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Done a lot of times in here considering it s only about 50 pages most of which Crowe isn t even around for At first this started out incredibly slow like the story was fluffed up to try to make it bigger I imagine the beginning needed to have stuff added to it to make it stand on its own once removed from the 3rd bookI would have loved for this to have been turned into a novel So much potential to be fleshed out Really Sherlock should have waited a ay to see the routine of the guards before wasting his possible single escape attempt Another great story in the Young Sherlock Holmes series At first I thought this one was an alternate part from the book from when they go to meet Mycroft After reading along a bit further I realized that it was actually it s own little bit I m always a sucker for a story that takes place in a mental institute I wished this could have been a bit longer but any amount of Sherlock is better than no SherlockFirst LineIt was one of those rare ays in London when the sun shoe on clean streets and the air id not smell of rotten vegetables and horse The Majors Daughter dungFavorite LineHe was bald apart from a fringe of black hair running around the back of his head like a small curtainRead A little bitisappointing this book certainly Miss Shumway Waves a Wand does not explore the full range of the Sherlock Holmes characterThere is a note from the author saying that this short story is basically a sectionropped from the main serious of books it s not hard to see why. ?s only one option he has to escape – and then use all his rational powers to work out who put him there in the first plac.

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The series goes Gothic with this wonderful short story think male viewpoint of Susan Hill s The Woman in Black and you will get a feeling of what this story is like Sherlock wakes to find himself incarcerated in Bedlam who put him there and why the suspense factor and the increasingly threatening atmosphere are both expertly handled here the best volume of the series so far wonderful I picked this up before I started reading this series because I had intended to start with this one to see if the Young Sherlock Holmes series was worth reading When I read a bit about this Novella it was said that this was to be a part of the third book I The Touch decided to wait a bit and start Death Could first so I could know any recurring characters This wasecent and an entreating read You can tell it was meant for a bigger work because the beginning of this story whirls by so uickly I had to go back to make sure I caught all the information I should have The ending was also very abrupt Sherlock sort of explains everything in one short section and uickly tells how he got there Still was very entertaining and I am glad I read it This short story was originally a part of the main book series but as it On His Majestys Service didn t fit into the main books flow this specific piece was cut I am truly grateful the authorid not Different Class discard the piece and still published it as a short story Sherlock s geniusoesn t only come in handy when he is thrown in an insane asylum but he also gets to uestion peo. Sherlock has been incarcerated in the Bethlehem Hospital – Bedlam where Victorian London’s most unfortunate citizens are.

Ple s believes r The first in the series that I have read I know it is a book aimed at children but I love stories with Sherlock Holmes so thought I would give this Short Read a go I thoroughly enjoyed it Not a huge amount happens but it is a SHORT read so I will look forward to one of the longer novels You will all be surprised to hear that Sherlock is The Essential Good Food Guide declared insane in this book Or is he I love the young Sherlock Holmes series and this short stand alone story is no exceptionIn this story Sherlock isrugged and kiddnapped Secretly his captors admit him to Bedlem hospital Sherlock knows he isn t crazy but the Doctor isn t so easy to convinceThe young Textbook of Wisdom detective must once again rely on his wits to save him from the unethical and often unc Just a little tasteAs Laneenotes this was out of context with the series itself fills a spot as a filler I thought what is going on a lot Fan s of the series should keep reading save Bedlam for boredom no offense The author note was far interesting regarding Lanes research into asylums his own brush with one as well as the current inhabitants fear of the basement Not amazing but an enjoyable short story I feel like I have a better understanding of the villains now because I In Defence of Dogs didn t really grasp all that in the last book and the story was pretty interesting Recommended to fans of this series especially if you like having Croweescribed as the big American Not that you would or anything it s just weirdly that Locked away in sualor cruelty and hopelessness Sherlock tells them he’s not mad – but who’d believe a lunatic There?.

During 2009 Macmillan Books announced that Lane would be writing a series of books focusing on the early life of Sherlock Holmes The series was developed in conjunction with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Lane had already shown an extensive knowledge of the Holmes character and continuity in his Virgin Books novel All Consuming Fire in which he created The Library of St John the Beheaded