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S up getting time in jail for somethin Rikers High jumps right into what the life of a teen prisoner is like Martin Stokes after giving away information of a rug operation to an undercover cop is uickly shown what life in prison is all about On his way back form being turned The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker down on yet another court case Martin finds himself in the middle of a fight between two inmates and is slashed across the face leaving a scar to remind him of his time on Rikers Island Through out this novel the action only increases not only with Martin but with some of the teachers correction officers and even a few of his new friends will face hardships I really enjoyed the action of this book but the story line was not that great and the setting was very repetitive Don t you think it would suck if you had to go to jail for a crime youidn t mean to commit The book Rikers High by Paul Volponi is a great book and it s about a guy named Martin who goes to jail at 15 years old because of a setup The way this happened is he was sitting on his porch when some undercover cops came and asked him where to buy Quadruplets On The Doorstep drugs Then the they arrested him five minutes later and then before you know it he s been in jail for five months and counting waiting for his turn to see a judge while there he experiences a lot of things and how it feels to be in jail This genre of this book is realistic fiction which is one of my favorite genres and by looking on everybody else s TBR list they like realistic the most too so this will be a great book for them Even though realistic fiction books are great this one is the top of all realistic fiction books The setting takes place mostly in jail but besides that it has multiple settings which theyon t spend a lot of time in so the main setting is on Rikers island The people who would enjoy this book are people who like to read about peoples life s and what they go through in their life Also people who like to read about the life of a criminal What I learned from this book is that to watch what you say if someone ask you something like where could I buy Luke drugs Plus if I ever had to go to jail for something you have to be tuff in there and stand your ground because if youon t inmates will mess with you until you show them whose boss I m feeling triumphant right now I finished a great hardcover book that was beautifully written and under 300 pages in 24 hours I haven t achieved this in a very long time I think that I may have been in my late teens then but I was truly elated to have The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane discovered this fantastic work of art about adolescents imprisoned in the highlyangerous penal institution near New York City at Rikers IslandIn this 246 page novel with 40 skillfully written chapters and a satisfying online exclusive epilogue author and journalist Paul Volponi vividly A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy depicts the youth in a prison setting so realistically and in a threeimensional way If a person has never served a prison sentence visited a relative or friend in jail or prison there s a The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning distinctifference or had much knowledge about what prison culture is actually like a reader could evelop a lucid understanding by reading this entirely captivating bookThe youn. N a lesson valuable than any taught in class An award winning author Paul Volponi is uniuely ualified to tell Martin's story because he taught on Rikers Island for six years He originally wrote Rikers for an adult audience The book has been revised for young adults and is being republished as Rikers High.


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Rikers Island and experiencing his view of teaching there into a novel I was intriguedRikers High captures one of many moments when an incarcerated youth realizes one of the instructors sees him as a student and not just a total screw up inmate Many events occur to bring you the reality of many at risk students their ownfallen path and the sometimes impossible path back to recovery to a life they only thought eserved to a few elite Thanks to this inside look all readers can see what ilemmas exist in the education criminal and public sector and can offer some options to pitch in and help this for the better Not only for those involved The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated directly but as members of society which includes every individualDefinitely suited for a teen and up audience the language behaviors and environment will take you to Rikers Island in New York and let you return with a new perspective of what is a major need for promise in society today This book was a very good page flipping book I liked how the other Paul Volponi introduced martin from a prison point of view and explained his life later on in his book The Author also made me feel like i was there and put Martin in teen situations related to me to make me understand the character The author alsoid good about martins scar on his face to make that a major problem martin had to go through But i liked how Martin got through it though by thinking about his family the whole time in prison I liked how the author showed us all the Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue difficult situations Martin went through in prison but martin picked the rightecision I liked how the book