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Come on crybaby Not exactly things I want my toddler picking up and repeating to me another adult or another child I assume that this is based on an Eastern European folklore I like fairy tales and folklore including the originals but I m an adult who can handle the often dark content I do NOT recommend this book to parents of small children look i like weird books but this was ust not my kind of weirdit s like a kid s book by an author who was onsome kind of mind altering substancewhich again isn t necessarily a bad thingbut not my Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) jam nor my child s Not uite my kind of book The illustrations were not my favorite The text in the story isn t up my alley for reading aloud in storytime And the story felt like it was a bit of a fairy tale retelling of some sort but really really weird I llust put on display for ETony Johnston is at her rambunctious best as she goes trekking and tracking with Tim Raglin on this downright gleeful read a loud adventure to GO TRACK A YAK.

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Son about maps and how it might have helped to find the yak What do maps look like what d An old crone tricks a family who are trying to find a way to stop their baby from crying Yak hunting ensuesPerfect for reading aloud lots of dialogue and drama to ham it up with Go Track a Yak is a book that takes place in Russia I believe Is about a family needing food When a old crone comes and tells the family what they need to do to get food So the adventure beginsThe art is very interesting and cool The details are very precise and show great ideas of what the the family looks like and the animals that they find Personally I didn t care for this book at all My son is almost 3 yoa and I feel that the content and illustrations are too dark for his age The crone uses phrases such as Stop blubbering You re such a baby and. A promise her her heart's desire When the blubbering parents agree the witch sends Papa on a uest for the only thing in the world that will save Baby yak uic.

This is one of the cutest children s books ever My kids absolutely LOVE this book We check it out from the library over and over and over It is great Must be read with lots of enthusiasm I LOVE this book But I think I m the only one who ever bought itBut it s about a Yak The cover and title intrigued me I wanted to know what the yak was going to do in the story so I plucked the book from the shelf and read it It was a fairly amusing tale The pictures were over the top and cartoonish but I think children and adults would enjoy them though they weren t my particular favoriteTaken from my book reviews blog not worth reading than once This would be a fun one for the kids to repeat the different sounds that were being presented in the book It is also a story of finding the Yak so maybe a teacher could go into a les. Boo hoo hooBaby hasn't a thing to eat Mama and Papa don't know what to doPOOFA witch appears She knows what to do but she's not telling Not until Mama and Pap.

Tony Johnston has written many acclaimed books for young people She and her husband lived in Mexico for fifteen years where they raised their children She now lives in San Marino California