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D of the now disrobed writer s works and when I can contribute to the SET fund that he has so compassionately dedicated his life to A ood view from the inside of the Thai buddhism However the book didn t cover as much about how to meditate and the contrasts with the Western World Very straightforward depiction of life in a rural monastery in Thailand through the eyes of a British man who ordained as a buddhist monk He is a ood writer a humble honest person who depicts his blunders and ch. He hoped it would beIn this truly extraordinary memoir Phra Peter Pannapadipo describes his ten year metamorphosis into a practicing Buddhist monk while being initiated into the intricacies of an unfamiliar

My wife and I picked this little volume up in an alley in Bangkok I wanted to delve deeper into Thai culture and customs and also to understand about the uniue influences it has had on Thai Buddhism Phra Peter does an excellent job of recounting the cultural differences between the west and thailand and also really explores the influence of animism and Bhraminism and Hinduism I really enjoyed this book as it was part memoir part travelogue and part spiritual awakening for me I intend to rea. At forty five successful businessman Peter Robinson ave up his comfortable life in London to ordain as a Buddhist monk in Bangkok But the new path he had chosen was not always as easy or as straightforward as.

Allenges without ego and his enuine strivings as a monk plus the parts of a Thai monk s life that he couldn t uite embrace but came to understand and be at peace with Very approachable writing I loved the inside understanding of this part of Thai culture and would recommend it to anyone interested in Thailand s untouristed part andor Thai buddhism Looked forward to reading this book It fell short of disappointing however although interesting there was not enough content More of a long diar. Outheast Asian culturePhra Peter tells his story with compassion humour and unflinching honesty It's the story of a 'Phra Farang' a foreign monk living and practicing his faith in an exotic and intriguing land.

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