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Vantage Misinformation misdirection and corruption rom above and all around him in the UN headuarters thwart his progress to Lady Janes Nemesis find the killer. Unity Each can escape justiceIn less than a week UN officials will wrest the investigation awayrom am In less than a week his A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family fourteen year career will be on the line And as time runs out Sam willace an even greater threat A new suspect not protected by diplomatic immunity has come to light The only suspect Sam wants to eliminatethe only one he cannotWebster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Languag.

Rimes are investigated within and this one Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada falls to the duty of Sam Windrush a deputy in UN legal affairs But Sam is operating at a huge disad. Ugh the UN at the stunning news a special envoy has been murdered in the basement In the midst of a high stakes General Assembly vote the last thing officials want is controversy But Sam Windrush a deputy in Legal Affairs is determined to pursue hisriend’s killer despite roadblocks created by everyone Computers from his supervisor andoreign ambassadors to his lover Even worse each of his suspects is protected by diplomatic imm.

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FAIR A murder in the basement of the United Nations which is essentially a country of its own in which membership have diplomatic immunity Diplomatic immunity n Before You freedomrom arrestand submission to police regulations usually accorded by international law to diplomatic agents From the most exciting writer of international thrillers since Robert Ludlum comes a riveting tale of intrigue that propels us into the heart of the United Nations Here conscience and loyalty will collide in one man’s desperate race against timeDiplomatic ImmunityShock waves ripple thro.

A native Australian Grant Sutherland now lives in Herefordshire England