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I adore Delilah Hunt I ove her writing style and they way she weaves sex The Subtle Beauty love and passion into one story She is one of favourite writers of IR romance The three brothers in this story were well written and Ioved how each man was different and Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, loved something different about main female I don t want to give too much away as each word is written to work to a wonderful ending Delilah my only problem with your booksI never ever want them to end This is the first interracial menage book I ve ever read There are not aot of them in general which is a shame as I ve When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, looked highow for mfmmm featuring a Black woman as the heroine and have found The Billionaires Runaway Bride like 5 of them total with 2 by this author sigh Way too few I think I doike this book though it s not without some issues Also I find with menage books that I ve since read that the heroine always seems to have one male she connects with unless it s where I feel there s no emotional connection at all but that s a comment for two other books I ve read in this sub genre than she does the others Or rather it seems Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover like her feelings for one of the males is noticeably stronger than with the remaining men when the book starts but by the end I get the impression it s flipped and she s aittle in Caught on Camera with the CEO love with and connected to one brother than the others This is not to say she didn t enjoy them all as I got the feeling Lexie did care for them all a great deal Lexie Iike as a heroine though I had to incorporate a suspension of disbelief that she went from virgin to sex mad nymphet with multiple men so uickly She comes across as fun and playful yet has moments where she s serious about the situation with the brothers I did appreciate the sex scenes were mostly playful but that there were also moments of bonding shown that just weren t about knocking boots I thought the author was able to create an obvious emotional connection between Lexie and Logan very well With Connor mos. Menage Amour Erotic Cowboy Menage a uatre Romance MFMM spanking Stranded for years than she'd ike in Oak Creek Wyoming twenty two year old Alexa Grey is a virgin with three problems Out of the blue the Kincaid brothers show up on her doorstep reuesting she move onto their ranch.

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Enes wasn t all about that alone It was filled with secondary conflicts and secondary characters that added to the issues the four characters faced It made me augh and it made sit on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next I was so invested in the characters I wanted them to all be happy together and Delilah Hunt did not disappoint me Once again she has proven to me that her books are keepers I didn t want to put it down and believe me you won t want to eitherOverall impression Impressed and wanting Five stars for sexy cowboys hot sex scenes and a great Arabian Nights love storyReview also found on and It was HOT with 8 H s HOTTTTTTTT I would not mind being the filling in a Kincaid brothers sangwich All the brothers wereovable and they happily shared that Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place love with Alexa This book is pure smut fantasy and that is A OK with me Delilah Hunt is talented and Iook forward to reading and of her books I know I shouldn t expect much from mmmf fiction in terms of a plot but COME ON this was ridiculous Great stroke book BUT you need to anesthetize your brain to finish it and strangle the feminist within youSMH A Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss lot of very spicy sex but the men don t seem to know Lexie very well nor does she seem to know them well enough to goive with them She s awfully adventurous to be a virgin too There were several plot points that failed to be fully developed to the point they made any difference to the story Wyoming Triple Heat offers a great story but I was disappointed to discover it doesn t uite deliver on all of the potential It s good but could have been better I recommend it to anyone who enjoys MFMM menage stories One woman with three brothers I don t have a problem with that scenario but et s face it menage and just works better if the men are not related That way they can play with each other too The book was too short and I never really got a sense of who the characters were and what made them tic. For Putting into motion their plan to have the fiery beauty belong to them they invite Lexie for a week on the ranch With her unbridled curiosity for sex the only uestion is just what will it take to convince her to stay and trust them not to break her heart A Siren Erotic Romanc.

Tly and with Owen not nearly as much Disconnected story ine Abrupt shifts Pain is euated with pleasure in this book Borderline BDSM moments as they hit the heroine to punish her Interracial cowboy m nage at its finestDelilah Hunt never ceases to amaze me with her hot sex scenes feisty heroines and dead sexy heroes I dub her ueen of Interracial M nage I absolutely Always You loved the Kincaid studs and Alexa Grey I think that Delilah Hunt s fantasy of three brothers and one woman had a hint of realism in it Why do I say that you ask First of all the brothers had never thought of sharing a woman before Had never had to share a woman before So Alexa coming into theirives and all three brothers wanting her they were man enough to realize that they had to share her Doesn t mean that they are used to sharing and that it would always be easy for them Which to me is a real emotion and really realistic The brothers had to have some insecurities as did Alexa or it wouldn t have been realistic The brothers are bound to need reassurance that she wouldn t pick one over the other and Alexa should also be a Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, little unsure as to whether they would stay with her oreave when and if they tired of her Realistic Logan Connor and Owen Kincaid are three sexy cowboys who fall for one very Lucy Carmichael lucky female All three males are Alphas but the way they handle themselves and Alexa is different and refreshing It s notike they are all the same carbon copy and repeating and doing the same thing the other one would do You get three totally distinct males who happen to ove and want the same woman So what better way to keep the peace because you ove your brothers who happen to One-Click Buy love the same woman than to share her andove her eually And ooh a a was she shared eually Sexy sweet and hot sexual escapades kept me wanting Smoking sexual talk and acts kept my eyes peeled to the pages Don t get me wrong This book though chocked full with erotic sc. For unlimited access to her body Lexie is stunned angered and intrigued by the three cowboys who threaten to overtake her emotions Wealthy cattle ranchers Logan Connor and Owen have decided the only way to prevent a rift between them is to share the one woman they've each fallen.

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Delilah Hunt is a serial daydreamer known to stop in the middle of conversations to ponder something a character in her head has done or is about to do No she isn't ready for the straitjacket yet At least not until she brings to life all the heroes and villains vying for her attentionEmail delilahdelilahhuntcom