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What I learned from this rather boring book that detailed all incidences of rabidity new word in history and literature where the word mad and dog occurred in the same sentence is that you shouldn t et it Because if you Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, get it you areoing to die a really horrible death I mean really really horrible Frightened of the sight of water desperate thirsty and be unable to drink and then you will Girl Trouble get furiously angry clinically ma Click here to watch a video featuring this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend Rabies a disease caused by the Lyssavirus is one of the oldest and most dreaded afflictions in recorded history The virus which is transmitted by the bite of an infected creature creeps along the nerves to the brain after which it s invariably fatal The Lyssavirus that causes rabiesRabies can infect most warm blooded animals but is most often associated with dogs who ve been humankind s companions for thousands of years People have always been wary of feral dogs but even a pet canine will bite in the throes of the illnessRoute of rabies viruses through the human bodyIn current times a person bitten by a rabid creature can be treated with rabies shots vaccine developed by the brillliant chemist Louis Pasteur in the late 1800s Until then however rabies was inevitably a death sentence to humans and it still is in many poor nationsRabies shotsThe term rabies comes from the Sanskrit word rabha which means rage The name is apt because the disease transforms relatively docile creatures into mad foaming beasts The metamorphosis usually takes from 30 to 50 days depending on the distance from the bite site to the brain When the virus reaches the brain it causes a variety of symptoms such as violent movements uncontrolled frenzy compulsive biting hydrophobia fear of water partial paralysis confusion and sometimes loss of consciousness Rabies shots work by destroying the virus before it reaches the brain because once there the microbe always kills its host Drawing of a rabid dogA rabid dogThis book written by journalist Bill Wasik and veterinarian Monica Murphy traces the history of rabies through the ages the development of rabies vaccine by Louis Pasteur the impact of rabies on civilization and culture the devastating rabies epidemic that struck Bali in 2008 and The authors also touch on HIVAIDS which is perhaps as dreaded as rabiesBill WasikMonica MurphyRabies has been around for millenia The ancient Greeks called the affliction lyssa which means frenzy and the malady has been mentioned in cunieform writings on ancient clay tablets The early Mesopotamians feared dog bites and the old Sanskirt medical treatise the Sushruta Samhita has an accurate description of rabies noting that human victims bark and howl like the animals that bit them and exhibit water scare after which the disease is always fatal Scientists believe that rabies originated in bats at least 12000 years ago These flying mammals then infected dogs who passed the disease to people A rabid batHuman maladies that originate in animals called zoonoses are very common Zooneses include measles and anthrax from cattle influenza from birds and livestock malaria from chimpanzees smallpox plague typhus and monkeypox from rodents and dengue fever from primatesRabies was always associated with dogs which domesticated themselves by hanging around human enclaves for food This proximityave rise to a kind of dual identity on the one hand canines were valuable hunting partners sheep herders and companions on the other hand they were terrifying conveyers of rabies The conseuences of being bitten by a mad dog led to the search for remedies and many rabies treatments were proposed through the ages Old texts from different parts of the world include the following suggestions Bleed and cauterize the bite wound Treat the wound with a sesame paste Treat the wound with a paste of arlic nettles leeks chives olive oil and vinegar Feed the patient a firebaked cake made of rice roots and leaves Kill the offending dog remove its brain and rub it on the wound Apply salt or a brine pickle to the wound Give the patient a steam bath then pour wine into the wound Set a rooster s anus on the wound to draw out the poisonOf course none of these therapies worked and some people tried a prophylactic approach The kings of France for instance sent their dogs to church once a year where a mass was sung and candles were lit in hopes of preventing rabiesOver time it became clear that creatures other than dogs can pass rabies to humans and people have been infected by bites from cats coyotes foxes bats skunks and raccoonsBesides being medically important rabies also had a profound effect on human culture In 1998 the Spanish neurologist Dr Juan Gomez Alonso speculated that rabies inspired the vampire legends of the 1800s Gomez Alonso pointed out that both rabies victims and vampires tend to be aggressive to bite others to display hypersexuality rabies victims ejaculate repeatedly to exhibit facial spasms drawn back lips