Mark Overmyer-Velázquez: Beyond La Frontera

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The editing though I mean spelling and grammar people come on If you re really interested in the subject matter and want a textbook style text this is a good option. Into consideration the bi national historical factors and narrative constructions of Mexican migration Beyond a Frontera also describes how we may better understand the persistent egislative debates surrounding migrant rights and national sovereignty.

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Pter was written by someone elsethe print was a ittle small making it hard for me to read But it gets a 4 because it was informative and relatively well put together. S from the mid nineteenth century to the present day Featuring essays by eading authors in the field the book utilizes both a chronological and thematic structure referencing mutually influential periods in Mexican and Mexican American history Taking.

This was a collection of essays ooking at different aspects of mexican immigration it wasn t exciting and funit dragged on a bitsomewhat repetitive because each cha. Providing a comprehensive and up to date historical overview of Mexican migration to the US Beyond a Frontera The History of Mexico US Migration examines the transnational and historical impact of migratory trends as they developed in Mexico and the