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Roger Stern and illustrated by John Buscema and Tom Palmer I had been reading the Avengers or about six months when this storyline came up and I thought it was one of the best comic book stories I have ever read I guess Marvel Comics did too and published this storyline in this trade paperbackLed by Baron Zemo the newly Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag formed Masters of Evilormulated a plan to not only defeat the Avengers but completely decimate themThe Avengers line up at the time of the siege wasCaptain America Captain Marvel Black Knight Hercules Wasp Joining later wasThorDoctor DruidThe Masters of Evil wereBaron Helmut Zemo Absorbing ManBlackout Black Mamba Fixer Goliath Grey GargoyleMister HydeMoonstoneScreaming Mimi Tiger SharkTitaniaWhirlwindYellowjacketThe Wrecking Crew Bulldozer Piledriver Thunderball WreckerAs you can see the numbers were stacked against the Avengers and The Masters of Evil took on the Avengers piece by piece Just when you thought there was no way the Avengers could survivewell you have to read the book but everything in the end was not a happy ending Ultimately though it was a great storyline Lady Janes Nemesis filled with action and plot twists and as Oliver Sava AVClubcom put it Roger Stern and John Buscema s 1986 story arc Under Siegeinds Avengers Mansion under attack by a new Masters of Evil leading to one of the purest superhero vs supervillain team A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family fights ever put on the page FILMMAKERS OPINIONAs stated this was one of the greatest superherosupervillain battles ever and of course given the success of the Avengers movie 2012 this would make a greatollow upbut it s just too expensive to ever make into a live action Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada film Theights in the book were awesome and bombastic and possibly could be ilmed but the amount of characters heroes and villains would just be too much I think or an ANIMATED Before You film I think it could be a great adaptation. Ations the Avengers Mansion is intentionally destroyed in the process Can even the Earth's Mightiest Heroes reboundrom this debilitating defeatCollects Avengers 1963 1996 1st Series #270 271 and 273 27.

An and his girl A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 friend and my evil girlriend of choice Titania She s a whole lotta womanMeanwhile back at Avengers mansion bloody but not beaten Cap s had enoughCall me a sentimental Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, fool but I love it when he makes those little speechesEnter Thoror a little God timeWah Wah WahYet Zemo made Cap crySon of a Nazi bastardview spoiler hide spoiler Remember when the Avengers were a bunch of C list characters and they Stupid men jokes fought a bunch of C list villains This is kind ofun though I m not sure what it was about these particular issues that merited collecting It was interesting to see characters like Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel that was a good idea they should have stuck with her and Janet van Dyne Wasp as leader of the Avengers though it s kind of grating that most of the story is about how her teammates won t take orders Workbook for Emergency Care from her because they don t respect women Hercules or because they re in love with her Black Knight Also Karla Sofen as Moonstoneills basically the same role on the Masters of Evil that she has recently on Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers ie being smarter than the person who is in charge though here she also gets to do science y things Captain America does show up in the last couple issues mostly to be tied up by Baron Zemo and The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 fume at him These are of course myavorite parts I d probably say it s actually 3 and 12 because it was an enjoyable read Love Captain America s never Macroeconomics failing resolve and utter sweetness Exceptor the deus ex machina of Doctor Druid the bad guys were actually doing pretty well and working how you should if you want to defeat good guys While this isn t a perfect storyline its awfully close and its the story that really cemented me as an Avengers an Way back when these were originally published 1986 1987 I read the original printing of these issues Avengers 270 277 written by. Nd on their home turf to bootAvengers Under Siege collects the classic storyline in which the Avengers are inally bested by their villainous archenemies the Masters of Evil Even worse their base of oper.

My good pal Anne to me How could you recommend a book to me without posting a review Get on it NowMe Lower the shot gun and be reasonable buddyAnne aims shotgun at my head trigger clicks Let s go I have to pick up my kids at schoolMe after peeing myself Sure thingAt one point in my life I took a long break The Hero (Thunder Point, from comics I know I m going to hellor that to pursue other things like girls Scouring the bargain bins at a comic book convention this was back in the day when they had you know comics and not celebrities pimping stuff I came across a Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, few random issues of this story I read them and became intrigued enough to shell out moneyor the complete story Upon urther reading I discovered that this particular Avengers story arc was near or at the top of the greatest Avengers comics of all time Damn Jeff I m really intrigued What this aboutWell Random Goodreader irst my compliments The Eight Human Talents for getting past the restraining order the 20oot electrical A Vacation with the Lord fence and the rabid guard dogs How d you do it Anne gave me a lift sighBaron Zemo seeking revenge on the Avengersor kicking his ass countless times before has put the comic book logic aside that says if you want to take out your heroes don t send your evil buddies in one at a time eg see every Silver Age Spider Man and the Sinister Six story to get their butts handed to them New Zemo rrific plan Gather as many mooks as possible and dogpile the crap out of the good guysAlso brainwashing a powerful yet weak minded dude that can control the uber awesome Darkforce is a real bad guy bonusThe successful dogpile gambit renders Hercules unconsciousand Jarvis beaten within an inch of his life and the Avengers reelingLet the gloating beginBoys break out Mad Dog 2020The shrinky dink heroes Wasp and Ant Man pre punch line Scott Lang are The Internet and Democratic Citizenship forced to defend a hospitalized Herculesrom the Absorbing The Avengers have always been Marvel's premiere super hero team made up of all of the heavy hitters that the House of Ideas has to offer But what happens when a team of this stature is suarely defeated

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Roger Stern is an American comic book author and novelist