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I never knew how much I looked forward to the chase scenes shootings stabbing and all the other excitement that ermeated these books until I read this one I never thought I would find myself saying that an Eve Dallas book could be boring but this one wasEve Roarke and Dehlia have been invited to the Study to Teach party that is celebrating the movie vid The Icove Agenda While there nasty words are exchanged between the actresslaying Peabody and almost everyone who is at the Global Corporations in Global Governance party Naturally she is later found dead under suspicious circumstances Everyone is a suspectThere is a lot of leg work for Eve and Dehlia a lot ofeople to interview and that s about it JD did do the usual and toss in Angels in Harmony plenty of red herrings but I just didn t care I kept trying to force myself not toage to the back of the book to see who really dunnitOh and I did want to mention to the Sketchy Behavior proofreaders and editors that they may want to rethink using the abbreviation anal for the word analyze or analysis just sayin This one started outretty fun because we have our favorite characters meeting their actor counterparts who are Autumn Brides playing them in a movie about one of the earlier cases As usual it s all fun and games until someone murders Peabody well fake Peabody like an evil twinFake Peabody was such a jerk thatretty much everyone wanted to kill her I kinda wanted to kill her And we all know how unusual it is for me to want to kill a book character How dare you Mittens You don t know me You don t know my lifeWhen McNab sees fake Peabody dead he kind of freaks out a little This leads to complete an utter sweetness and happy hearted shipping joy If we get scenes like this from him being scared I say we take him to a haunted houseOn the down side once all of the early fun of the actors settled down and the PeabodyMcNab scene ended the book got a bit draggy It was a lot of repetitive interviews and information There was also no excitement like chases car crashes fight scenes So it wasn t really my favorite but the books are always good even when they aren t great Loved it so much Eve Roarke are the BEST 3 Got you now he murmured nipping lightly at her shoulder A bit of a tickle and you turn into a girl You re looking for trouble Oh that I am and as you re all naked with girlish sueals under me I think I can find it We ll see who sueals The Princess and the Three Knights pal She caught his earlobe not so lightly between her teeth That was a yelp he claimed And a manly one She levered up so he used the momentum to roll again once twice until they ended up in the sameosition but across the bed You re outweighed Lieutenant And outmuscled He gripped her hands drew them over her head Might as well give it over He lowered his mouth to take her and the sound she made now was The Beauty of Believing pureleasure Her body went soft beneath his while the sole of her foot slid up to stroke his legThe next he knew he was on his back her knee at his balls her elbow at his throat Her eyes glinted down into his Weight and muscle fall. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no Sticky Church party girl but she’s managing to have a reasonably good time at the celebrityacked bash celebrating The Icove Agenda a film based on one of her famous cases It’s a little spooky seeing the act.

Beneath agility You re a slippery one you are Damn right so you might as well give it over Now she lowered her mouth then stopped a teasing breath away drew back teased in for a sampling nip then another before she covered his mouth with hers Who s a girl You re mine His hands glided down her back around and up to her breasts You re my girl Sap she said but in a little sigh as she gave him her lips againShe d never been anybody s girl had never wanted to be It had always seemed a weak term to her one of submission and vulnerability But with him it was sweet and foolish and just exactly right As I ve talked about many times before on the blog the In Death books are my all time favorite series The newest installment Celebrity in Death by JD Robb is no exception It releases today and fans of the series should definitely expect an awesome addition to Eve Roarke s adventuresNow as long time fans know these books are oftentimes Forbidden Love Unchained pretty much the same I obviously don t mean that as an insult I just mean that we basically know what to expect by now JD Robb definitely gave me a few things I wasn t expecting this time around thoughOne of my favorite things about Celebrity in Death is that it seemed to be funnier thanrevious installments There were laugh out loud moments with all the characters I definitely loved having the humor ramped upAlso there was an adorable scene from Peabody s Witches of the Deep South point of view while home with McNab Oh man so cute you guys You will melt We don t get enough from her eyesThe mysterysuspense was strong in Celebrity in Death as well Figuring out the who this time around wasn t nearly as fun as figuring out the how and why Eve has to digretty deep to come up with her case this time and I thought it was crazy fascinating Lots of curve ballsSeeing our beloved characters surrounded by the movie stars Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) playing them in the Icove Agenda movie was super fun as well Especially Eve since she spurns all the attention Seeing Roarke s counterpart cracked me up since he was in no way close to being as swoonworthy as the real thingThe one bummer for me in Celebrity in Death was a lack of Whitney Eve s boss theolice Commander He didn t even get to dress anybody down y all I love it when that man yells at Christianity peopleAnywayI loved this installment to the In Death series JD Robb better keep cranking these books out to fill my never satisfied craving for Eve and Roarke Brilliantly written good suspense intrigue till the end TBH I didn t like how much they trashed the victim she was an evilerson but it was slightly exaggeratedI flove Eve such a strong woman Tha gaol agam ort Eve I will never tire of this series Nope Never I just love Eve and Roarke and all the others How JD Robb does it I haven t a clue I am kind of happy in one way being late to this Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, party I never have to wait for the next one to come out A good friend just said to me that I willrobably finish this series by the end of the year I Alice-Miranda at Camp panicked for a minute think. Resslaying her who looks almost like her long lost twin Not as unsettling though as seeing the actress who The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) plays Peabody drowned in the lapool on the roof of the director’s luxury building Talented but rude and widely di.