and to wander at night It s uite possible that werewolves and zombies also stem from rabies and that all of these monsters are actually rabid humans that were misunderstood by superstitious people Rabies victim depicted on the television show Criminal Minds Depiction of a vampireDepiction of a werewolfDepiction of a zombieRabid or savage dogs and bloodthirsty humanoids have become staples of books films and television shows and the authors discuss the appearances of these creatures with plot details in the following Books Wuthering Heights Jane Eyre Dracula Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Their Eyes Were Watching God Old Yeller I Am Legend The Zombie Survival Guide World War Z Rabid Day of the Mad Dogs Pride and Prejudice and Zombies The Walking Dead Note most of these books were made into movies andor television shows Movies Werewolf of London Night of the Living Dead Shaun of the Dead 28 Days Later the authors favorite The storyline of Day of the Mad Dogs involves a married couple circumventing uarantine laws to bring a dog from France to England The dog soon oes mad and the ensuing rabies epidemic has catastrophic conseuences Unfortunately something like this REALLY HAPPENED in Bali in 2008 as described in the book and it took years and drastic measures including culling thousands of dogs to jlo Journal get the scourge under controlWasik and Murphy emphasize that widespread dog vaccination is very effective for controlling the disease A dogetting a rabies vaccinationUnfortunately the practice is too expensive for many developing countries and 55000 people die from rabies each yearmostly in Asia and Africa Though rabies has been a scourge on the animal kingdom it has one silver lining The Lyssavirus which is able to make its way into the brain has helped scientists learn how to et drugs past the blood brain barrier and into the human central nervous systemI found the book to be interesting and informative and highly recommend it to readers interested in the subjectYou can follow my reviews at I have a confession to make While I enjoy non fic books due. An engrossing lively history of a fearsome and misunderstood virus that binds man and dog The most fatal virus known to science rabies a disease that spreads avidly from animals to humans kills nearly one hundred percent of its.

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T5 when you have rabies you really do foam at the mouth and are afraid of water and men afflicted ejaculate uncontrollably 20 times a day until death 6the amount of time from bite to death varies reatly from days to a year One reason for the variance is the distance of the bite to the brain Most die within a month or two I believe that is what I read7 the rabies virus is in the saliva and in the brain of the host8 you can die of rabies from even a tiny bite even if you wash it well etc HOWEVER according to the World Health Organization washing the bite thoroughly can help andor even prevent the virus you will still want to One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic get the shots though The only cure is the vaccine which must be taken before you are symptomatic Remember rabies for all essential purposes is 100% fatal if you wait until you have symptoms 9 from my own experience if bitten by an animal suspected of rabies like an unprovoked attack etc or by a wild animal or a bat you do need toet the shots Even if the bite is tiny and you washed it well afterwards The shots are nowhere near as bad as they say They are in the arm and bottom and not in the stomach any If you The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City get the shots be sure to work out HARD afterwards That will disperse the fluid and make the shots less painful If you don t work out the muscle afterwards then even the tiny shots at the end will hurt for weeks The best advice Iot was after my first series of shots 4 The Holy Grail giant shots the first day was not too back to work but to British Jihadism go the theym and work out harder than I ever have in my life I did and was just a little sore from the bite ohand if you Virgin Widow get bitten by anythingwash the bite for 20 minutes under running water and use some type of soap or antiseptic I actually ran into other issues and infections that I wouldn t haveotten had I not washed the bite for only a few minutes10 Until the 1930s the vaccine was created much earlier than this or so people were regularly bitten by dogs bats etc and died horrible horrible deaths from rabies For most of human history people lived in total terror of rabies Then we started vaccinating dogs11 Due to the terror rabies has a prominent place in classic literature There are those who theorize that Edgar Allen Poe may have died of rabies not madness he had all of the symptoms of rabies A lot of horror literature comes from our terror of rabid animals and people12 the rabies vaccine helped change medical science and the research learned from the development of this vaccine helped change medicine and our lives as humans forever13 most bad human diseases swine flu H1N1 plagues small pocks AIDs etc are