but reamember it was so goodI m uncoveredI try to hide my nakeness with my handbut it doesn t workEveryone can seeAlso on showBad rabbit habitsRapt in toilet aperBirds with teethA live face on the wall Fantastic collection of stories uirky I'm uncoveredI try to hide my nakedness with my hand But it doesn't work Everyone ca.

Unny gross sweet sad and creepy by turn All of them were clever and twisty My favourites wereToo Many RabbitsListen EarRinging WetBackward Step Will appeal to the Goosebumps crowd I read this sort of series a long time ago so it is fun to go back and reread these awesome books The stories are really weird but really cool This was a great book to read with our kids I really enjoy the candid way Paul Jennings approaches many of life s issues such as relationalfamily issues mental illness suffering death etc within the narrative of his stories They The Late Romances present an. N seeAlso on showBad rabbit habitsRapt in toiletaperBirds with teethA live face on.


Excellent framework to discuss such topics with children that could otherwise be cumbersome or awkward to approach intentionally Highly recommended Great book that s strange and uirky I read this many years ago and really liked it Good for younger readers as well For Ever Too Many Rabbits A Mouthful Listen Ear Picked Bones Just Like Me Ringing Wet Backward Step Pubic Hare Okay I guessnot uite suited for my age but the writing style is the same as I remember it Another good collection of short stories that I would have loved if I was in rimary school again. The wallA collection of brilliant and bizarre stories from the amazing Paul Jenning.

Librarian Note There is than one author by this name in the Goodreads databasePaul Jennings was born in Heston near London and at the age of 6 emigrated to Melbourne Australia on a boat He was on the boat for 5 weeks with his family He attended Bentleigh West Primary School and Caulfield Grammar SchoolAfter graduating from school he went to Frankston Teachers College now part of Mona