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Only in Harleuin books does a heroine get planejacked by a suave guerilla who wears silk shirts unbuttoned almost to the navel and wants to take her horseback riding when he is on break from overthrowing a vile South American dictator LMFA off DBonus his other outfit was a VELVET jerkin aced at the topExtra Bonus This is the wardrobe of a guerrilla who is also thinking of entering a seminary after overthrowing the evil oppressorYou re welcome Ridonkulous and boring Which is a shame because I tend to I Never Danced with an Eggplant (on a Streetcar Before) like these silly tropes stranded on a foreignand in the middle of a political revolution 134 The High Valley English heroine Morgana Mallory is visiting her friend Ruth who Weaving Memory lives in Rio Brazil Morgana meets some people when she goes to an embassy reception with Ruth and her parents. Morgana's plane had been hijacked Why The treacherousanding in thefoothills of the Andes had been frightening enough but when Morgana alonewas taken from the plane at

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Citing with the people in the plane but eventually that storyline went into the background I usually ike Anne Mather s books but this one was a disappointment The hero and heroine met prior to the plane jacking but she would never forget him after she was dragged off the plane and placed into his home Eventually she earns the truth about everything and the hero found out he could not ive without her The H and the HR barely spent any time in each other s presenceSome romance this one did not work 4 me at all in only one glance hero s brother ricardo knew dat morgana was the one dat she cud take his brother away from church it s so ridiculous he even went further took the risk of planning the hijack of the plane which morgana wud be in I kept waiting for something that never cam. Met briefly at anembassy reception in Rio He had struck her as being a passionate man bothpolitically and personally Morgana wondered which side of him she was toencounte.

She also meets hero Luis Salvador and his uncle and brother When Morgana eventually eaves Brazil on an airplane on her way back home to England the plane is hijacked by men with guns Morgana sees Luis s uncle on the plane with these men and knows he is part of the hijacking After they make a precarious Adventures in Fetishland landing in a place called Monteraverde in the foothills of the Andes Morgana is taken from the plane which has 57 passengers held hostage and brought to the man s residence who is running this operation Luis Salvador also known as O HalcaoI really didn t care for this book The story wasn t very romantic and the main couple weren t together much I didike the heroine But the story was very slow and dull just everyone waiting around and nothing much happening The hijacking part was ex. Unpoint sheer terror gripped her Who werethese men and what did they want with her And why did she feel that behindthis urked the mysterious Luis Salvador a man she had.

Mildred Grieveson was born on October 10 1946 in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens the stories changing from children's adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time when her bedroom became too untidy and dispose of themMildred has always wanted to write which is not to say she has always wanted