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Blican then I think you have to worry about this uote by Romney because this uestion is going to splinter your Republican party The goofball knee jerk Right wing exrtremists will HAVE to side with Romney And that will only make them look like fools as they trip all over themselves trying to ationalize this bizarre Gordon Gekko esue statementThe Independent thinking Republicans here will ealize that Romney is completely off his ocker with this statement and it will make them look like fools if they vote for a man who would say such a thingButch Corporations are people in the legal senseMe So if Romney is saying that corporations are people in he legal sense then does he think that the US Constitution should be changed to We the Corporations of the United StatesMertle Do you even know what Corporatism is JackholeKMD Jack Suat please un along and sue the ever living crap out of your UNION TEACHERS and the Dep of Education for scr3wing you out of a proper education and then your Parents for scr3wing you out of some common sense Thanks the 53% of us who pay taxesMe Come on face eality people It is idiotic to think or say that a corporation is a person Does a corporation have a soul If you believe that God created people then you cannot believe that corporations have souls and that they are people Maybe Romney thinks that corporations go to heavenhell when they die I mean he has some pretty unconventional eligious beliefs anywayKMD Jeffrey Dhalmer didn t have a soul but he is considered a person Just sayin Me So you are comparing corporations to Jeffrey Dalmer then Krysynda Oh there s a eal peak to strive forKMD I was making a point Jack Suat I do not expect you to comprehend thisKMD Do animals have souls Jack Suat Yes they do but animals are not people can you get THIS pointMe So you were making a point that you were not expecting me to comprehend KMD That s weird I mean why bother to make the point if you don t think I m going to get itAnd now you are comparing corporations to animals Its wall to wall entertainment hereKMD TO sum it up Clearly Jack Suat you do not know JACK SUATMe Look if any of you women here have souls and have given birth to a child you should be able to understand what humanity is all about You should be able to understand that people can love Can corporations do that Can corporations loveKMD Jack Suat I have TWO CHILDREN you tool and yes if it were not for compassionate CORPORATIONS whom give money to CHARITIES the homeless help the poor go to college then those people would be SCR3WEDRose I work for a corporation In exchange for my contribution towards the success of this corporation I am awarded a salary health insurance paid vacation annual aises and bonuses based on my contribution and the success of this corporation I am an asset to the corporation therefore I am the corporation along with the other individuals who contribute to the success and therefore the existence of the corporation Corporations ARE people Me Corporations give to charities for tax breaks and to improve their public image It has NOTHING to do with Love Corporations are NOT about love They are about the bottom line They are about money Plain and simple And if you or anyone here is comparing the love they feel for a child with what they feel for a corporation then I truly feel sorry for that childHarvey Corporations ARE people Deal with it hippie Me Let me ask you folks this If corporations are people then can I marry a corporation And if I am a mormon can I marry multiple corporationsThis discussion went on uickly descended into a ash of schoolyard name calling and nonsense However it did show me that some people actually DO think that corporations are people or at least that is what they say they believe But what about Romney Did he actually believe his own statement To seek the answer to this I headed to my local library and picked up a copy of The Real Romney by Michael Kranish And after eading it I feel that I gleaned a better idea of what makes Romney tick A person s values have uite a bit to do with who they are Romney has some very good values but I honestly think that his values include the idea that corporations are people And this value is the worst possible value a President of the United States could have The worst thing for this country would be if we elected a CEO in Chief CEOCreating Employment Overseas Because not only are corporations not people but the United States is not a corporation or at least it shouldn t be Corporations put monetary concerns ahead of humanitarian ones And if that principle was ever to become the core of our nation the greatest most powerful nation on Earth then uite frankly humanity is doomedAnyway The Real Romney was easy to ead and well esearched and it ates 3 out of 5 WagemannHeadsNEXT. Globe investigative eporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman eaders will finally discover the eal Mitt Romney Based on hundreds of interviews and than five years of eporting The Real Romney offers for the very first time a full understanding of this complex political figu.

