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Fter and appy Justin does not want to disturb The Temple of Death her life He only wants to watcher from afarUnfortunately or maybe fortunately as it ends up Deanna who is a patroller discovers Venus Blueprint his big secret Justin will be attracted to Deanna and Deanna will not be able to resister ShareemOne of my favourite books in the series I loved the protectiveness and trust they show to each other I loved Shame On Her Volume 3 how Deanna understands and takes care of Justin andow Justin rewards Bisk CPA Review her with love affection and commitment Well what now any other stories I want to knowow they get off planet but who else s story can we write JudithMitch but they aren t Shareem and Sybellie well idkOverall Justin is Yummy but A Crazy Kind of Love he s not my fav Shareem Came upon this series by accident and was really glad I did Did not know that Allyson James was in fact Jennifer Ashley who alsoappens to write one of my other favorite series The Mackenzie s Having read all of the Tales of the Shareem except for Eland which I can t findI The Medieval Forest hope we see another entry in the series sooner rather than later Just a good steamy read that makes you want to keep going back for Book 7 of Tales of the Shareem Will appear in print soon after ebook is published Pub date is now Feb To shower what being with a Shareem truly means But Deanna The Road Beyond Ruin his pretty patrolleras a surprise or two in store for

Ut second class citizens on their Backlash home planet The serious is erotic science fiction but this book is the most normal of the series because it does notave a menage scene The sex is still pretty graphic for those who are sensitive to such thingsJustin was free on another planet for twenty five years but Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, has returned to findis daughter that is not supposed to exist according to what is said about the Shareem While watching Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, his daughtere is arrested by Deanna a patroller The two In Defense of Food have an attraction and Justin is attempting to keep secrets from Deanna to protectis daughterThis story is much traditional in that their romance is about their relationship from the start than it is about the forbidden sex These two care about one another and that is clearly shown by their actions outside of sex I also like ow the overarching story is progressing and I really want to know what appens next with the Shareems escape plans Justin Black and White had been a free Shareem in a different planet whene decided to come back to Bor Narga in order to find The Color of Water his daughter This is s big secret thate needs to bear alone since Shareems are not supposed to کسی به سرهنگ نامه نمی‌نویسد have children This is forbidden and unheard of His daughter is sheltered looked E patroller assigned to watch Justin won't letim get away with anything Justin needing to protect is secrets decides.

Book 7 of Tales of the Shareem Justin s story This series started out on shaky ground for me it wasn t that it ad to much testosterone but where most stories took you I wasn t sure why the author always felt the need to go thereBut I ve found that I really do like the characters and by this book I was disappointed that I didn t Brave New World have another book to read I really want to know if all will be well with the people I ve grown to enjoy reading about Iope she continues Allyson James is one of my favorite authors and I read this series mainly due to that fact I was a bit surprised that for an erotica style book it The Name of the Rose had a decent story line and that the overall 3 12 stars 35 starsThis was definitely my favorite of the series I loved both Justin and Deanna There was a tiny bit of the Captain Save A Hoe mentality but it was much better because they took care of each other in all ways and not just the Shareem taking care of the woman sexually and the woman taking care of the Shareem s mentalemotionalsocial issues Most Traditional of the SeriesJUSTIN is the sixth book in the Tales of the Shareem series This series tells the stories of a group of genetically engineered men created as sex slaves but now freed Justin re acclimates to life on Bor Narga ase searches for a woman who olds secrets to is past But the fiesty femal.

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