Victoria Morrow: The Eagle the Dove

Stern romanceA real page turner If you like westerns or romance you get both in this book I loved this book. Eremony When her longtime fiancé finally whisks her home she wonders if she will ver be able to forget Jesse McCallum or the starlit night when her young body first knew his touch and her proud spirit soared with hi.

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Marking this 3 stars from memory will have to read again to do a proper review very Imaginative characters. An avenging angel bent on justice Jesse McCallum shows no mercy When he catches up with the scum who'd murdered his father he makes short work of them but their stunningly beautiful captive is another matterRaised in.

And good story line from start to finish A fast and njoyable read A bit slowtook me forever to finish We. The lap of luxury in Boston Katherine Kelly Dory had begged to accompany her father on his trip west with the railroad She never imagined she would be abducted rescued by a wild man and claimed in a primitive mating