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DS Daniel certainly has her hands full Someone is attacking and stabbing teenage boysboys who are very well known by the aw enforcers Jessica s boss has no sense of sorrow over these deaths but it is Jessica that has to talk to the grieving familiesJessica understands the why but the real puzzle is the forensic evidence eft at the scene of the crimes Blood DNA hair follicles even a partial fingerprint all point to one man only this man is in prison and has been for uite a whileSomebody somewhere is ying but who What An Italian Education links all the victims Jessica faces her toughest case yet especially as she doesn t trust those that work closely with herWell written full of twists and turns I found the storyine to be uite riveting as I was trying to follow all the forensic clues This is second in this series although it does well as a stand alone I was pleased to have read the first book in the series in VIGILANTE the reader gets a Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code lot personal story of Jessica what makes her who she is I would highly recommend this series to anyone whoikes police procedural or a fondness for forensicsMany thanks to the author Bookouture NetGalley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest unbiased review DS Jessica Daniel is investigating the deaths of boys and all the evidence Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, left behind points to a man already in prison Even though these victims were all criminals DS Daniel still feels they deserve justice for their deaths The rest of the force and the media all feel they got what they deserve As she attempts to solve these crimes she finds herself going against what everyone else believes is what they deservedeaving her not sure who she can trust Great read I would Daddy Wanted like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC I enjoyed Vigilante than the first book I took a few short breaks but actually read it in one sitting even though I was up until the early hours in the morning I see that some reviews have mentioned disliking some of the details that went into events that had nothing to do with police workike when the characters attended a Pub uiz I must respectfully disagree I am pleased moments Forbidden Stranger like that are included It makes the characters human than just their jobs It makes it easier for me to identify with them and therefore care what happens to them Ioved seeing them in my mind acting Snowy River Man like normal people and kicking back and having fun Detective Jessica Daniel is back on the job after what ended up being a brutalife changing case This takes place in the first book You can read this one as a standalone but if you d Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze like to read the first and haven t you should do that first so the ending isn t spoiled Young men have come under attack and they all seem to have one thing in common they were criminals They ve been brutally murdered but not robbedeaving the police to think perhaps they were killed because they simply stepped on someone s toes Everything gets turned upside down when DNA is found on the scenes DNA of a man currently incarcerated for Les brumes d'avalon : roman life at a maximum security prison Is he somehow escaping some nights and getting back in mostikely with help Or is the DNA being carefully planted by another actor to play games with the police Jessica s boss really doesn t seem overly concerned about the victims as they ve all had victims of their own before they died Jessica still believes they deserve justice especially after meeting the parents that mourn their children I m giving this one a 45 because of how much I enjoyed it While the ending was pretty insane it was clever and I didn t completely see it coming I really enjoy Jessica even though at some moments I want to shake her She s human and sometimes we are hurtful or go off the rails a bit She s not perfect and that makes her all the fascinating to me I received an ARC of this book from Net Galley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review thank you Full review on wwwnovelgossipcomThis is the second book in a series and I rather Malakai (Wicked Games, liked the first one if. A killer behind bars is still killingDead bodies are piling up for Detective Sergeant Jessica DanielUsually when a serial killer is on theoose the pressure would be building to

You missed it you can find my review of The Killer Inside here While this one was an overall enjoyable read I m afraid there was a bit of a sopho slump here and I can t say I The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone liked Vigilante as much as the first bookThe premise was promising I was interested in the idea of a killer who was alreadyocked up How is that even possible It s up to Jessica Daniel to unravel the mystery I was happy to revisit her character as I was a fan of hers after being introduced to her in the first book She s the same old gutsy and ambitious girl who I Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, loved and she has her work cut out for her again This case is full of dead ends and improbable scenarios but all physical evidence points to Dennis McKenna being the killer But how can he possibly be guilty when he s currently serving aife sentence behind barsI think my biggest problem here was that once things started to fall into place and Jess was able to fit puzzle pieces together the explanation was really far fetched It wasn t even a few moments where the reader has to suspend disbelief I actually have no problem doing that it kept reminding me of outlandish soap opera storylines where things are explained by someone coming back from the dead or something similar No that s not exactly what happened here but it s not too far off but as usual I don t want to give away major plot pointsThe saving grace for me was Jess I really The Family Plan like her as aead character and I can t help myself from rooting for her even when she s behaving badly It s her compassionate side that really wins me over she truly cares about her victims families and they are the driving force behind her desire to bring killers to justice Despite my disappointment with this one I m still A Family Practice looking forward to reading of this series It s a massive hit in the UK so I m confident that it only gets better 2nd book in this series Ioved it I A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity love Jessica as a detective She s competent but still is human will make mistakes but that just makes her real Love the side characters also I can t wait to read from this series Why all the fighting when we can thinkIt may be an unpopular opinion but now a days aarge percentage of detective mysteries cum thrillers tends to emphasise on making the problem somehow personal to the protagonist of the story Either their past comes back to haunt them or the killer somehow is related to himher or for some reasons the killer targets our protagonist The plus point about these type of novels is that they are catchy and can create gripping situations to keep us on the edge the result best sellers But the negativity Celebrity Bachelor lies in the familiar taste and repetitiveness If one reads a certain amount of detective thril Wilkinson starts off his second book in the series with an interesting premise A thug is murdered and the blood under his nails belongs to someone already in prison Then two thugs are killed The DCI doesn t really care Scum killing scum isn t a priority today But Jessica is trying to see justice done if only for the families Ioved watch Scum killing scum is not a priority todayBut Jessica wants to see justice being doneAnd so she doesAfter book 1 which I For Better and Worse loved I found this one has really bumped up my belief that Kerry Wilkinson has a pure and natural talentIoved the differing POV in this Kept me glued to one spot I can tell youOnto book 3 45 stars Wow I ve found myself another wonderful go to author This is the fourth Kerry Wilkinson book I ve read in the Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, last couple of months and I am thrilled to have discovered him and his works I wonder what took me soong to find himIn this the second installment of the Jessica Daniel series we are dealing with a serial killer who appears to be picking victims who are shall we say members of society not known for their altruism and community service Hence the moniker Vigilante Though I enjoyed book one of the series this one is definitely a step up Mr Wilkinson has crafted a very clever story that will keep readers guessing to the very end I have to say my finger. Ind the perpetrator but the victims are all hardened criminals themselvesThe national media can’t believe their uck with an apparent vigilante on the streets while Jessica’s