cross over animal diseases14 any warm blooded animal can Wife in Exchange get rabieshere is another website with someood info that I wish I had when I was bit Story I ot bit by a cat in Honduras unprovoked although the hand that I ot bit and my legs were both bleeding at the time and I was eating fishlong story a few years back and had to Night And Day get the rabies shots I figured the cat was hungry andot excited because he smelt the blood and the fish I didn t think he was rabid I just washed off the cut and Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow got myself another whiskey a double this time when it happened But that night the hand swelled up 3 times its regular size cat saliva is very dangerous and this was from theerms in it and not rabies and was burning hot so the next morning I headed to the hospital I The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid got a tetanus shot there I tried to refuse the shot because the hospital was so dirty and I was worried aboutetting Hepatitis from dirty needles Anyway they actually held me down and Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys gave me a shot I didn t neediven where I Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, go I am vigilant on my immunizationsbut my Spanish wasn tood enough for that conversation When I Life Changing Smiles got back to the US a few days afteretting bit I went to the doctor because I was worried about reused needles rabies hadn t even entered my mind I was told I needed rabies shots So I called my insurance company to try to figure out the cost of the shots and if there had been any reports of rabid animals on the island I was on before deciding if I should Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, get the rabies shots and everyone went nuts Someone contacted the people in Honduras and told them they had to find the cat based on my description of the shack I was at when Iot bit and I heard they had people running around everywhere looking for that wild cat Anyway the local officials came to my workplace and Only a Whisper got everyone but me so worked up they were in tears I had people calling my family members and they were in tears Then the local officials took me to the state office for the shots and the poor lady there was so nervous aboutiving me the first set of shots she was trembling something terrible and could barley talk The shots are not THAT bad if you work out afterwards they really don t hurtbut it caused a bit of a scandal and makes for a Copper Lake Secrets good party story The short of it isanimal bites are very dangerousespecially unprovoked onesif youet bit contact your local officials and report it They will tell you want to do AND if you find a bat in the room you sleep in report it even if you don t find a bite mark bats are very dangerous If there is any doubt Brooklyn's Song get the shotsand if you love history or science or non fiction booksread the book A reasonablyood cultural history of rabies but one feels there was so much left unexamined Chapters deal with vampires and werewolves and their relationship to the disease the rabies scare of the 1970s in the UK recent treatment and discoveries the work of Pasteur in finding a cure and various other aspects of the illness but some chapters felt like filler and others felt incomplete Treatment of the disease in books and movies was fairly limited and other artforms are ignored altogether Religious attitudes toward and understanding of the disease might have been interesting as well as a comparative examination of Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide government responses How did Hitler s Germany respond to the disease for example or how was it mobilized as a metaphor to be used for persecution of outsiders Marx uses the vampire as a metaphor for the capitalist Couldn t we have explored that further I don t know Perhaps my expectations were too high for a book that provides aood Plain Jane The Hotshot general overview and introduction Three and half stars then I ve persuaded myself First I should mention that I am a biologist with a background in microbiology This directly colors my view of this book On the plus side I found it entertainingly written and not at all stuffy and academic It successfully covers areat deal of interesting encounters with rabies and presents them in a compelling way On the negative side I found some of the language overly dramatic and downright misleading The books repeatedly applies words like evil malignant and satanic to a virus which any intro to micro student could tell you is just silly A virus may cause a dreadful disease process in its host but it cannot be evil At the end of the day it is a capsule containing a small amount of DNA that has fallen into a very successful replicative strategy The disease part is actually rather incidental All in all though this was an enjoyable rea. Greek myths to zombie flicks from the laboratory heroics of Louis Pasteur to the contemporary search for a lifesaving treatment Rabid is a fresh and often wildly entertaining look at one of humankind’s oldest and most fearsome foe.