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Ing what am I going to do without Eve Roarke and the whole gang ButphewI have lots of5 s to read I listened to the audio for most of this one I absolutely love Susan Ericksen I think she does a fabulous job with these books and the characters Especially Peabody There were some funny moments with herCelebrity in Death didn t have the same level of action or gruesome crime scene stuff as many of the others but with Eve s cynicism and annoyance Peabody s natural humor and Roarke s awesomeness it was still a great read As always I m impressed with the fact I m at book 34 and love everything about the characters and story line that JD Robb has written I always feel like I m coming home to friends and family when I read about the gang Each book is a different murder case and somehow the author keeps the cases fresh and excitingOf course all I have to say is Roarke Those of you that have fallen in love with him will know exactly how I feel about that man Him and Eve have the best relationship and I love reading about their loyalty and love for one another Now their love extends to their friends as well and I love them all too A stand up fabulous series that may take a large commitment but it is so worth it I The Association of Small Bombs promise Book 34 and still as good as therevious books in the series The crime might not have been as gruesome as in other books but it still kept me interested Eve I adore her I love her sassiness her spirit her sexiness her independence her attitude in a male dominated world Most of her colleagues are men Roarke what can I say that I haven t already said before Sexy adores his darling Eve always ready to drop what he is doing to help her out He is Wilderness Survival Handbook perfect Peabody is as fabulous as always I love Feeney too I love all the secondary characters in this series Even Summerset is growing on me sort of A very good installment in the Death series Eve is completely authentic as a tougholice woman but I like that Roarke sees her in a intimate way as his wife Yet he embraces her as a strong woman and stands by her side That s a good man The mystery was good although it did drag a bit towards the end Still it was an excellent book despite that factOverall rating 4550 starsReviewed for Affaire de Coeur in the February 2012 issue Celebrity in Death takes us back into a calmer world after the high drama of New York to Dallas It is still a great read though with lots of The White Mans Burden police work and an intriguing storyAll our favourite characters are on board and it is great to have Peabody back torovide all the lovely humour that comes from Visit the Sick putting her and Eve into the same vehicle Eve is maybe a little softer a little introspective following her huge emotional upheavals in the last book and we get to see this several times in her interactions with Roarke There are just so many uotable lines in their dialogue so beautifulI read this in one afternoon with no effort at all It was fun stress free interesting and entertaining What to ask for. Sliked K T Harris had made an embarrassing scene during dinner Now she’s at the center of a crime scene and Eve is than ready to get out of her high heels and strap on her holster to step into the role she was born tolay

Nora Roberts The futuristic suspense series stars Eve Dallas a New York City police lieutenant with a dark past Initially conceived as a trilogy readers clad for of Eve and the mysterious Roarke Shadows in DeathSt Martin's Press September 2020 is the 51st entry in the series