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To admit to his children his scepticism might have been misplaced he is soon shocked into shedding his misgivings when things et The Astral Codex gravely personal His memories it appears are of crucial importance to some ruthless peopleThis story changesear dramatically after the first few pages it starts off at a very pleasant leisurely pace and suddenly it s sit up and take notice I must confess however of all the books I ve read by this author I m not so sure I d put this one at the top of the list I fell in love with the wholesomeness that was the Thompsons but parts of the plot were just a teensy bit unsubstantial hurried even That said the ending is climactic and Here There Be Witches grippingNotwithstanding this was an enjoyable read and a very welcome addition to my collection of this author s booksI received a complementary copy of this book in order to review N lethal wildlife and the haunting feeling of a love that spans centuries Can he find theold before it claims lives Or will he lose the love of his life again Watch the book trailer here http wwwyoutubecomwatchvrhZ3Ep0SFK0.

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Ly find her way into my favourite authors listHer stories flirt with fantasyparanormal in a way that makes you think twice about things of which you might say Nah No way And in this particular story one of the main characters says exactly that it s a tale in which both reader well this one and protagonist find themselves in agreementWidower Hal Thompson s two children strike a bargain with him fervent believers of hypnotic regression they promise to stop trying to convince him that there really is something in it if he will just agree to one session If it doesn t happen for him then Brian and Wendy promise they ll never raise the subject again Backed into a corner Hal agrees The experience proves to be unsettling for Hal when he remembers not only the whereabouts of some ancient Aztec Story of the Liberty Bell gold but alsodisarminglya long lost love Reluctant. Ssed that his memories reveal the hiding place of ancient Aztecold Other people however take it very seriously and when his family is threatened he is forced to plunge into the jungles of Mexico battling treacherous terrai.

Good This book is about a father that does not believe in reincarnation To please his children he agrees to undergo a past life regression The story takes off Honestly until I read ueen s Gold by Melissa Bowersock I was not familiar with past life regressions This book uses the theory that through hypnosis people can be taken to past lives and experiences from those lives I enjoyed the characters that Author Bowersock created to take her readers on this journey Hal Thompson a widower and his two almost adult children Fake Mustache get involved in a mystery surrounding the location of ancient Aztecold The mystery and intrigue make this book a page turner I really enjoyed the book and recommend it for people who like to escape into another world when they read Melissa Bowersock has featured freuently in my reading listand managed to very deserved. Hal Thompson is a pretty ordinary uy A widower who owns his own small business he's doing his best to raise his two nearly adult children alone When they convince him to undergo a hypnotic past life regression he is unimpre.

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