To the Family of Her Dreams general lack of plot payoff I am often not compelled to finish them In fact I usually lose interest halfway through and abandon them in favor of some fiction trifle There was no way that was happening with Rabid Wasik and Murphy have crafted a book that is eual parts biology medicine anthropology and horror story Its odd to use an adjective likeripping in description of a science book but boy howdy is it ever The story of Pasteur s life and discoveries were especially thrilling following him through his passionate pursuit of causes and cures for the diseases that plagued humanity in the 19th When I saw this on Audible and that it was focused on the cultural aspect of rabies I knew this would be really interesting and I was not disappointed I really enjoyed it and I learned a whole lot about both the virus itself and how it works as well as how this one virus has ingrained itself in cultural lore than anything else It shapes our language our fears our literature and movies and even our science This one virus has both taken from and Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed given so much to humanity it s staggering This book explores all of that and does it really well It s heartbreaking and sometimes really hard to listen to for an animal lover like me but at the same time I have to admit that there s no other way to understand something like this than to see how it behaves in a live host And it s uite brutal I listened to the audio for this as I do and while I mostly enjoyed it in this format there were some really weird audio uirksoing on It would Girls Night Out go completely silent at times for instance Not like the reader is not saying anything silent but there s literally no sound not even open mic air sound coming from my headphones right now It s like the recording was stopped but the tape kept rolling and it wasn t edited out Then there were times when it sounded like certain parts were re recorded because some words or phrases in the middle of a sentence or paragraph would sound different from the surrounding segments Distracting especially because it would tend to happen when something exciting or exuberant was being read so it struck me as like the type of bad computer voice stuff that tries really hard to sound realistic but tends to pause and over emphasize some things Just weird Finally as much as I highly recommend this along with most of the nonfiction I read because DUH I chose it which makes it interesting P I was uite annoyed by the literature references sprinkled throughout this book You d think that I would enjoy it and ordinarily I would because I love seeing the inspiration and ideas behind things but I think that these authors took their summaries too far and spoiled uite a few books in the process They were VERY liberal in their summaries and tended to recap the whole plot on multiple occasions when it really wasn t necessary Only one was truly spoiled for me thankfully because I d read the others but there were uite a lot of books mentioned and analyzed for their relation to rabies either as direct plot potential inspiration or maybe could be interpreted as rabies if you suint kind of stuff Major plot points were revealed in almost all of them Not coolThese include from memory and it s late so it will probably NOT be all of them Wuthering Heights Jane Eyre Their Eyes Were Watching God Old Yeller Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde Dracula I Am LegendNow I know that this is a cultural history and so references in literature are relevant but I think that they could have managed that withoutiving full on plot spoilers for these books For the record I do not subscribe to the It s been out long enough so it can t really be spoiled school of thought regarding classics movies or TV Everyone lives and reads differently and at their own pace just because something is a classic or has been out there in the wild for a week or a month or a year or a decade or whatever does NOT mean that it s been experienced by everyone and that it will not still be new to someone at some pointAnyway marks off for that Otherwise this is a Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) great book and I highly recommend it That is all Rabid A Cultural History of the World s Most Diabolical Virus by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy is a wonderful and insightful look into the history of this deadly virus This book covers the myths old remedies different animals effected several famous cases the search for a vaccine and so much It also describes the symptoms of the virus the length of time for symptoms to appear and what may change this etc Very detailed without being boring Great bookIot the audio version from the library I read this micro history for a book challenge but came away super impressed and want to read of this Into the Wild (The McGraws, genre This one specifically is well written and concise I love how he reaches into the zeitgeist and pulls out the art works from each period that mirror the particular rabies scare that is occurring He references Goya my favorite artist in this sectionAround the same time the Spanish painter Francisco Goya was using spectral bat like figures to symbolize vampiric forces Great shadowy bats hover above a slumped figure of Reason in The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters and also in There is Plenty to Suck behind three murderous hags as they prepare to consume a basketful of babies His Los caprichos illustrate a series of vampire like figures in the act of devouring sleeping innocentsGoya is of course referencing than just our superstitions here he is revealing what happens if we let them overtake us He worked during the late 1700s and early 1800s when there was still a cult of vampires and werewolves in Europe I picked up this book because I had too through rabies shots and experienced the totally hysteria not meeveryone else this virus causes and wanted to know Good information on rabies is surprisingly hard to find I found the book fascinating not just because of my own experience I ll tell that at the bottom of the review for anyone who is interested but because rabies is so intertwined with 1 our relationship with animals2 literature and movies 3 history and 4 science The book oes into all of these areasIf you love history or science or are a reader of non fiction you will find this book fascinating I called people while reading this book to tell them they must read itHere are some facts about rabies this list is for people wantingneeding to know about rabies I created this list because this is what I would have wanted to know when I was bitten and trying to research rabies The book is a lot deeper than the information provided in this list1 once you are symptomatic for rabies it is 100% fatal with some very few recent exceptions and most of these had brain damage or years of physical therapy afterwards2 55 000 people die of rabies every year Most of these people are in Asia and Africa3 40% of people who are bitten by suspected rabid animals are children under 15 years of age4 most human rabies cases come from dogs bites Dogs with rabies have a lot of saliva which caries the virus We also have a lot of contact with dogs This is why vaccinating dogs is so importan. Victims once the infection takes root in the brain In this critically acclaimed exploration journalist Bill Wasik and veterinarian Monica Murphy chart four thousand years of the history science and cultural mythology of rabies From.

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