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S were dizzy from pointing in so many directions I finally got to the stage where I was confident how this was going to all work out In fact I was so confident I told my book buddy I was going to keep my thoughts to myself in order not to spoil it for her Look who has egg on her face now I was dead wrong And I ove it that way Nice work Mr WilkinsonThe story is fast paced and well written The POV is a refreshing 3rd person narrative with a few intriguing peeks inside the Vigilante s head There is minimal time shift We get suspense some interpersonal relationships no way can I call this romance and comic relief The author has also stepped up his character development in this installment Jessica is evolving and it s really fun to see that I would Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., like to know about her past I think that info would enlighten us about certain aspects of her personality In this story Jessica comes across as extremely driven almost to a fault She is often brash and in your face She can be unkind very unkind but we see the reasons for that She also has a heart of gold buried in there especially towards very good people who are being victimized through no fault of their own Mr Wilkinson also introduces new members to the team If he continues with this in future books I think it will go far in helping keep things fresh I do seeots of potential in this author and hope his writing continues to grow as the series progressesThere are a couple of instances where the believability factor is raised in this novel but I elected to just roll with it and those events did not tarnish the story for meIf I had to compare Kerry Wilkinson to someone I would pick Mel Sherratt another favorite of mine Both can clearly can write in different genres and do it well Like Ms Sherratt s Mr Wilkinson s crime fictionthrillers are gritty though not terribly gory Mr Wilkinson also puts a Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch lot of emphasis on his charactersives which is again similar to Ms Sherratt s MO I highly recommend Kerry Wilkinson s Jessica Daniel series based on the first two books that I have read I advise they be read in order to fully appreciate the ongoing character development though the plots are standalones This is a series I definitely plan to read all the way through I am really Un hros pour Rayne (Delta Force Heroes t. 1) liking this series Full of twists and turns the fast paced plot creates suspense throughout which keeps you glued on the book It definitely is a pageturner I read this with my buddy and I told her I thought I was finished reading it for the night but read two chapters and then I was going to uit it The second chapter was so good that I ended up finishing it at theast 30 percent I felt so bad but I Mine to Take (Nine Circles, lost control It was so good and I had to find out if I was right guessing the killer My buddy had all the clues written down and if she did not have all of the clues I would of never of guessed the killer Wilkinson threw me off and I thought I was wrong at first but found out that I was correct Even though I guessed it I do not think that it is predictable I only guessed the killer because of those clues Ioved this mystery The development of the main characters continue with Jess becoming uite His L.A. Cinderella likeable Far from being a stereotypical female detective who always gets it right Jess has her faults flaws and she is endearing as a result I reallyike the other characters I A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, liked Adam and was upset when one character got killed off Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel of the Greater Manchester Police force and her boss Detective Inspector Cole find themselves pursuing a killer who is behind bars from the DNA found at the scene How could this be The killer seems to be after criminals but why Ioved the ending of this book I really had a hard time putting it down with all the twists and turns I am really The Baby They Both Loved looking forward to reading the next one and itooks ike there are now a total of 12 books in this seriesI recommend this seriesThank You to Netgalley Bookouture and Kerry Wilkinson for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Ew boss seems grateful someone else is doing their job for themBut things aren't so straightforward when forensics matches blood from the apparent killer to a man already behind ba.

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