ended and how Martin was able to go back home and see his family Overall i liked the book a lot and kept me wanting to read If i were able to rate the book out of 5 i would rate it a 45 I liked the book and i think you will too If I m being honest about this book I id not think it was a very good book at all It constantly repeated itself in every chapter and I felt as if I was waiting for something exciting to happen in which nothing ever seemed to keep me interested in the book It was very slow and extremely predictable Although it id show an accurate representation of how the jail system works for minors it A Texas Holiday Miracle didn t portray everything that goes on It basically told a story about a boy who lived in the jail and continued to go to school and meet friends but nothing ever happened to him except for the one fight he accidentally got in the way of Iid enjoy though when Martin received a letter from his father it was personal to him and was referred back to several times throughout the novel I liked what his father had said about traps and holes in the jail system because it s true not only in the book it s true in real life I 74 Seaside Avenue do however wish that the book had just a little bit excitement but unfortunately it s not a book I would ever recommend to a friend or family member Rikers High by Paul Volponi This book is great and I would rate this book four stars because I think it is a very interesting book and very fun to read It always keeps you guessing and I like that in books It is really a great book to read But I wouldn t give it five stars because sometime. Martin was sitting on the front stoop of his apartment building minding his own business when he was arrested for something heidn't even mean to o Five months later he's still locked up on Rikers Island in a New York City jail Just when it seems things couldn't get much worse Martin is caught between.

S the book can rag a little bit kinda like the same thing over and over again but only sometimes Most of the time is keeps you wondering what is gonna happen next The book was written by a guy named Paul Volponi and it is about a boy named Martin who is now behind bars at a young age Martin is locked in jail for a crime he The Loving Gift didn t mean to commit The story talks about his journey throughout jail like about how he gets in fights and how his face is scarred for life I really recommend this book especially if you like books that keep you waiting Whatrew me towards this book was my friend she told me to read it and i m glad I The Wildcatter did Ion t really like reading books because usually they are boring or Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, don t get to the good part till the end but there is always a good part in this book I like how the author had the character express his emotions a lot so I really got to understand him and why he acts the way he acts There isn t much iidn t like about the book besides some of the situations he was in some of the situations were frustrating to readThe message I took away from this book was to always spend as much time with the people you love in your life because it can be taken away in a second whether that be for a long time or a short amount of time this books about a young kid with a Her Nine Month Confession drug charge sitting in the new york prison waiting to get out but his scentence keeps getting held back by his lawyer who he hates he gets slashed in the face when he was waiting for trial oneay then his friend sanchez is getting sent up state and he thinks of a plan to fake a hanging to get him sent to a mental hospital so he wouldnt have to go but things A Southern Reunion didnt turn out right and he actualyied in the end 40 gets to go home While the main character is learning valuable life lessons and the overall theme of the book may be that young people can choose to learn from mistakes theirs and others this book just Let It Go didn teliver for me The characters remained shallow and underdeveloped which may have been intentional since it is the story of life in jail but it kept me from caring much about anyone There are uite a few subtle subplots and character clues that may not be easily recognized or interpreted by some juvenile readers Filled with crude language references to masturbation and lock up lingo I m not sure if young people would be fascinated with this bleak and violent reality be put off by it or just feel rather manipulated and uninspired with the entire novel I picked this book because it seemed really interesting to read The little preview of the book caught my attention and so i started to read it This book is realistic fiction because it tells many things that would happen in real life The setting of this book is in New York Martin which is the main character is a very innocent boy in the story until one Charade of Hearts day coming back from court he gets attacked by another inmate and gets slash on the face He ll have that mark on his face for the rest of his life but in jail he learns to live through it and keep on moving with life Martin ended up in jail for no reason he was arrested sitting in from of his home He had no idea of what he hadone He end. Two warring prisoners and his face is slashed Now he'll be forever marked with a prison scar One good thing comes from the attack Martin is transferred to a ifferent part of Rikers where inmates are reuired to attend high school If Martin opens up to a teacher who really seems to care perhaps he'll lear.