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I m having a hard time deciding whether to give this book 3 or four stars It had a great story line a terrific buildup but the climax was weakThe story concerns two cops Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne who are struggling to solve a series of riddles posed by a serial iller who is murdering young runaway teenagers We Malakai (Wicked Games, know the identity of the perpetrator from the beginning of the book he is someone unknown to the cops and we get uite a bit of his back story as the novel progresses He is a terrific villain creepy and incredibly clever He always seemed to be a step ahead of the detectives He was such a good villain I actually was rooting for him for part of the story half wanting him to get away with it He was just the coolest character Of course what he was doing was horrible murdering young girls by forcing them to play the part of assistant in a series of magic tricks each with a fatal outcome I really enjoyed the cat and mouse game between the detectives and theiller and the many little surprises that the author threw in during the chase the plot went through many twists and turns that were intriguing to followThe weakness of the story was that the climax was not as well done as it could ve been The buildup was huge and then the actual ey struggle seems to have been offstage We re left wondering exactly what happened and although later events bring some clarity I would ve liked detail at the crucial. In each soul a secret Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano's first assignment from the Cold Case files is the brutal murder of a young runaway The lifeless body of Caitlin O'Riordan was found carefully posed in a glass display case in the desolate Philadelphia Badlands but as Byrne and Balzano rapidly discover she was just the first pa.

Cted well I enjoyed this book First off I read this book under its original title BadlandsSecond this book though engaging well written and filled with stuff going on is very similar to the first three books written by Mr Montanari in thatPhiladelphia detectives Balzano and Byrne partnered together again are in search of a serial iller who after Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, killing his victims poses them in various ways In this case the victims are put into position according to a series of magic tricks Yes theiller is the son of a famous magicianThis is no spoiler happens early on and we are treated once again to the brief thoughts and musings of the The Family Plan killer himself Now Inow this is a novel and it needs to be interesting engaging filled with strings of evidence which take us here and there however there is a formula at work here serial illers who go to elaborate lengths to stage their victims in a certain way and I m getting just a little bit tired of it Maybe I m reading too many of Mr Montanari s books in a row I need breathing space a different writer a different scenario etc Yeah just maybe So I ll give this writer a bit of a break but I m not giving up on him because his stories descriptions settings characters are just so RICH with detail and so life like despite the formula I also understand why when something works why spoil itSo once again four stars for a great read I ll come back to this series again in a few months. G the 'performance' of a lifetimeAs runaways vanish Byrne and Balzano come to realize that the homicidal mastermind plans to complete seven depraved tricks in his dark and dangerous magic act With Balzano increasingly obsessed by a case that haunts her and Byrne struggling with a loss of his own the stakes are mounting But this is one game they can't afford to lo.

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Moment Also the climax relies too heavily on serendipity and coincidence Making it a bit unbelievableOverall though this is a book worth reading It has some obvious weaknesses which prevented from being a terrific read but this author shows promise I hope to read of his books in the future Fourth book in the series because I wanted a fast and easy read There are another four books in the series but this is probably the last one for me They are all pretty much the same if you exchange the shtick of serial iller This one has a fetish for magic tricks There isn t much explanation for his psychopathy the interactions between the two detectives is laconic and the string of coincidences is laughable I m just not enjoying the brain dead fun as much as I should Part of it is that it is difficult to turn off my critical brain even with the lighter fare which feels less like a Caesar salad and like low hanging fruit I even thought of a better ending which the author might have gone with but it was executed better in the Prestige or Koontz s Whispers At any rate I don t want to bag on a book that gave me a nice reprieve from a string of A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity kind of depressing books but I will have to endeavor to find a better balance that entertains yet provokes thought A really interesting and clever book Based on a magician and his warped son The devices used to murder were interesting and well thought out and the characters intera. Wn in theiller's twisted game A mysterious phone call leads them on a scavenger hunt for a second victim This time a young girl has been dismembered her body parts left in three boxes in the basement of a deserted house More clues lead to other victims and as the body count rises it becomes clear that there is a serial iller on the loose hell bent on completin.

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