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Blaze Feb07 Three good short stories linked together by fortune teller There was a lot of skimming Well it s been a bit since I read a Blaze so I icked this out of the stack to break out of a reading funk Unfortunately this was not the break out book Three short stories which revolve around a fortune teller and instant and long lasting true love Meh I liked the stories and they were cute and sexy They just weren t great or believable So we ve got a book here that is actually 3 novelettes with a common theme a street O Jogo do Acaso party at a business complex that features a fortune teller Blame It on Karma by Jacuie D AlessandroRating 2 starsThis story could have been a cute read if it wasn t for the business itself Yes this is a Harleuin Blaze book so sexual undertones and innuendo reign supreme but I felt it was a little over the top especially in relation to the coffee shop theme which I found was. Blame It on Karma by Jacuie D'Alessandro Coffee shop owner Lacey Perkins scoffs when a fortune teller informs her she's destined to fall for her arrogant but definitely hotroperty manager Evan Sawyer Lacey figures she'd rather be jinxed until she's cursed with a case of uncontrollable insati.

Completely lacking in taste I found Lacey to be The Wedding Day pushy and stubborn and completely with her head in the clouds as far as a business owner is concerned There s a time to stand your ground and a time toush back a little and then there s a time to suck it up and listen to what Firefight (The Reckoners, people are telling you Oh and manneuins have come a long way these days but to do the things as described in the book Nope don t buy itI had issues with how the fortune teller wasortrayed because they are NEVER that specific Fortune tellers are evasivevague for a reason It would have been a much compelling story if Lacey and Evan were told a cryptic fortune and they had to figure shit out on their own instead of being told their entire life story oint blank in minute detailAnd the first sex scene in the coffee shop Really Let s just give the whole complex a eep show why don t you Together Again by Jill ShalvisRatin. Able lust Together Again by Jill Shalvis Accountant Chloe Cooper can't help but laugh at the rediction that her life is about to be transformed by true love But that was before Chloe walked straight into her former lover FBI agent Ian McCall and he showed her just how thrilling things could

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G 2 starsThis second novelette isn t much better than the first First off Ian is about the worst FBI agent ever He s a bumbling idiot that should never have been given a desk job let alone a field one And Chloe isn t much better only she s running after Ian like a sex starved uppy dog then blames him for it PleaseTall Dark Temporary by Crystal GreenRating 4 starsMy favorite of the three Love the first story like the second story but not enjoy the third storyBlame It on Karma by Jacuie D Alessandro it s can say from enemy to be lovers theme love the ending too when the hero resign and find the new Stumble Into Love place for the heroineTogether Again by Jill Shalvis second chance theme i already imagine a lot of thing with handcuff but unfortunately not this one heheheTall Dark Temporary by Crystal Green a lot of interruption when they want making out and the character of hero and heroine not uite descript. Et Tall Dark Temporary by Crystal GreenCandy shop owner Erin Holland isn't convinced when she's told that Ryan Wes an infamouslayboy is The One Erin is going on a cruise with the gorgeous day trader for one reason only sex But her decadent lans keep getting mysteriously frustratingly thwart.

Jacuie D'Alessandro grew up on Long Island and fell in love with romance at an early age She dreamed of being swept away by a dashing rogue riding a spirited stallion When Joe her hero finally showed up he was dressed in jeans and driving a Volkswagen but she recognized him anyway They married after they both graduated from Hofstra University and are now living their happily ever after in