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Ifficult birth against having an abortion We learn that Romney keeps most acuaintances distant but can be silly or dorky with his family and close friends We learn that Romney assiduously courted gay voters during his un for the US Senate We learn that Romney an the first post 911 Olympics ok I probably already should have known this one We learn that Romney s advisors counseled against his ill fated decision to focus on social issues during his 2008 presidential unMost of the book is devoted to the history of Romney s patriline post Mormonism conversion sparked immigration his work for his church his career at Bain his US Senate un his tenure as head of the Winter Olympics and his tenure as governor of Massachusetts His 2008 and 2012 presidential uns are given pretty cursory eview An entire chapter is devoted to RomneycareThe Real Romney compares very favorably with a similar just in time for the election biography from 2008 Obama From Promise to Power by Chicago Tribune eporter David Mendell Mendell s biography was pretty thin and wound up elying heavily on Obama s own book to cover Obama s early life Romney has a much longer political career going back to his US Senate un than Obama did in 2008 and the Boston Globe has been covering him much longer than the Chicago Tribune had Obama It shows This isn t a Robert Caro work but it s an extremely valuable voice about Romney ight nowThe Real Romney very much eads like a series of long newspaper articles That s both good and bad Kranish Helman give the facts But they don t engage in a lot of in depth analysis So the critical portions consist of epeating the attacks of his critics This is unsatisfactory for a couple easons those statements are not explored in greater depth and they come off as sour grapes both of which makes them difficult to judge This may sound like a loaded uestion but How much difference is there eally between Obama and Romney Both men seem to be basically nice guys of moral character with wholesome family values They both have unconventional family histories They are both moderates there are several similarities between their stances on many policy issues one created RomneyCare the other created ObamaCare And when we see Obama being criticized for not being liberal enough by Liberals and Romney criticized as not being conservative enough for the Conservatives it often looks as if these two savvy political players are nothing than two sides of the same coin There is one obvious difference between these two men s public demeanor however Obama is as even his harshest critics admit an elouent orator an excellent debater and an articulate interviewee Romney on the other hand has a tendency to sound ehearsed and stiff And then in those are unguarded moments of candor he has a tendency to say some very strange things In his climb for the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination for instance he let slip such statements as he likes to fire people that he s not concerned about the poor people and possibly most puzzling of all that corporations are peopleThese uotes are taken out of context and easily spun by Romney s opposition Still though when I hear things like corporations are people I find it pretty baffling I know that Romney spent the majority of his adult life as a corporate sapien but does he eally believe that corporations are people And are there eally other people out there who think corporations are people To figure this thing out I did what any inuiring 21st century mind would do I posted a uestion on a Conservative Republican internet message board to provoke a discussion and perhaps get my explanation Here s what I got my user name on this site is Jack btw Jack me uestion Are corporations people Yes or NoNellie YesKMD Corporations are designed BY PEOPLE operated BY PEOPLE employ PEOPLE and are made or broken by peopleso yes Corporations are PEOPLEMertle Yes they areMe KMD movies are designed by PEOPLE operated by PEOPLE they employ PEOPLE and are made or broken by PEOPLE So therefore following your line of logic Movies are People also And so are lamps and so are poems and so is Preperation H If that is your argument then you are sounding like the Steve Carill character in the movie Anchor Man I love lampAnd Romney s statement that Corporations are people sounds like it belongs in a Matrix movieIf corporations are people and corporations can own other corporations that means that people can own people Which is slavery I m not sure but I imagine if you polled all the people in America at LEAST 80% of those people would disagree with Romney s statement that people are corporations Of course if you polled corporations the esults would be much less Oh wait a minuteyou can t poll a corporation can youDr Rose yes they are peopleMe If you are a Repu. Gma to many in America Who is the man behind that sweep of dark hair and the high wattage smile A savvy politician or someone who will simply say anything to win A business visionary or a uthless dealmaker In this definitive unflinching and widely acclaimed biography by Boston.

