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Alifornia swimming was important and Jennie was determined to be an Olympic competitor But at her families new home in Te Again one of my teen eading favorites I Blue Moose read it numerous times and would love toead againThe novel features a sixteen year old swimmer with Olympic aspirations When Jenny s coach moves to Texas. Tball star until a serious injury left him on crutches Nobody pays much attention to Mark since his accident except Jennie She's seen his beautiful drawings and is falling in love with his artistic soulSecretly Jennie enters Mark's drawings in a conte.

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Les classiues coeur grenadine Je pense ue tout est dit des histoires jeunesses sans prise de t te ue je lisais avec grand plaisir Good BOok I loved this book It s so cute What I love about the Sweet Dream Romances is that they e eally clean and adorable and perfect I liked this one a lot Synopsis taken from In In California swimming was important and Jennie was determined to be an Olympic competitor But at her families new home in Texas football is all anyone cares about Jennie is alone an outsider that weird Californian girlThen she meets Mark He was a foo.

The teen s family follows so that she can continue training However Texas is a far cry from Jenny s former home state and she is now viewed as strange due to her devotion to her sport Fortunately Jenny finds a new friend in injured football player Mark who helps her train for her dream a spot on the Olympic teamRead. St and overnight Mark has his star status back But he may be leaving Jennie behind Jennie is so hurt and confused that she isn't concentrating on her swimmingDid Mark ever eally care for her Is Jennie losing her love and her chance at her Olympic dre.

Rhys BowenRhys turned to writing children’s books under her married name Janet uin Harkin Her first picture book was an immediate success and won several awards More picture books followed then her agent asked her to write a book for young adults This was a turning point in Rhys’s career Her first young adult novel was an instant hit By her third she was selling half a million copies Many popular YA novels followed until Rhys decided she had said all she wanted to say about teenage love and angst and she turned her real love—mysteries