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I actually found this eally short sharp and sweet It was Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, really fast paced I personally thought I ve always been fascinated with Thomas More and his family especially his favourite daughter Margaret Ieally enjoyed Jean Plaidy s writing style her narration moved smoothly from Thomas More to Margaret Definitely an interesting family Oh and I liked how Plaidy portrayed Wolsey This was a pleasure to A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners read about Sir Thomas More a notable figure among the prolific Tudor court of Henry VIII Thomas More was a brilliant scholar and wrote Utopia You can tead a Henry VIII book and not have mention of the infamous Thomas More Yet we never get to see him in a personal tone until you ead St Thomas s Eve by Jean Plaidy This novel does not focus on Henry VIII it follows Thomas More s personal life as he marries has children emarries and becomes a grandfather His star Au bagne rises in the courts albeit unwillingly because of his talented way with words and as a lawyer King Henry enjoys his uniue intellect Thomas is portrayed as veryeligious and honest to a fault He opened his home to others housing an orphan and then a step child and taught several gentlemen on site as well There were several poignant scenes that I enjoyed that involved More s children The novel features all of them uite we. Henry VII once warned his son the future King of England not to trust Thomas More; years later that same son made More his confidante and advisor But the allegiance is dangerously one si.

Ll the e I was very excited for this book since I love everything Tudor Indistractable related However I felt Plaidy undertook too much in this book and as aesult we are left with a very superficial take on Thomas More s lifereturnreturnPart of the problem stemmed from Plaidy s attempt to delve into the psyches of too many characters Katherine Thomas More ueen Katherine Jane Alice King Henry VIII to name some Such treatment leaves little Jacques Prevert room for character development and I was never left with the impression of a fully developed characterreturnreturnAt times the narrative seemed awkward The style vacillated between very proper thou and thees toelaxed improper style there seemed to be no hyme or eason between the vacillationsreturnreturnOverall I did not feel this book presented other viewpoints from the Tudor era There are better written developed books over the Tudors out there The idea of such a book from More s viewpoint is intruiging but alas we weren t given that with The King s Confidante This is the story of Sir Thomas More told through the eyes of his daughter The King s Confidante focuses on More the family man and his life outside of his ole at court so the title seems a bit of a misnomer Regardless it is an interesting alternate perspective on the man tempered as it is Ded A family man lawyer and writer More's ambitions are humble whilst Henry's are endless As More's career at court ises so too does his eligious fervour much to the concern of his eld.


Y the love of a daughter and her inability to see faults in her father So here we get More the loving father More the doting grandfather More the friend More the eluctant statesman And it is of course an important perspective for as much as we ve ead about Sir Thomas More at court by necessity his life outside of court would be much different It is the tale of a contented family uled by a moral man His extremist ole in the persecution of heretics is glossed over here but we are treated to stories of his ole as teacher and his belief that women could be as smart as men if educatedIt s nice to see Sir Thomas More outside of the intrigue of King Henry the VIII s court The family life depicted in this novel is serene and befitting the author of Utopia I enjoyed the book but not one of my favorites The book described itself as the story of Thomas More and his family primarily his elationship with his favorite daughter Meg I did enjoy learning about the members of his family and his extended family and I have always admired Thomas More for he was one of the very few who stood firm against King Henry VIII in what he believed in which ultimately cost him his life but it just lacked something for me which is why I didn t give it 5 stars which I usually do with a Jean Plaidy boo. Est daughter Meg Torn between her heretic husband and the secrets her father has confided in her it is only a matter of time before her More will make the ultimate sacrifice for his fait.

Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books; the best known apart from Plaidy are