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P 23 24George Romney Mitt s dad an as a liberal to moderate politician playing down his Republican Party affiliation and worked hard to win the votes of groups that didn t always support the GOP including the black and labor votesWatching his father Mitt learned that George had a disarming way of ebutting arguments against him Sometimes George did so by distancing himself from his party and speaking sympathetically about an opponent s viewpoint For example George had been attacked by labor groups one of which published a pamphlet titled Who is the Real George Romney The booklet accused Romney of doublespeak such as when he said that Michigan needed a hundred thousand new jobs but then declared that he had never promised he could deliver them But George who had mixed elations with the unions at American Motors sometimes sounded sympathetic to his labor antagonists as when he lamented that the Republican Party was identified too much as a business partyMy comment The apple truly doesn t fall far from the treeI was going to note uite a few things from this book but what eally is the point now It was an interesting ead and has been hailed as a very fair and impartial account of Mitt There are definitely some things to admire about Mitt his intelligence and analytical mind his adoration and pursuit of Ann his family values his dedication to his faith etc There is also much to look at with concern his self aggrandizement dogged pursuit of political office and what he was willing to do people he was willing to use to achieve it and his seemingly incomprehensible understanding of his own convictions on certain issues and an inability to stick with his own words leaving many many betrayed people in his wake Just the simple fact that much of his political career was spent unning as someone who said People of integrity don t force their beliefs on others They make sure that others can live by different beliefs they may have as his justification for his pro choice and pro gay ights stance to completely do a 180 later and come out as pro life and crusade against gay marriage and other gay ights well I don t know how anyone could trust him I certainly couldn tIn a nutshell this was a good book if you are interested in eading about Romney s life and foray into politics It was well written and I do think it was impartial Many eviews mention that there s plenty to find to support your admiration of Mitt if you already like him and plenty to support your doubts disgust if you dislike him and I think that comment is ight on I don t like him and am awfully glad he s not our President In a journalistic like manner Kranish and Helman deliver a well written eport on the family background business career church leader experiences term as Olympics chief and the political career of Mitt Romney The authors succeed at providing a elatively balanced and fair accounting of Romney s decisions and actions in all of these different parts of his life Perhaps because of this straight forward eporting without pushing the eader one way or the other it occurs to me that the book will sustain whatever opinion the eader holds prior to picking it up Those who are already in favor of Romney will find this book supportive of him praising him as it does for his apparent talents and achievements and those who are opposed to him will find this book delivers the proof of his perceived inadeuacies and politically incompetent traitsIn my view that is good eporting For the informed eader who has paid attention to presidential politics over the past six years there will be very few evelations in this book Proponents and opponents alike will both enjoy this book The uninformed will gain good insights into Romney s life that go well beyond the normal mass media nonsenseKudos to Kranish and Helman Interesting background on the presumptive GOP nomineeI was especially intrigued by the in depth look at his family s ole in the history of early Mormonism And it s nice to ead an ANALYTIC account of time with Bain as opposed to parsing the tet a tet between TV talking headsbut of course I m still voting for Obama And I m all the convinced that Romney will do just about anything to secure the nominationget elected He s a perennial student council president candidate and has about as much political conviction as Newt has fidelity I think an evaluation of The Real Romney turns on whether it provides new information to the eader information that would help a swing voter make up his or her mind I think Kranish Helman succeed on that metric We learn that Romney s family history is deeply intertwined with the history of Mormonism and that he served an important ole as a lay leader in the church We learn that as a lay leader Romney counseled a woman facing a woman facing a “Absorbing and fair minded” New York Times“Romney’s story in full and clear detailfascinating in depth stuff” Los Angeles Times“A fascinating story that sheds next light on an elusive subject” Boston GlobeDespite his political prominence Mitt Romney emains an eni.

Michael Kranish is an investigative political reporter for The Washington Post He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Trump Revealed John F Kerry The Real Romney and the author of The World’s Fastest Man and Flight from Monticello Thomas Jefferson at War He was the recipient of the Society of Professional Journalists Award for Washington Correspondence in 2016