Mehdi Hasan: Summer of Unrest The Debt Delusion

An erudite yet readabl. Britain in 2011 is in the rip of debt hysteria If the current coalition Atlantis, Alien Visitation Genetic Manipulation government isoing to be remembered for one thing it is the cuts the most severe that this country has seen for decades Cuts to university funding libraries and public sector workplaces have seen the most high profile resistance with the type of protest on the str.

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Con Lib economic polic. L economic collapse of 2008 BRAIN SHOTS is the pre eminent source for high uality short form digital non fiction The Summer of Unrest series brings together stellar writers to explore the issues surrounding the austerity measures in the UK uprisings in the Middle East and the nature of the protest movements springing up all over the wor.

E thorough debunking of. Eets not seen since the Poll Tax riots and the Thatcher years In this ebook Mehdi Hasan exposes ten myths about the debt deficits and spending cuts and asks if this programme of austerity is really necessary or whether it is actually an economic strategy with its roots in an ideology that extends much further back in time than the loba.

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